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January 15, 2020

Ways To Take Charge Of Your Morning Routine



Ways To Take Charge Of Your Morning Routine

Once you master your morning, nothing can stand in the way of you having a productive day! Here are some tips on powering up your daily routine!

By: Chloe Persichetti

When you sit down to write out your new routine, keep in mind that it may be difficult to maintain this new, daily change in the initial weeks. Our advice to you would be to steel your mind; know what you need to do and train your mind to do it. We can do a lot more than what our brains tell us we can do, and once you realize this, you’ll be able to achieve much more than you ever thought possible.

Clearing Up The Morning Fog

Stretch, jump, yawn; anything you can do with overly dramatic motions to get your blood pumping! Movements such as these will wake you up and ensure you don’t fall back asleep or hit that snooze button “just one more time.” If early morning workouts aren’t your cup of tea, try a cold shower! Among other benefits, cold showers are known to increase circulation, allowing your body to wake up and get moving from the inside out.

Drinking water in the morning is another excellent way to remove toxins from the blood and encourage the creation of new cells. Getting your blood moving and providing it with a way to circulate and detoxify in the morning is important for keeping your body healthy. A great product incentive to pair with this morning glass of water is a pair of CBD capsules from CBDfx. Now you and your blood will be having a great morning!

Discovering ‘Your’ Routine

We all wish that finding a routine that works perfectly for us was something we could simply stumble upon. Sadly, this isn’t usually the case. This part takes some work and inner-reflection if you want to actually discover the routine that best suits you. We recommend listing out what’s important to you. Looking over the bullet points laid out in front of you, you can now create a morning plan that addresses each part of the list. This way, you can establish a routine that does more than just ‘sound nice.’ Overachieving is the foundation of being better, but this can also set you up for underperformance if not executed properly. Sometimes unconventionality suits us best. If a set schedule every morning doesn’t work for you, try making your morning routine the night before. Look up the morning routines of successful people ⎯ that’s right, they’re all on the web. Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Benjamin Franklin; copy their routines and modify them to suit your lifestyle!

Simple additions to the morning will play a large part in keeping the routine. Try little incentives throughout your morning, such as buying a special yoga mat for your new meditation endeavor or adding a little delicious CBD tincture to your coffee or tea. These little perks are sure to spark enjoyment as soon as you wake up in the morning.

CBD for the morning

Curating You 

Habits that you feel are important to your values and life are a great addition to a morning routine. Maybe it’s writing in a journal, reading a passage from a religious text, listening to music or meditating/envisioning your life goals; whatever the habit you enjoy may end up being, all that matters is it adds value to your life.  

Track your progress and make sure to maintain your routine for at least 90 days (3 months). Keeping notes of your journey allows you to visually see how far you have come on days where you are down and aren’t giving your body the grace it deserves. It can also give you motivation on days when you’re killing it. You could potentially begin these habits incrementally, slowly adding more and more of them over the course of 3 weeks so that the change doesn’t come too abruptly and you don’t end up burning out.

The Breakfast Dilemma 

Find whether intermittent fasting or a big breakfast makes the most sense for you. If breakfast ends up being for you, try to set your alarm to go off 20 minutes earlier than usual and give yourself time to create and enjoy your morning meal. This is a simple solution to a problem that many people face. Once you’ve changed your alarm, ask yourself the following question: when it comes time to eat, what will your breakfast look like? Many quickly think of America’s heart-warming breakfast of warm, fluffy french toast with the perfect amount of syrup and a fresh dusting of powdered sugar on top. Maybe this is what your breakfast of choice looks like, and you can certainly have that as your meal. No matter your preference, if you give yourself enough time in the morning, you can whip up virtually anything that you might be craving, and this full meal will help fuel the rest of your day!

When dreaming up your perfect breakfast, ask yourself a few questions along the way. Would you like a balanced meal of natural sugars from fruit, fats and carbs? Do you feel carbs in the morning put you back to sleep? Maybe try adding complex-carbs and see how that goes? These details seem small, but fine-tuning a morning schedule that works for you is going to directly correlate to the longevity of this routine in your life! For example, if someone discovers they need a quick breakfast that keeps them full, they could try having microwavable oats with a spoonful of almond butter and fresh blueberries ⎯ a fast and reliable choice. Maybe even a small portion of cinnamon to give your breakfast a tasty boost!

CBD for food

Getting excited ⎯ and keeping that energy

How exciting is it that your life is about to change from the decisions you just made about your new morning routine?! Creating an outline and taping it to your wall, or nicely writing it all out in a planner, can provide you with greater encouragement and keep you in track in the long run. 

Your confidence will blossom rapidly; people around you will see a difference in your new being because your work really pays off. Feeling prepared and ready for the day will make it much easier to achieve the daily goals you’ve set for yourself! This is a fantastic situation for you to be in ⎯ the changes you’re about to make could have a major impact on your future!

Emphasizing accountability is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track as you try to establish a new morning ritual. To do so, write down a list of short-term and long-term goals with dates of completion. Use this outline to mark your progress as you discover your new self. Visualize yourself achieving those goals. To do this, take 15 minutes out of your day, then find a calm area to relax and envision waking up each morning and conquering the challenges that you’ve set for yourself. Our last piece of advice is that you must listen to your gut and cut out distractions. At that point, you will be in a place where you can control those distractions and potentially find a way to healthily include them in your new routine. Ease distractions back into your life in a healthy way that allows you to continue achieving your goals. Enjoy your mornings to the fullest and take charge of your life!

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