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October 2, 2020

What Is CBD Used for Among Millennials?


Paaez Coleman

What Is CBD Used for Among Millennials

With more than 75 million millennials running around—many of whom are familiar with CBD—it’s fair to ask, “what is CBD used for among millennials?”

Adding to this, millennials are one of the most referenced groups when economists speak on buying power and spending habits. 

When it comes to CBD, millennials dominate the demographics with how many try CBD and how many continue to use CBD within their daily routine. 

But what is CBD used for among millennials?

We know how versatile CBD is, and millennials equally understand this as well. 

So, are you looking for new and inventive ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine? 

Let’s look at a few ways CBD is used among millennials and what you can learn.

Reaching Fitness Goals

CBD pairs well with any kind of workout for a number of reasons. Many people, millennials or otherwise, experience jitters before “hitting the gym.”

Unless you’re a die-hard fitness person and know how to use every machine in the gym with sleek preciseness, you’re most likely wondering how many eyes are watching you as you try to figure a new device out. 

Unfortunately, gyms are a distant memory for most people with the onset of COVID-19, and its effects are still ruminating. This means we all have to find a little more motivation to attain a beneficial workout. 

If we’re being honest, it’s tough to lift yourself out of “quarantine mode” and bust out a set of repetitions on the living room floor. This is where CBD comes in again. Not only does it help soothe discomfort after an intense workout, but it also enables you to focus on the task ahead of you. 

These are all reasons why millennials find CBD to be a great addition to their pre and post-workout routines. 

Establishing a Foundation for Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are something most of us don’t start thinking about until we reach the 30-year mark; hence, this factor is attractive to most millennials. There are many ways to enhance this part of your life with the correct diet, exercise, along with avoiding toxins, chemicals, and additives. 

The vast majority of CBD companies understand the wellness factor CBD embodies, especially when blended with other beneficial ingredients. This is why you can find many different elements of health and wellness in an assortment of products. 

Millennials tend to gravitate towards tinctures and gummies because they make it a breeze to take daily while incorporating this aspect into the routine. No matter what you’re looking to achieve, there’s a CBD product that will allow you to create a foundation for wellness and build upon it. 

You can find CBD Gummies infused with multivitamins, CBD tinctures blended with essential nutrients, and much more that align with your wellness goals. Not to mention the added bonus of feeling relaxed and focused every day!

Indulging in Self-Care

If millennials know one thing, it’s how to treat themselves to a little rest and relaxation when it’s needed. Self-care has always been a vital part of maintaining a healthy mental space. However, this is more true than ever since we’ve all been indoors, hunkering down for so many months. 

A past study revealed millennials put more into self-care than any other generation before, and it’s suggested this sprouted from the Internet. You know what this means, millennials are no stranger to a good Google search!

A few self-care favorites among millennials: 

CBD-Infused Baths: Once you feel how cannabinoids are capable of soothing you during a soak, there’s no looking back. CBD travels through multiple layers of skin until finally reaching your muscles for full-body relaxation. Some people like to enhance their bath even more with essential oils, rose petals, and other herbs. 

CBD Face Masks: This is a huge one for men and women alike because CBD works to control sebum production in the skin. Furthermore, the masks are usually accompanied by other beneficial ingredients that tend to whatever skin issues you’re looking to relieve. 

CBD Topicals: After emerging from a calming CBD soak, you’ve got to take it one step further with a CBD lotion or balm rub down to ensure you stay loose and relaxed as you drift off into dreamland. Or, if you’ve still got running around to do, it pays not to be all wound up. 

These are a few self-care trends we see millennials adopting and raving about. Still, we all know the beauty of self-care if you can make it all your own with journaling, hiking, dancing—whatever speaks to you!

Present Parenting

Believe it or not, the relationship between CBD and parenting is gaining more attention. Many millennials have talked about how CBD allows them to be more present during the parenting process

Sometimes, we’re all moving fast, and we speed through everything—even what kids are trying to express to us. 

Parents love how CBD provides a calming foundation—giving them more patience, attention, and focus. There’s a great deal of stress and anxiety that comes with the parenting process. But it’s a great way to find balance. 

Currently, it’s become a significant source of stress for parents attempting to juggle their work, the household, and virtual learning. 

There are a few reasons CBD will reach the billion-dollar mark in 2025.

Looking Into the Future with CBD 

Millennials are one of the leading groups to gravitate towards CBD and utilize it in several ways. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do the same if you’re not a millennial. 

Regardless of your speed, CBD can give you an elevated peace of mind and perspective.

It’s always fun to switch it up and try something new with CBD and the products on the market continue to get better.

Are you a millennial in need of some CBD?
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