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September 22, 2020

What Is CBD Used For in Daily Life?

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CBDfx Team

What Is CBD Used For in Daily Life_

Okay, so serious question…”what is CBD used for?”

It’s a common question for people who’ve never used CBD. And it’s a topic worth exploring for the uninitiated. 

Here are a few common uses…

To Elevate Your Morning

Mornings are hard. Even if you’re the type of person to get up before the alarm, there’s still that moment when you’re thinking “do I really have to get up?” 

When the answer is yes, rest assured putting a little CBD next to the toothpaste is going to make parting with your pillow a little easier.

A Tincture for the Moment

The efficacy of CBD has a lot to do with your genetic makeup, metabolism, and unique body chemistry. All of which you can’t control. What you can control, though, is which delivery method you go with. 

When you’re making this choice, it’s all about bioavailability. This means the CBD percentage your body can use. CBD can be ingested, inhaled, used as a topical, or

Dropped under the tongue, this CBD + CBG Wellness Tincture is going to interact sublingually, and enter the bloodstream directly. This means you’ll feel its calming effects very quickly.

A Softgel Cap for the Day

When it comes to the fast-acting effects of a tincture, it’s going to wear off a little more quickly than other methods as well. 

Enter the CBD Gel Capsule. Each of these contains 25mg of organic, full-spectrum CBD oil, and a tiny bit of MCT oil to aid digestion. Rather than interact with the glands beneath your tongue, it’s metabolized by your gastrointestinal tract. 

Since it has to travel through your stomach, there’s going to be a little lost in the transaction. But once the cannabidiol reaches your gastrointestinal tract, your body’s going to distribute it to your endocannabinoid system slowly. 

It may take a little time to hone in on your perfect dose, but with this method, you’re giving yourself a time-released effect.

This will effectively act as an insurance policy on your sense of calm.

Work from Home

Being able to make an office out of your home is in some ways a luxury. You can’t beat the commute, the snacks are on point, and clothing is optional. 

But with all that freedom comes distractions.

All of these things are effective at keeping us from our work for one simple reason: mental resistance. It’s that force that compels us not to do the thing that we want to.

It’s one of those confusing things about being human that keeps life interesting.

The best way to counteract this impulse is with deeper focus. CBD helps with this by quieting those natural pings and notifications that our mind naturally floods us with. By helping us relax, we’re able to better focus on our tasks. This serves to stretch our time, making each minute we spend more valuable.

Wind Down

At the end of a long day, all you really want to do is sleep.

But at the end of a long day, it can sometimes be difficult to actually fall asleep. 

How many times has it happened? As you’re getting ready for bed, you check in with yourself. You feel so tired, you could sleep 18 hours, but it never comes.

If this sounds the least bit familiar, you may need a little help from CBD. Our latest Calming tincture is made with a proprietary solvent-free CO2 extracted hemp oil blend to counteract the common culprits of sleep deprivation: anxiety, depression, and stress. 

Working on the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain, these two key cannabinoids produce a sedative-like effect on the brain to promote more restful sleep.

DIY Spa Day

Let’s say you’ve got a little extra time to yourself. 

In our humble opinion, a cool, calming Cucumber Face Mask is the perfect way to start. Take advantage of the skin’s high bioavailability and feel this full-spectrum CBD’s soothing effects in 10-15 minutes. 

From there, you could drop one of these Bath Bombs into the tub and let the day’s stress and tension melt away. 

Then, if you’ve got someone around to lend you a hand or two, our CBD Massage Oil is formulated to be non-greasy, delightfully aromatherapeutic, and organic. This proprietary, naturally-scented dry oil formula is loaded with the kinds of superior ingredients found at all the best luxury day spas. 

You’ll feel areas of discomfort get enveloped in soothing scents as your skin soaks up some much-needed hydration.

Weekend Getaway

Whichever way you choose to escape into the weekend, the CBD Vape Pen is a great way to center yourself. These are crafted with natural terpenes to bring about the flavor of popular cannabis strains. They pair perfectly with the open road and long hikes. 

Even if your getaway is only to the end of the block, or the next town over, we think it’s super helpful to give yourself a break if you’re able. A little movement outside our regular pattern is good for the brain.

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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