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March 7, 2020

What Movie Genres Say About Your CBD Preference



What Movie Genres Say About Your Cbd Preference

Everyone has a specific movie genre that they love above all others. Here are the best CBD products to pair with some of the more popular genres!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Watching a movie from your favorite film genre can be a fun and exciting way to pass the time, especially when it’s a new movie you’ve been looking forward to. As we begin exploring these genres and sub-genres, we have hand-selected what products of ours fit best with some of your cinema preferences. 

1. Laugh Your Way To Recovery

If you’re like many other people, you consider comedy to be your favorite movie genre. You can’t help but adore the goofy personalities and unsophisticated plans to get out of wacky situations. The characters, some of whom may draw parallels to your friends in real life, never seem to have a dull moment. Their hilarious adventures capture your attention and often have you rolling on the ground with your cheeks sore from laughing.

The laughter-induced scenes will most likely leave you out of breath by the end of the movie, as if you’ve just finished an intense gym session. That’s why our CBD balms will be fantastic for this genre: laughing is a great workout and our balms are spectacular for post-exercise use! Luckily for you, we have multiple scents, so you get to pick the one that best suits you! Whichever sub-genre you enjoy most that matches your sense of humor, comedy is a genre that can help spread enjoyment and add a lightness to your life. Even when everything in your world is going wrong, a little bit of comedy can bring some laughter to any situation.

 2. Case Of The Mysterious Capsules 

Mystery is another great movie genre. The suspense of not knowing what is happening or who’s the culprit allows you to learn along with the protagonist as the movie progresses. At first, we were stuped; we at CBDfx held countless company meetings to deliberate which product would best match this genre. Even our leading executives were stumped by this mystery. Then…an idea dawned upon us. 

This genre is perfect for CBD soft-gel capsules. These capsules are small and sport a soft, golden hue, making them the perfect item to act as “clues” in a detective-based game for you and your friends. Sprinkle them in hidden places around your home, and then have your friends split up and begin discovering them! How many can you find? Who knows!! As long as the pets and younger siblings aren’t around, this game can go on as long as you’d like it to! Feel the excitement as you find each and every little capsule. Your other friends will soon hear of this game and become jealous of you, wanting to play it as well. By the end of the week, when word gets out, you’ll have to hire security to keep people from barging into your house and demanding to play a round.

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3. Are You A Horror-holic?

Scary movies play with your body chemistry and make you feel uneasy, as if you were actually there with the protagonists. As your adrenaline rises, you feed off the excitement of what’s unfolding on your TV screen. We believe CBD bath salts are going to be the best bet for you! This product is going to be your best friend as you binge-watch each and every Saw movie. Chances are, you don’t have many friends who want to partake in these scary films you love so much, so the bath salts will be there to keep you company. This product could have a multitude of effects on you, either being a comforting companion or amplifying the uneasiness of the night. 

If you love more of a scare, sit in the clouded, bath salt-filled water with the lights off and flickering candles all around you. As you soak in all the goodness of CBD salts, play music off of the Nightmare On Elm Street soundtrack. As you sit in your tub, eyes closed, relax your mind and let a crawling sensation envelop your whole body. Goosebumps will begin to rise, and you should feel your heart begin to beat a little faster. Train your mind to believe something bad is about to happen…paranoia is very important for this stage. Now, imagine Freddy’s knife-covered hand bursting out of the water and trying to grab you! Wow, so spooky. Alternatively, after the movie, you can run a bath and simply let the salts swirl around you. Close your eyes and sit in silence, allowing all thoughts to run out of your mind. This is great as you sit, numbly progressing down the road of horror film-induced emotional detachment. Whichever option you prefer, your skin and body will thank you. 

4. Historically Dehydrated 

When you watch movies dealing with events in the past, you’ll often notice that certain characters’ skincare routines are…well, non-existent. Moisturizing is a large part of keeping the skin supple. Though skin moisturizers have been around for the past 10,000 years, none have been sourced with the wondrous properties of CBDfx Rejuvediol Massage Oil. Throughout history, people of different civilizations used what was available to them for their skincare needs; olive oil in Greece, avocados in Brazil and animal fats in North America, for example. In this day and age, ingredients can be sourced and grown locally to maintain fresh standards, which is why you’ll absolutely love the way this oil feels on your skin.

Organic oils such as rosehip, sweet almond ylang ylang, and jojoba soothe your skin and allow it to glow without a greasy effect. The great aspect of this oil is that you can douse your body in it after a shower, or simply apply a small amount and use it as a “super lotion.” As you watch the film’s characters’ crusty hands reach for door knobs, candlesticks, and things of the sort, apply your CBDfx oil so you don’t have to have early-aging skin like those back in the day.

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5. The Comic Slayer  

This is something of an adventure sub-genre, but its popularity certainly makes it worth the mention. Comic book movies have become increasingly popularized. The Avengers, Batman, Spiderman; all of these box-office hits are sweeping the nation. The comics you grew up reading fervently as a kid are now being visualized on the big screen! This is the best time to be a comic fan and to celebrate, we are pairing you with one of our most exciting products. 

Our CBDfx disposable pens come in many flavors and colors. Choose which ones are your favorite and let the fun begin. Use our disposable pens to imitate your favorite comic book characters. We recommend Wolverine, whose major characteristic is his retractable, metal claws. Place three pens in-between your fingers on each hand and pretend to yell at people and attack them as he would. Not only does this allow you to portray a classic comic book hero, but it also permits you to be incredibly rude to those around you with the guise of “being in character!” Additionally, you could pretend that you’re old school Superman and blow the vape smoke out as if it was a gust of freezing wind. Puff it so hard it’ll blow the comic haters away!

These are the CBD products we believe will perfectly fit into your movie preferences. We hope you enjoy these movie genres and products we worked tirelessly to bring you. 

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