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January 30, 2020

What Sets CBDfx Apart



What Sets Cbdfx Apart

There are countless CBD brands out there, how do you pick out the best ones? Here are some reasons that CBDfx is a step above the rest in the CBD industry!

By: Jacob La Cava and Chloe Persichetti

An important question to ask yourself while you browse the CBD market and research different brands is, “what sets them apart from everyone else?” Finding a brand that has a proven record of success, while also displaying a sense of curiosity and innovative nature, is crucial. When it comes to CBD products, you don’t want to buy tinctures and gummies from a random company that you can’t even prove existed a year ago. Here at CBDfx, we understand how important it is for you to choose a leader in the industry, which is why we’ve worked so hard to make it clear how far ahead of others we truly are. Not only do our mission, products and process set us apart, but they also cement us as innovators that other brands look to for inspiration.

Expansive Inventory

The selection of products from other brands pales in comparison to CBDfx, as we’ve amassed one of the largest selections for consumers to choose from. There are few that come close to the variety of products we offer. In general, you’ll find brands that stick to one or two types of products that they can make fairly well. While specialization such as this is nice, we’re more interested in offering you a bounty of products that each possess their own unique functions. We offer everything from tinctures and gummies to facial cleansers and overnight recovery balms. You’ll find a product for virtually any situation here at CBDfx, and you have our guarantee that its quality will outdo that of our competitors. 

When a brand begins to branch out and produce items in new areas of the market, they often see a dip in quality. Rushing a product out onto the market can work for some brands that care more about their immediate profits than about their sustained success, but that simply isn’t how we at CBDfx see things. All of our products are made with quality in mind, and we are dedicated to assuring that even the most experimental of products doesn’t go out onto the market without being tested vigorously and containing the best possible ingredient ratios. This, combined with our vast selection, is something that few others can boast as we can.

Keeping It Natural

Keeping our products as natural as possible is very important to us. Part of CBD’s beauty is how natural the compound is, so maintaining its natural roots by combining it with the least amount of ingredients possible is what we strive to do. Our organic approach allows us to maintain pride in our products by presenting high-quality CBD in all its glory. Even before extracting CBD from the hemp plant, we make sure that our plants never come into contact with pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals. Once combined with other ingredients and formed into their final products, our CBD still only interacts with organic, vegan items such as pectin and certain types of natural extracts.

As part of our push for total product purity, we only use top-of-the-line extraction equipment in order to procure our CBD oil. There are a couple of routes to take when extracting CBD, and we choose the latest and, as a result, most expensive way. When you extract CBD oil from the hemp plant, you need to do it in a way where you only get the compounds you want. Getting a CBD hemp extract that contains unwanted compounds and materials can result in less potent products. To avoid this, we use pressurized carbon dioxide to ensure the most desirable cannabinoids and nutrients are all that remain in the CBD oil. 

One of our pet peeves is when products have “unnecessary” ingredients. Why would anyone want unneeded sugars, additives and solvents in their CBD when they could have all-organic cannabinoids and terpenes instead? That’s why we keep our products as pure as possible! There are zero harmful chemicals or unnecessary ingredients and solvents. This is a goal we set and still uphold for ourselves. 

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Lab Reports Galore

Beyond that, we at CBDfx have set the standard of trust for the CBD industry. We strive to provide you with the most transparent CBD purchasing experience possible, and we make sure that you’re aware of exactly what goes into each product. We don’t want you to make a purchase until you feel like you understand exactly what you’re going to get out of a given product. Our ever-growing sea of loyal, returning customers is proof that our mission of trustworthiness isn’t being pursued in vain! 

Something that we believe allows us to convey the transparency that we crave is our lab reports. Every batch of our products comes with a lab report that details the contents of the product batch’s CBD hemp extract. These reports are conducted by an independent third party, meaning that we don’t have any influence over the information that they come up with. This information includes a list of the most prominent compounds that are found in the extract, within which you’ll find CBD prominently displayed. Additionally, the reports confirm that an extract doesn’t contain any heavy metals, myco/micro toxins, pesticides or anything else that could prove detrimental to your health. All of this information is available to you even before you make your purchasing decision. That’s the kind of exceptional transparency that you get from CBDfx!


These are just a few of the ways in which we at CBDfx can be set apart from our competitors. Our priority is to you, the loyal customer, first and foremost, and our dedication to offering nothing but high-quality, organic products is proof of this. If you have any more questions, anything that you may still be confused about at the end of this education week, feel free to contact us! In the meantime, browse our wide selection of products and use that newfound knowledge of CBD to your advantage! As a sign of appreciation, use the coupon code “EDUWEEK” for 20% off your next purchase! Good through next Friday.

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