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June 8, 2020

What Sets CBDfx Gummies Apart From The Competition?

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What Sets CBDfx Gummies Apart From The Competition_

It can be hard to determine which CBD gummies will actually meet expectations. Here’s what sets CBDfx gummies so far ahead of everyone else!

By: Paaez Coleman

The internet is flooded with brands selling CBD Gummies, so it’s no surprise that many consumers feel overwhelmed and sometimes confused while shopping. We at CBDfx have remained steadfast as a leader in the industry, staying ahead of the competition to bring you innovative CBD Gummies that are changing the way people think about incorporating CBD into their daily lives. We’re sure you’re wondering what sets CBDfx Gummies apart from the competition – we’re glad you asked!

What Makes The Best CBD Gummies?

Surely, we’ve all been there: you’re excited about a certain product you’re checking out, but then you look at the ingredient list and you’re left confused and concerned. After quickly Google searching some of those unrecognizable items, you realize that the product is filled with ingredients that you don’t want to consume! 

We take great pride in the amount of attention that goes into the process of crafting each and every one of our products, including our extensive CBD Gummy lineup. Some of the other gummies you encounter might contain astronomical amounts of sugar or be riddled with artificial ingredients whose names you can’t even pronounce, but not us! When you see the CBDfx label, you can rest assured that our gummies are created with all-natural ingredients and flavorings, are 100% vegan, non-GMO, and taste incredible! 

If we’re talking about unwavering quality, we’ve got to show some love for our Original Mixed Berry Gummies. These delicious berry gummies contain 5mg of premium CBD hemp extract that has been organically grown right here in the US. Since all of our gummies contain broad spectrum CBD oil, all traces of THC have been removed, so you only experience the CBD goodness that you’re looking for! These gummies are great for anyone looking to kick start their journey with CBD. They’re highly reviewed by thousands of our consumers, so you know they’ve got to be something special!

So Many Gummies To Choose From

Life is all about choices, which is most likely the reason we appreciate having options no matter the situation – CBD gummies are no different! Here at CBDfx, we listen to our customers and try to take into consideration the types of products they are looking for, as well as the choices they’d like to have available to them. That’s why we now have 7 different CBD Gummy formulations for you to choose from! 

We understand that everyone has different interests when it comes to CBD products, and everyone is at different levels within their personal CBD journey. That’s why our gummies are conveniently pre-measured at 5mg each. In doing this, we can make sure that everyone can enjoy the goodness of CBD at their own pace and on their own terms. You can start with two and then increase as desired. Whatever you’re looking to get out of your CBD Gummy, you’re sure to find it in our line up!

Inclined To Innovate

As the CBD industry rapidly grows, companies are attempting to create products that combine different aspects of our lives in hopes of ultimately making things a little easier. There are all kinds of unique, yet innovative products out there that people love, because they do just that and make their lives a little more convenient. At CBDfx, we take this to heart as well, which is why we’re always creating products that provide you with all of your daily CBD while also making a terrific addition to your daily wellness routine

When you talk about CBD innovations, you can’t leave these groundbreaking gummies out of the conversation: our Women’s CBD Gummies with Multivitamin. This exciting formulation allows you to effortlessly consume all of those essential daily nutrients right alongside a 10mg serving of organically sourced, broad spectrum CBD that’ll keep your day pointed in the right direction. The most exciting part of these gummies has to be the addition of Vitamins A, B12 and C.

As we all know, our vision tends to tap out on us as we climb in age, but Vitamin A protects us from many age-related degenerative issues with eyesight. Also, because it has antioxidant power, it plays an important role in potentially protecting you from certain types of other ailments. Vitamin B12 is best known for its ability to provide an energy boost, but it can also improve other facets of your life due to its positive relationship with serotonin. Last but not least, you’ve gotta love a healthy amount of Vitamin C! It boosts your immune system – which we all need a little bit of right now – and it also helps to achieve that beautiful inner glow that you’ve been trying to accomplish with other beauty products! 

Superfood Gummies

Many of us have encountered the scenario where we look in the mirror and decide to change our eating habits for the better. It’s around this moment that you come to realize most things that are good for you don’t taste great. However, have you ever tried the plethora of superfoods that are readily available to you? Items like quinoa and even raw nuts can provide your body with the power it needs each day, while also not filling your body with empty calories!

Most of us know the struggle all too well, and that’s why we decided to create our CBD Gummies with Turmeric & Spirulina! Now, you can combine all of the health and wellness qualities of superfoods Turmeric & Spirulina with your daily serving of CBD – because we know you’re not passing up the opportunity to enjoy a product as innovative as this! With hundreds of positive reviews, our customers are falling in love with this superfood-infused gummy. Like the other gummies that we offer, they are also created with top of the line CBD hemp extract that’s organically grown and extracted with CO2 methods that ensure the purest oil. 

Turmeric is a spice that, while fairly bitter, is the perfect item to integrate into any wellness regimen because of its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. It has been shown to enhance brain function, lower your risk for certain ailments and much more. Spirulina is just as incredible; it’s a micro-algae that has strong antioxidant powers as well, so it’s further boosting the already potent effects of turmeric. You’ll be very pleased to see how we were able to combine all of these amazing ingredients into a single CBD gummy! 

We offer a wide range of CBD gummies for all walks of life, and we’re able to stand out from the competition even more through our long standing record of purity and quality, as well as our dedication to bringing you products that aim to make life that much more convenient. We’ve been leading the industry in the right direction since 2014, setting the bar high and making millions of people happy in the process with CBD products they’ve come to know and love. 

Our gummies are unrivaled for a reason, and they’re all available to you now! Are you ready to see for yourself what sets CBDfx apart from the competition?

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