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October 22, 2020

What's the Best CBD Shop Out There?


CBDfx Staff

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With so many choices on the market, how do you find the best CBD shop? 

There are tons of different factors that determine whether or not a CBD shop is any good. As you start to browse the countless brands on the market, how do you pick which shop to use?

Fine, you’ve caught us—it’s hard for us to write about what makes a great CBD brand and not be a little biased toward CBDfx. 

But to be real, that’s because, at CBDfx, we’ve obsessed over the nitty-gritty details of making a great CBD shop for years. We know what sets a CBD shop apart from the crowd, and we know the essential must-haves to look for in any CBD product. 

Finding the best CBD shop out there isn’t impossible. It just requires some background information and a critical eye. 

Why Do Your Own Research?

A woman on her mobile phoneOnline shoppers are savvy enough to research and read reviews of any product before buying, but this is especially important for the CBD industry. 

Because of the technical classification of CBD oil by the federal government, the FDA doesn’t currently regulate the safety, purity, or dosage of CBD oils. Since CBD was made federally legal in 2018, researchers haven’t yet been able to conduct long-term testing on all of these elements of CBD.

There is certainly plenty of research on CBD oil and its effects. However, there aren’t federal regulations for product testing and labeling yet. In the meantime, consumers are left responsible for doing their own research to navigate the market.

But don’t worry—there are some indicators you can look for to judge the quality of a CBD shop. Here are the top considerations to keep in mind (plus, to be honest, the reasons we think CBDfx is a notch above other CBD shops!)

Attention to Quality Sourcing

No matter how fancy the extraction or manufacturing process, the quality of any CBD product starts with the hemp. The quality of the hemp influences a CBD product’s overall effectiveness for you and your health.

There are two main factors to consider when it comes to sourcing: is the hemp grown organically? And is the hemp grown in the US?

First, it is important that your CBD products are extracted from entirely organically-grown sources. Hemp is what’s known as a “bioaccumulator” plant. Through a process called phytoremediation, hemp tends to soak up any toxins or pesticides in the soil. 

If you are using CBD products for therapeutic health benefits, ingesting products grown around chemicals or heavy metals probably isn’t a good idea.

Second, CBD products made with American-grown organic hemp indicate a level of quality. For CBD, you want to be able to trust the regulations and certifications. Without these transparent farming practices, you can end up with unregulated hemp with potentially harmful chemicals.

At CBDfx, we take our sourcing seriously and are committed to organic, US-grown ingredients. All of our CBD products are made with 100% organic and non-GMO hemp grown in Kentucky.

Natural Ingredients

Why You Can’t Buy CBD Gummies on AmazonIn addition to the actual cultivation of hemp, there are a few other factors to consider about your CBD product ingredients.

One of the reasons people choose CBD products is because the compound is naturally-occurring. So our philosophy at CBDfx is simple: don’t mess too much with what works. We use the fewest ingredients possible in our products, and we choose them very carefully.

Our products use only organic, vegan items such as pectin and certain types of natural extracts. From the gelatin to the flavorings, we use all-natural ingredients that actually taste good in our CBD products.

You’re using CBD for the benefits of the cannabidiol, cannabinoids and terpenes. Why would you want unnecessary additives and solvents in your product? 

Exceptional Manufacturing Processes

To extract CBD oil, you need to process the hemp plants. Ideally, the process leaves the beneficial compounds you want, without any unwanted materials that either dilute the product or are harmful when left behind. 

A common method of CBD oil extraction in the industry is to use a solvent, like butane, to separate CBD oil from the plant. This “butane hash oil” (BHO) process is popular with companies because it is fast and cheap, but it comes with drawbacks. 

Butane (the same thing you’d find in a lighter or stove) strips the hemp plant of chemical compounds like the terpenes and cannabinoids. Afterwards, a vacuum pump or heat is used to remove the butane from the final product. 

However, it is impossible to remove all of the butane solvent, which means if you ingest BHO, you may be taking a health risk. 

Luckily, there is an alternative method for processing hemp. Manufacturers can use carbon dioxide (CO2) to separate the oil and the cannabis plant. The pressurized CO2 extraction preserves the compounds, cannabinoids, and nutrients in the oil, and the CBD oil also remains solvent-free.

This process does take longer, and it requires more specialized heavy equipment, so many manufacturers don’t choose CO2 extraction. However, it is ultimately healthier for the consumer. 

CBD shops that care about tasty, high-quality CBD oil for their products will choose the carbon dioxide process.

Third-Party Transparency

How Much THC is in CBD Oil_As mentioned up above, the FDA does not currently regulate the safety and dosage of CBD products. So how do you know what you’re getting?

The most reputable products use independent, third-party lab analysis to provide transparency with all of their products. If a CBD shop is trustworthy, it will make these reports freely accessible on their website (for example, CBDfx publishes lab reports for every batch of our products). 

This lab analysis helps you analyze the content of a product. You will want to pay attention to a product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA), which documents the percentages of CBD, THC, and any contaminants. 

It’s also important that the lab results are coming from an independent third-party lab, which isn’t influenced by the company and provides an objective analysis of a product.

The Best of the Best

We’re not saying there aren’t other good CBD brands out there. Obviously, there are plenty of decent companies. We’re sure you’ve seen an unlimited number of advertisements for gummies, capes, and tinctures, either online or in retail stores. Some of these brands may even excel in a certain area, like their product development or marketing. 

But let’s talk about why CBDfx isn’t just good—it’s better

At CBDfx, we’re leaders in the industry for product development. We know that each CBD product has unique bioavailability and therapeutic effects. No matter what your goal or your preference, you can find pretty much whatever product you need with CBDfx.

But it’s not just about the number of products. We obsess over quality.

Other brands may have a few key products that they do very well. But when it comes to expanding their stores, they rush a product onto the market because they are interested in short-term profits.

Especially since the CBD market has been growing at such a rapid rate, this is particularly common.

However, we have been specializing in CBD for years and we take our time. We don’t release a product until it has been thoroughly tested, and we have found the optimal ratio of ingredients and dosage. 

We apply the same rigorous sourcing, processing, manufacturing, and testing standards that we outlined above to each one of our products. 

What makes a great CBD shop? We lead by example. 

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