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January 30, 2020

Why Are Ingredients And Lab Reports Important?



Why Are Ingredients And Lab Reports Important

Ingredient lists and lab reports are two of the most important resources that you’ll receive when purchasing CBD products. Here’s Why!

By: Jacob La Cava

We all have at least a faint understanding of the information that companies put on the labels of their products; ingredients, “daily serving” suggestions, use warnings, etc. However, how many people actually stop and take time out of their day to analyze the information that is given to them, in order to better understand the contents of a given product? 

There seems to be a misconception that the ingredients of a product don’t matter much to the overall item, at least to the extent that you don’t need to do any research on it. Even those who do find it important are often content after only discovering what a couple of the main ingredients are. Each and every item that goes into a product is important and plays a role in the product’s effects, so it’s worth taking the time to identify each of them and determine what they actually contribute.

Importance of Ingredients

Nowhere is ingredient research more crucial than when you’re looking through a group of CBD products. There are layers to the research that you should do for CBD products, starting with the basic materials that are found within the final product. There’s a vast array of ingredients that you can potentially find in a CBD product, and each of them possesses its own set of functions. Knowing what items to look for could help you find the products that are best attuned to your personal desires.

Everything from essential oils to flower extracts play a part in crafting a high quality CBD product. Different oils can have a variety of effects, each of which shaping a portion of your experience with a product. If you purchase a tincture oil and it contains lavender or primrose, you can expect it to carry a light, floral taste. On the other hand, if the tincture contains peppermint, its flavor profile will be similar to that of a candy cane. These oils contain terpenes that have profound effects on the overall product, and it’s important to be able to identify them on an ingredient list and be prepared for the way that the tincture will taste.

Additionally, certain items might be added to provide their own effects, such as charcoal. Charcoal is added to many CBD topical products in order to take advantage of its deep-cleansing capabilities. It’s able to combat acne by unclogging your pores and clearing out the dirt, toxins and other impurities that might be plaguing your face. Aloe vera is also commonly found in CBD products because of its ability to moisturize your skin, leading to your skin feeling and looking younger while avoiding the negative effects of free radicals caused by oxidative stress. Items such as these are the ones that you’ll want to be looking for in CBD products, since they ensure that your experience will be as positive as possible. Without ingredient lists, there’s no way for you to know what’s in the product that you purchase, meaning that you’ll have to use the product with very little knowledge on what it will actually do for you.

Importance of Lab Reports

It is equally important to look at the lab report of a CBD product when you’re considering buying it. While they’re an incredibly helpful tool for understanding the inner workings of a hemp extract, lab reports go widely unnoticed by many people who buy CBD. Much like ingredient lists, you aren’t forced to read lab reports of products, so it’s entirely up to you to find them and do your research. Most companies will provide their reports with each batch of CBD products, so searching is as easy as looking up the product online and clicking the link on its page.

Lab reports allow you to perform the second level of research that ingredient lists don’t give information on: the actual contents of the hemp extract. No two hemp extracts are exactly the same, and the additional cannabinoids and terpenes that they contain are prone to variation. Lab reports give you an in-depth analysis of the different compounds that are most prominent in a CBD hemp extract. You’ll find that the compound found in greatest concentration is, of course, the CBD itself, but you can also see what other cannabinoids are appearing at traceable levels. Depending on the type of extract, you’ll see the amount of compounds fluctuate, although the same few compounds are likely to appear in many of the extracts that you purchase.

Reports are also important for identifying any non-cannabinoid or terpene materials found in the hemp extract. These include materials such as heavy metals, potentially dangerous myco and micro toxins, pesticides and solvents, all of which you’d be better off not consuming. Of course, lab reports that show these won’t make it to the site; they’ll be used to alert companies to discard a batch of products that contain poor ingredients. The lab report that you view should always indicate that none of these materials are present in the product, or else you have reason to worry about the safety of what you’d be purchasing.

CBD lab reports

Why Are They Needed?

It should be apparent by now why you should always require that an ingredient list and lab report come with your CBD products. Without these two vital sources of information, you’d have no way of knowing what materials are in each gummy or tincture bottle. While most of the CBD industry abides by the rules and can be trusted to only include high-quality ingredients, there are outlier companies that are more interested in making quick money than establishing a legitimate brand. They won’t provide in-depth analyses of their products, because it would reveal that they don’t try as hard to procure quality ingredients and use outdated forms of CBD extraction.

Ingredient lists and lab reports are important for the purpose of creating a form of transparency for companies. Legitimate CBD companies that are focused on long-term success instead of short-term gain will always provide you with these materials, giving you a reason to turn to them as a trustworthy source of cannabidiol. If anything is wrong with a batch of CBD products, or if any of the ingredients might have detrimental effects or personally disagree with you, you’ll have a way of immediately being alerted to those things instead of learning about it after you’ve made a purchase.


These are the reasons that you should place greater importance on both ingredient lists and lab reports. With all of this information now at your disposal, you’ll never have to settle for subpar CBD products again. Thanks to CBDfx, you’re ready to confidently dive into the CBD market and find the products that are perfect for you!

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