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October 23, 2019

Advantages of the Humble CBD Soft Gel Capsule



Advantages Of The Humble Cbd Soft Gel Capsule

The CBD soft gel capsule might not be flashy, but it makes up for that in its effectiveness. Here are the advantages presented by CBD pills.

Modesty is a virtue. Tim Duncan, Forrest Gump, the VHS player; those are just some of the world’s greatest figures who have made it a goal to remain as humble as possible. We revere the humbleness that we see in people, it shows us that they’re working at peak efficiency for the benefit of a group instead of simply for their own individual gain. These people and items don’t ask for any praise, yet they still work tirelessly to perfect their crafts and provide you with an experience that is often unforgettable. A world devoid of these modest figures is dreary, driven by selfish desires instead of goals that benefit the world at large. The benefits of humility are countless, and we’re more or less lost without it.

If there is one CBD product that exemplifies this humble trait, it has to be the CBD soft gel capsule. Looking like the capsules that decorate your grandmother’s bathroom counter, there is nothing especially glamorous about soft gels. They are plain in design, given the typical capsule shape and closely mirroring those capsules that you have seen countless times before. Many people choose to pass up the soft gel capsule in favor of CBD gummies, since they offer a look that is more fun and a sugary taste. The gummy bear appeals to our memories of eating sweets as a child, whereas soft gels remind us of trips with grandma to that pharmacy with the… interesting smell.

The problem here may be that the humility of the soft gel is being mistaken for weakness, leaving it to appear less desirable. The soft gel capsule actually possesses several advantages over other CBD products, and if more people knew about them, they would likely drop their prejudices against capsules and rush to purchase a bottle for themselves. Beneath the humble exterior of this product is a CBD pill powerhouse that could soon take over the industry.

Advantages of the Humble CBD Soft Gel Capsule

#1: Availability

The first advantage of the soft gel capsule is its availability as a CBD product that can be consumed virtually anywhere. Soft gels share many similarities with CBD gummies and other edibles that most companies produce. Just like other edibles, they come in a small, convenient size that allows for you to pack them away in your bag or car and bring them with you when you go out. Our soft gel capsules come in a bottle that should fit in most bags and purses, and if you don’t plan on bringing a bag with you while you’re out, you can always take a few capsules with you in a plastic bag that could fit in your pocket. The soft gels likely won’t make a noticeable impression against the material of your pocket, meaning that nobody but you will know that you’re carrying them. Whether you’re going out to a movie or planning a full day trip to the beach, this product offers quick and easy servings of CBD that can be transferred from your pocket or bag to your mouth in no time at all. It would likely take more time to actually think about the process of swallowing a soft gel than to put the process into motion. Seriously, it’s that simple.

What separates the durability of soft gel capsules from that of other CBD edibles is the way that it’s designed. Its name is short for “soft gelatin” because its outermost layer is a hard gelatin covering that protects its liquid contents. Other edible products don’t offer a hybrid of liquid and solid, opting instead to stick to either one or the other; CBD gummies as solids, tinctures as liquids, and so on. This layer of gelatin perfectly protects the inner contents of the capsule, offering additional defense against detrimental processes such as oxidation and degradation. Other CBD edibles only have their bottle to keep them from experiencing gradual aging and degradation, and once they’re taken out and exposed to the air, they can lose some of their potency. This is why it is recommended that you keep all bottles and pouches tightly sealed when you’re not using them. Soft gel capsules have a bottle as well as their outer layer to ward of harmful natural processes that would keep them from achieving their true potential. This additional level of durability isn’t something that many people think about when purchasing CBD products, but you should certainly consider it to be an important factor moving forward.

#2: Discreet Appearance

Another advantage that soft gel capsules have is their discreet appearance. Many types of CBD edibles are designed with covert application in mind. There is nothing wrong with consuming CBD, of course, and the belief that cannabidiol is dangerous to society is one that fewer and fewer people are subscribing to. Still, there is a stigma associated with consuming anything associated with cannabis plants in public, so many companies produce items that allow CBD consumption to be less obvious. Gummies take on the classic gummy bear shape or the shapes of simple gummy fruit, and tincture oils often don labels that keep eye-catching flare to a minimum. Still, it can look out of place at times to use a tincture, especially if you’re sitting down to eat at a restaurant. Randomly pulling a pouch of gummy bears out of your bag and eating a couple of them could be a bit suspicious to those around you as well. Only two kinds of people will suddenly reveal a stash of gummy bears, eat two and then pack them away again: someone consuming CBD and an actual, straight-up serial killer.

Full spectrum CBD pills, on the other hand, are an all-around inconspicuous product that won’t let on what they are unless you look hard at the labels on their bottles. They don’t run into the problems that CBD gummies and tinctures do. You can consume a soft gel capsule while you’re at a restaurant without capturing the attention of those around you, because capsules are extremely commonplace at this point in time. For the same reason, you won’t look suspicious when taking a capsule or two while out in public. People don’t see it as out of the ordinary for others to take pills or capsules in public, because the assumption is that there is a good reason for it. Dripping oil under your tongue and micro-munching on a pouch of gummy bears don’t garner this same assumption, which is why curious onlookers will lock onto these products but not gel capsules. You’ll appear to be following some sort of regimen, when in actuality you just really love CBD and want to enjoy some while you’re out.

As stated previously, the capsules have the color and shape of a capsule that you would find sitting in a small box at your grandparents’ home. It’s plain and disinteresting in all the right ways, offering effective servings of CBD while keeping wandering eyes at bay. Like a Wakandan cloaking device, those around you will be none the wiser about your capsule’s true identity. You simply wouldn’t be able to pull this off with other forms of CBD edibles, they would stick out too much in certain situations. 

Advantages of the Humble CBD Soft Gel Capsule

#3: Ease of Application

The third major advantage offered by CBD soft gels is their ease of application. Gel capsules are easy to consume, and don’t even require any liquids in order to be comfortably swallowed. If you prefer to take it with water or another beverage, then more power to you, but you have the option to consume it by itself. This is useful for situations in which you can’t get your hands on anything to drink. Soft gel capsules also separate themselves from others in their near complete lack of flavor. CBD gummies try to hide a majority of the natural hemp flavors that accompany the CBD extracts they contain, but you can still taste them. Tinctures, as hard as they work to hide it, run into the same issue of tasting in part like hemp. The gelatinous outer layer of CBD capsules is designed to completely eliminate the taste of hemp, and since you’re swallowing the capsule whole and won’t need to chew it at all, the flavor of its liquid contents has no significant bearing on the product’s overall taste.

Imagine: you’re five miles into a ten mile hike. It’s a brutally hot day and there are no shaded spots along the trail where you can take a break. Using your impressive foresight, you have completely forgotten to bring a water bottle with you. Your body is getting sore from the constant uphill-downhill fluctuation of the trail and Pokemon Go has stopped working, meaning all this walking will purely be for exercise and won’t benefit your online Pokemon Trainer persona in the slightest. You decide that you want to treat yourself to a helping of quality CBD. Your satisfaction is dependent on the type of CBD edible that you’ve brought with you on the trail. A gummy bear will be tasty in the moment, but its sugary contents and slight hemp taste might make you thirstier and may linger on your taste buds as you continue along the trail. A tincture oil will more likely have less of a flavor issue, especially if a specific flavoring has been added to it, but it might remind your body of how badly it wants actual water and, as a result, make you even thirstier. CBD soft gel capsules would be your best bet in this situation. You wouldn’t need any water, so you could simply pop one into your mouth and swallow it. The capsules themselves are flavorless, so you wouldn’t have to deal with a lingering half-candy, half-hemp taste after consuming it. They are less likely to make you any thirstier, since they don’t offer you a non-water liquid. You’ll be glad that you at least made the right CBD choice before embarking on this grueling adventure.

The CBD gel capsule possesses all of these advantages, and yet you’ve likely never realized how versatile they were until reading this article. Hopefully, you now understand what a workhorse this humble CBD product is and will appreciate it for its visual simplicity and overachieving efficiency. We at CBDfx recommend that you take our word and try out our capsules yourself. We guarantee that you’re going to love them!

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The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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