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August 7, 2019

Dabbing CBD Wax: The Ultimate CBDfx 2019 Guide



Dabbing Cbd Wax The Ultimate Cbdfx 2019 Guide

What is CBD wax, and why should you be dabbing it? Find out everything you need to know about CBD dabs in 2019 and why you should trust CBDfx as your dab source.

Dabbing CBD Wax: The Ultimate CBDfx 2019 Guide

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to experience the effects of CBD in its most potent form, you might want to try dabbing CBDfx CBD Wax. CBD wax makes it possible to dab without getting high — and there are tons of ways to enjoy the lifestyle effects of dabbing CBD. Learn more about the art of dabbing, the advantages of CBD concentrate, and how to find the best CBD wax online in this all-encompassing guide.

Dabbing: What Is It, and How Do You Do It?

Dabbing is the process of heating an oil or a similar substance to the point that it vaporizes. Unlike smoking, dabbing does not involve the incineration of plant material. Therefore, dabbing CBD is more similar to hitting a CBD vape pen than it is to smoking cannabidiol-rich hemp flower. No actual burning occurs, if you’re doing it right.

While it’s possible to vaporize other types of dry hemp or cannabis products, it’s only possible to dab oil-based or isolated cannabis derivatives. There are a variety of tools you can use to dab CBD, but all these tools share a few basic elements:

  • Heat Source: Dabbing is only possible if you heat your oil to a relatively high temperature. There are quite a few different types of heat sources you can use for dabbing, but they all serve the purpose of heating concentrate to the point that it vaporizes.
  • Concentrate Delivery Mechanism: To dab concentrate, you must first deliver your oil or wax of choice to the heat source. Depending on the type of dab rig you use, the tool used for this purpose might be a metal implement called a dabber or a silicone or otherwise heat-resistant mat.
  • Inhalation Mechanism: Once you’ve moved your concentrate to the heat source and the oil has vaporized, you’ll need a mechanism for inhaling the vapor. In many cases, glassware is utilized for this purpose, but there are also other ways to inhale CBD concentrate vapor.

With dabbing, it’s possible to vaporize concentrate that consists of virtually 100% CBD.

Different Ways to Dab CBD

Once you’ve chosen to dab CBD, there are several different types of tools you can use to get the job done. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages, and figuring out which way you want to dab CBD is vitally important as you try this highly-concentrated approach for the first time.

1. Dab Rigs

While dabbing CBD is still a relatively new phenomenon, using a dab rig is considered to be the “traditional” way to dab concentrate. There are quite a few different types of dab rigs on the market, but they all follow the same basic principles.

Dab rigs consist of glass pipes that look similar to bongs or water pipes. They have mouthpieces, bases, and areas where you would generally put a bowl if you were using it for other purposes. Instead of bowls, however, dab rigs have nails that serve as the heating elements of these types of dabbing tools. Here’s some basic information on the different types of dab nails that are available:

  • Domed Nails: Domed nails consist of small glass nails that pair with large glass domes. You heat your glass nail with a butane torch, and then you attach the dome before you touch your concentrate-equipped dabber to your nail.
  • Domeless Nails: If you choose a domeless nail, you’ll have to pick between glass, titanium, quartz, and ceramic options. These nails don’t require domes to operate.
  • E-Nails: Instead of relying on a butane torch for heat, e-nails heat up using electricity. These nails are connected to power transformers that plug into the wall, and with some e-nails, it’s possible to control the heat of your nail within increments of 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Dab Pens

Dab pens are portable dabbing tools that look similar to vape pens. They contain batteries and coils that heat up at the touch of a button. With these types of dab rigs, you apply your CBD concentrate directly to the coil and use the button to heat your coil whenever you want to take a dab. Dab pens come in a variety of different shapes, styles, voltages, and battery capacities.

3. Nectar Collectors

Also called dab straws, nectar collectors are some of the simplest types of dab tools on the market. These devices are usually made from glass, metal, or ceramic, and all you need to do to use a nectar collector is heat the tip with a butane torch. Then, simply apply this tip to a chunk of concentrate while you inhale on the other end. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep your concentrate on a heat-resistant surface, like a silicone mat, to avoid the risk of injury or property damage.

What Is CBD Wax?

CBD wax is a type of concentrate derived from CBD-rich hemp flower. This type of concentrate is usually derived through a process called CO2 extraction, which is one of the only pure and safe ways to extract CBD-rich hemp oil from hemp flower.

CBD-rich hemp flower has been bred specifically to be high in CBD and low in THC. While all CBD-rich hemp flower contains tiny, trace amounts of THC, it’s possible to make this THC concentration low enough to completely avoid the risk of experiencing an adverse “high” — or any of the other negative effects associated with THC.

Here at CBDfx, we find that CBD wax is the easiest form of CBD-rich hemp oil concentrate to work with, but there are also a few other forms that CBD concentrate can take. Here’s some basic information on the different types of CBD concentrate that are on the market:

  • CBD Oil Dabs: Oil dabs are viscous, sticky, and more liquid than other types of CBD concentrate. It’s often hard to use all the CBD oil in your concentrate container since it tends to spread out and stick to the edges.
  • CBD Shatter: Shatter, also known as slab, is hard at room temperature. To break up CBD shatter without getting concentrate all over the room, it’s necessary to apply heat. While CBD oil shatter is easy to transport, it tends to leave tiny flakes in your concentrate container that are hard to reclaim.
  • CBD Wax: The wax form of CBD concentrate blends the attributes of CBD shatter and CBD oil dabs into one simple product. While CBD wax isn’t as viscous as CBD oil dabs, it also isn’t as hard and crumbly as CBD shatter, which makes this type of concentrate easy to place on your dabber or suck up with a nectar collector.
  • Pure CBD Crystals: In its isolate form, CBD is crystalline. Pure CBD crystals usually form into a substance that’s similar to CBD shatter.

Dabbing CBD Wax: The Ultimate CBDfx 2019 Guide

Dabbing CBD vs. Vaping CBD: What’s the Difference?

Here at CBDfx, we offer a wide variety of CBD vape products in addition to our CBD concentrate. From CBD vape juice to cannabidiol-infused vape additives to disposable CBD vape pens, we provide our customers with tons of different ways to vape CBD in various different flavors. CBD concentrate and CBD vape juice, however, are quite a bit different from each other, and it’s important to note the differences and similarities between these two product categories as we proceed.

CBDfx CBD Wax consists of nothing but CBD-rich hemp extract and added isolate CBD. This type of product isn’t suitable for use in vape pens, but it’s safe for oral ingestion in addition to being dabbable. CBDfx vape juice, however, consists of CBD oil suspended in vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), which are vape juice bases that make it safe to vaporize CBD-rich hemp oil. VG and PG aren’t suitable for oral consumption.

Different types of tools are required to enjoy CBD vape juice and CBD concentrate, but both of these products produce vapor instead of smoke. While CBD wax and vape juice are more similar than they are different, it’s important to recognize that these product types aren’t fully interchangeable.

Can You Get Pure CBD Concentrate?

It all depends on what you mean by “pure CBD concentrate.” If you’re looking for delicious dabs that contain the best CBD on the market, look no further than our CBDfx CBD Wax. You might encounter issues, however, if you try to dab pure CBD molecules.

When CBD molecules are extracted from CBD-rich hemp oil, they take on a crystalline or powder form. CBD powder and crystals, however, are hard to dab on their own. CBD crystals, also known as CBD slabs or pure CBD shatter, are easier to dab than powder since this type of CBD breaks off into manageable chunks. CBD powder, however, is almost impossible to dab.

Dabbing CBD slab is just about as easy as dabbing other cannabis oils that have been extracted in slab form. Simply heat your dabber or another tool, and slide your tool into your slab to break off a chunk. It’s pretty much only possible to dab CBD isolate powder, however, with a nectar collector. Technically, you could also get your dabber hot and roll it around in your powder, but this approach is messy and complicated.

Generally, it’s easiest to stick with dabbing CBD in wax or oil form. Plus, you might find that dabbing pure isolate CBD doesn’t deliver the results you’re looking for. Aside from CBD, hemp oil contains lots of other terpenes and trace cannabinoids that each have their own special effects.

How to Pick the Best CBD Wax

The current state of limbo in terms of CBD regulation makes it hard to find companies like CBDfx who offer CBD wax that will deliver your desired effects without exposing you to toxins or other harmful substances. That said, here are five tips you can follow to find the best CBD wax despite the industry’s current state of regulatory flux:

1. Check the Form the CBD Concentrate Is In

As we’ve already covered, the different forms of CBD concentrate all have different attributes. Here at CBDfx, we’ve decided that CBD wax is the most stable and simplest type of CBD concentrate to use, and it’s also relatively easy to make sure that CBD wax is free from impurities.

While there are multiple ways to make cannabidiol-rich wax, most types of this concentrate option are made with CO2 extraction, which is the cleanest type of hemp extraction process on the market. Some dabbable CBD oil, on the other hand, is made through butane extraction, which leaves solvents behind that are harmful to your health. It goes without saying that you should avoid these types of solvent-based extractions if at all possible.

2. Find out Which Extraction Methods Were Used

CO2 extraction is the only safe, solvent-free way to produce CBD concentrate. While there are tons of ways to derive CBD-rich hemp oil from cannabis, many of them have serious intrinsic flaws that could end up harming consumers. Butane extraction, for instance, is wasteful and dangerous; and other extraction methods might be even more harmful to your health.

Reputable CBD concentrate producers like CBDfx won’t be shy in declaring the type of extraction process they use loud and clear. If a company doesn’t explicitly state that it uses CO2 to extract its hemp oil, then it probably uses harmful extraction methods instead.

Why doesn’t everybody extract CBD oil with CO2? Because it’s expensive. CO2 extraction facilities themselves represent a significant initial investment for CBD producers, and these facilities take up a large amount of space. For CBD brands that purchase their cannabidiol from mass producers, CO2-extracted CBD costs more, so fledgling companies might choose subpar options instead.

The type of extraction process a company uses to make their CBD can tell you a lot about the relative trustworthiness of that producer. Extracting with CO2 serves as a declaration that a company has the means to procure the best of the best. If a company uses other extraction methods, however, it is likely struggling or doesn’t have the experience in the industry necessary to expend capital on high-end extraction processes. In either case, you shouldn’t trust a CBD brand that doesn’t extract with CO2.

3. Learn About the Hemp from Which the CBD Was Extracted

Just as not all extraction methods are equal, not all hemp is the same quality. Just like any other plant, the quality of a hemp crop depends on the soil in which it was grown, the nutrients that it absorbed, as well as any pesticides or fertilizers to which it was exposed. Every step of the cultivation and harvesting process has an impact on the quality of a hemp crop, which is why it’s vitally important to learn more about the hemp that was used to make your CBD concentrate.

Here at CBDfx, we only use the best USA-grown, non-GMO hemp to produce our CO2-extracted CBD oil. In addition, our hemp farms use organic cultivation processes, which means that our CBD doesn’t contain any harmful pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, or other contaminants. Hemp that’s grown overseas isn’t necessarily worse than domestic hemp, but only hemp that’s grown in the USA is eligible for USDA organic certification.

4. Check the Lab Reports for the CBD Wax

It’s largely up to CBD producers to police themselves and prove that their products are safe for consumption, and the best way to do so is by publishing the results of third-party lab testing.

By hiring an independent lab to test its products, a CBD producer can eliminate any suggestion that nepotism or favoritism might have influenced its lab results. If a CBD company doesn’t offer lab testing information, take this as a sign that the brand has something to hide. There’s no reason to make it hard for consumers to learn more about your products unless you’re cutting corners or otherwise producing subpar products.

Here at CBDfx, we provide up-to-date lab testing information on every CBD product we offer. It isn’t enough to simply test the CBD that goes into your products; to prove to consumers that you’re providing exactly the amount of CBD that you advertise, it’s also necessary to test the concentration of CBD present in your end products.

5. Compare PPMG While Taking Quality into Account

The largely unregulated nature of the CBD industry doesn’t just affect product quality: It also leaves CBD producers free to sell their products for as much as consumers will pay. There’s no standardized pricing in the CBD market, and the cost to buy similar products can often vary widely.

There is, however, a simple calculation that you can perform to determine if you’re getting your money’s worth when you buy CBD wax or another form of CBD concentrate. To determine the price-per-milligram of the product you’re considering, simply divide the total price of the concentrate by the number of milligrams of CBD present in the product. Our CBDfx CBD Wax, for instance, contains 300mg of CBD, and it costs $49.99. Therefore, the PPMG for this product is $0.16, which is well in line with industry standards.

As you check out the PPMG ratios of CBD concentrate products you’re considering, keep in mind that this simple calculation doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the value of a CBD product. Companies that put more time and effort into developing the best products naturally charge a little bit more than corner-cutting competitors, so the cheapest CBD concentrate on the market might not necessarily be the best option at your disposal.

What Makes CBDfx CBD Concentrate Unique?

Instead of sticking with isolate CBD concentrate, we decided to include the full range of terpenes and trace cannabinoids present in hemp in our CBD wax. At the same time, however, we chose to add extra CBD isolate to our CBD wax for increased concentration.

CBD-rich hemp oil has special properties that aren’t present in CBD isolate. Isolated CBD, however, can be more potent than CBD-rich hemp oil since it consists solely of the cannabidiol molecule. Therefore, adding isolate to CBD wax potentially makes this type of CBD concentrate more powerful while keeping the unique properties of CBD-rich hemp oil intact.

Dabbing CBD Wax: The Ultimate CBDfx 2019 Guide

Step-By-Step Guide to Dabbing CBDfx Concentrate Wax

Every dab rig is different, but there are a few simple steps you can follow to dab CBDfx CBD Wax no matter which type of dabber you’re using. Here’s what you should know to get started:

1. Break off a Chunk of Wax

Some experienced dab artists have been known to vape an entire gram of CBD wax at a time. You might rightly think that this approach is excessive, however, and you may choose to stick to dabbing small amounts of CBD wax instead. Technically, each container of CBDfx CBD Wax contains approximately 20 servings, but you can use smaller or larger amounts of wax at your discretion. If you’re using a typical dab tool, simply insert it into your container of wax, and break off a small piece that fits on the tip of the tool.

2. Apply Your CBD Wax to Your Dab Rig’s Heat Source

Next, you’ll need to bring your CBD wax into contact with the heat source in your dabber. If you’re using a traditional dab rig, for instance, you’ll need to lightly touch your dab tool to your rig’s heated nail.

If your nail is heated to the right temperature, it actually isn’t necessary for your wax and your nail to make direct contact. The heat emitted by the nail should be sufficient to vaporize your wax from a distance of around 1-2 millimeters.

3. Inhale Deeply

As the heating element in your dab rig vaporizes your wax, inhale the vapor that is released, then slowly exhale.

4. Make Sure to Cool the Heating Element

After you exhale your CBD vapor, make sure that your heating element has cooled sufficiently. If you’re using an e-nail, you’ll need to turn the nail off or unplug it from the wall. Traditional nails will cool on their own over time, and the coils in dab pens cool almost instantly.

CBD Wax Reviews: Types of Reviews and What You Can Learn

If you’re like most consumers, you turn to reviews to learn more about the benefits and detractors of a product. Here are some examples of the types of CBD wax reviews that are out there and how you can use them to make an informed decision.

CBD Wax Product Reviews

Product reviews are usually short, but when you combine the testimonials contained in multiple reviews, you can start to get an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of a particular product.

CBD Wax Testimonials

Testimonials are generally longer than product reviews, and they may contain personal information regarding a consumer’s relationship with a particular brand or product. You might be able to find these testimonials in social media posts or in special sections of CBD e-commerce websites.

In-Depth CBD Wax Blog Reviews

Consumers who operate blogs commonly provide in-depth reviews of their favorite products. These blog entries can be goldmines of information as you compare and contrast products, and you can often leave comments or ask questions that the blog author will be happy to answer.

Tools for Learning More About the Benefits of Dabbing CBD

1. Research into Dabbing

The major benefit of dabbing is its swift consumption time. Articles have been published explaining why dabbing is one of the most effective methods of consuming CBD, so searching the internet will quickly result in you finding an array of advantages connected to dab rigs.

3. Trying Dabbing CBD for Yourself

There’s nothing like firsthand experience when you’re trying something new. Millions of people around the world have tried CBD for themselves, and you can add to the collective knowledge base regarding the advantages of dabbing CBD if you give this type of CBD product a shot!

Dabbing CBDfx Wax: The Bottom Line

There’s never been a better time to try dabbing CBD wax. Dab rigs get more advanced every year, and the growing popularity of CBD is allowing producers to make better and better products. Here at CBDfx, we want to help you get started with dabbing CBD in any way we can, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Be sure to let us know all about your CBD dabbing experience, and as always, happy dabbing!

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