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April 3, 2019

10 Facts You Need to Know About Disposable CBD Vape Pens



10 Facts You Need To Know About Disposable Cbd Vape Pens

So, you already know you’re interested in the idea of trying CBD, but you aren’t sure which method is best. Well, how does blowing smooth clouds of organic, broad-spectrum CBD wherever you go sound? Customers love our CBD vape pens, and they always want to learn more about what makes our tasty disposable vape products so great. Whether you’re new to vaping or you’re a veteran who can blow vapor rings, the answers to these 10 common questions about our CBD oil vape solutions will give you inside knowledge about just what has made our CBD vape pens some of the most popular options on the market.

1. What Are Disposable CBD Vape Pens?

Disposable CBD vape pens give you all the advantages of vaping non-GMO, vegan CBD without having to worry about messy cartridge refills or confusing technology. When you’re done using one of our Fresh Mint, Tropic Breeze or Strawberry Lemonade vape pens, you can simply throw it away and move on to your next pen.

All our CBD oil vape pens are filled to the brim with broad-spectrum CBD, and they are available in tons of different flavors. No matter which vape flavor you like the most, we have an option you’ll love that offers an elite CBD experience.

2. What Is CBDfx CBD Vape Oil Made From?

We only use the best ingredients to make our CBD disposable vape pens. Our manufacturing process begins by picking out the top disposable vape pen technologies on the market. Then, we blend our proprietary vape juice recipe that has satisfied thousands of people who love CBD and love to vape.

Our CBD oil comes from the best organic hemp farms in the United States. This top-tier Kentucky-grown hemp is non-GMO, and it is never exposed to harmful chemicals like toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

To make sure that our customers don’t inhale any dangerous solvents, we only use CO2 to extract our CBD oil from hemp. It’s especially important to use this safe extraction method when you’re making vape juice.

We mix our CBD extract with reliable and safe ingredients to turn it into one of the best CBD vape oils on the market. Each disposable CBD vape pen contains vegan broad-spectrum CBD, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin to create a stable and effective CBD delivery mechanism. Finally, we add delicious natural flavoring to make our CBD oil vape pens even more enjoyable to use.

3. How Do You Explain Vaping for Beginners?

Even if you’ve never vaped before, it’s easy to learn how to use our CBDfx vape pens for CBD oil. Disposable vape pens are the easiest types of portable CBD oil vaporizers to use; all you need to do is take your pen out of the box, put it in your mouth, and inhale. This is known as “draw activation.”

When you use a disposable CBD vape pen like our Pineapple Express CBD Terpenes Vape Pen, all you need to do to start enjoying the experience of CBD is follow a few simple steps:

  1. Remove the CBD vape pen from its packaging
  2. Insert the end of the vape pen in your mouth
  3. Inhale until you feel vapor entering your mouth
  4. Stop inhaling whenever you feel like you have taken in enough organic CBD
  5. Exhale slowly

Keep in mind that using a CBD oil vape pen might feel strange at first. If you’re new to this, it’s natural to cough a little bit the first few times you use your vape pen as you get used to the feeling of vapor entering your lungs. Don’t be concerned; you’ll acclimate to the feeling of inhaling CBD over time.

4. What Are Your Top Tips for Vaping CBD Oil?

If you aren’t careful, you might waste your CBD by failing to inhale it properly. Here are a few of our top tips for using our CBD oil vape pens effectively:

• Inhale Slowly

It’s especially important to take things slowly when you’re trying one of our disposable CBD vape pens for the first time. Taking your time to inhale at your own pace will give you greater control over the amount of CBD you inhale; nothing’s worse than taking in too big of a puff of CBD only to cough it all up because you bit off more than you could chew.

• Allow the Vapor to Rest in Your Mouth

Before inhaling, allow the vapor to rest in your mouth for a second or two. This step gives the vapor time to fully cool, and it makes the inhalation process smoother and more comfortable. Plus, allowing the vapor to sit in your mouth lets CBD pass through the thin membranes in your mouth and provides you a chance to fully sample the delicious natural flavors that we include with our CBD vape juice.

• Inhale Deeply and Hold

While the alveoli in your lungs should absorb the CBD that you inhale instantaneously, you can hold the CBD vapor in your lungs for a second to two to make sure that every last molecule enters your bloodstream.

5. What Are the Benefits of Disposable Vape Pens for CBD Oil?

With reusable vape pens, you always lose some precious CBD during the refill process. Even if you purchase pre-filled cartridges, you still have to worry about heat element failure and other mechanical issues when you use refillable pens. Our disposable CBD vape pens will last until you inhale your last puff of delicious CBD, and then you can get rid of them without worrying about complicated refills or failing hardware.

Also, you don’t have to worry about battery issues when you use disposable CBD vape pens. The batteries in our CBD oil vape pens are designed to last until there is no more oil in the pen, which means you don’t have to fiddle around with chargers or worry about rechargeable batteries losing capacity.

6. What Are CBD Terpenes Vape Pens?

The products in our popular CBD Terpenes collection aren’t any ordinary CBD oil vape pens. For starters, they contain 50mg of CBD — that’s an extra 20 mg of organic broad-spectrum

CBD when compared to our normal disposable vape pens. They also have special added ingredients that make them more desirable.

These special CBD vape pens are filled with something called natural hemp terpenes. Terpenes are fascinating compounds found in all kinds of plants that add characteristics like scent and taste. When you choose to use one of our CBD Terpenes vape pens, you make sure that you’re experiencing all of the compounds that hemp-derived CBD oil has to offer.

7. What Is the Best CBD Vape Pen for Relaxing?

CBDfx makes no claims that CBD itself will relax you. Many people find that the act of vaping itself is relaxing, giving you a moment to rest and ignore the happenings of the world around you. Naturally, then, you would want a product that is smooth and tasty, which is exactly what you get when you purchase one of our disposable vape pens!

8. What Are the Benefits of Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil Vape Pens?

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all of the natural trace cannabinoids and terpenes that make hemp oil so widely loved. Isolate CBD, on the other hand, only contains pure CBD molecules, which means that you’re consuming virtually nothing else but cannabidiol.

Using a CBD vape pen is one of the best ways to experience broad-spectrum CBD. Most other types of CBD products have to be processed by the digestive system, which naturally removes some of the CBD you ingest before it can be absorbed into your bloodstream. Vaporized CBD, on the other hand, directly enters your lungs and is almost immediately absorbed into your bloodstream with very little reduction in potency.

9. Where Can I Find a CBD Vape Pen near Me?

You can buy your favorite CBD vape pen flavor right here at CBDfx.com. We ship our products to addresses everywhere in the United States, and we stand behind our CBD oil vape pens 100 percent.

If you don’t want to wait to receive your tasty and effective CBD, you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve partnered with hundreds of retailers across the country to offer our products in your favorite smoke shops and natural food stores. When you shop with us at CBDfx, finding the right CBD oil vape pen for you is easy no matter which flavors you like or how potent you want your pen to be.

10. How Do You Pick the Best Disposable CBD Vape Pen?

There are a few different criteria you should look at to make sure that you get the best CBD vape pen on the market. CBD vape pens vary widely in potency and quality from manufacturer to manufacturer, so learning how to tell the good CBD oil vape pens from the bad is an essential part of finding the solution for vaping CBD oil that’s right for you.

• Type of Vape Mechanism

If you want to enjoy CBD with as little difficulty as possible, picking a vape pen with a simple mechanism is a must. Instead of messing around with rechargeable batteries, annoying buttons and messy refillable cartridges, choose a disposable CBD vape pen that won’t cause you any hassle.

• Potency

Some disreputable CBD companies will try to sell you products that don’t contain enough CBD to be useful for your intended purpose. Before you decide on a CBD oil vape pen, make sure that it contains plenty of CBD.

• Broad-Spectrum vs. Isolate CBD

If you’re interested in making the most of the organic hemp plants that we so carefully farmed alongside our partners, you’ll want to pick broad-spectrum products that offer a wider range of compounds and nutrients from the plant.


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