Consider what you’re looking for: if you’re mostly interested in a simple, convenient vehicle for CBD dosing, gummies may be the way to go. If you’re looking for a carefully formulated blend of beneficial oils that contains CBD extract as an ingredient, the oils may be more up your alley.

Looking at the selection on CBDfx is like being a kid in a candy store — the choices are endless. Deciding whether to indulge in CBD oil vs gummies is a matter of personal preference, but there are some advantages to each method. If someone is new to trying CBD, they can understandably get confused at first over what is right for their unique needs. And even though both our oil and gummies have high-quality CBD in them, they do come with some differences worth noting. Ingesting CBD in general has been shown to take a longer period of time to take effect, with a longer period of bioavailability.

While CBD doesn’t cure ailments, it may provide a unique experience that you’ll greatly enjoy incorporating into your lifestyle. Our customers take CBD because it’s a natural substance that offers the nutritive possibilities associated with the hemp plant. CBD isn’t a drug in itself, in either the recreational and pharmaceutical definitions; but it is still anecdotally helping thousands of people worldwide to achieve their preferred lifestyle.

As mentioned, CBD can also be taken in a variety of ways. Still deciding between CBD oil or CBD gummies? Keep reading below to learn whether oil or gummies are right for you.

CBD Oil is Made From The Whole Plant

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. While hemp is commonly associated with marijuana, the two are simply not the same. Hemp doesn’t have THC, the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana that leads to intoxication. That’s a big, important distinction between the two, and the source of confusion that kept CBD from the mainstream until very recently.

In fact, the plant that CBD comes from is one of many kinds of similar plants, all containing cannabinoid chemicals. THC is just one of these kinds of chemicals, while CBD is another. They work on somewhat different pathways, and produce totally different effects despite originating from the same plant.

The latest trend in CBD products is the idea of “full-spectrum” and “broad-spectrum” formulation. This idea suggests that CBD in isolation isn’t necessarily as nutritive as CBD in conjunction with all the other potentially beneficial compounds found in the plant, such as terpenes.

When looking for CBD gummies or CBD oil, you may want to seek out products that are committed to “full-spectrum” or “broad-spectrum” in order to reap the full array of goodies found inside the hemp plant.

CBD Gummies Are Usually Made From Extract

When CBD gummies are made, companies usually extract CBD (isolate or broad-spectrum) from the hemp plant and use that as an ingredient within a traditional gummy bear type of snack. CBD oil, on the other hand, is typically mixed with other ingredients like MCT oil to create a better stand-alone blend.

Consider what you’re looking for: if you’re mostly interested in a simple, convenient vehicle for CBD dosing, gummies may be the way to go. If you’re looking for a carefully formulated blend of beneficial oils that contains CBD extract as an ingredient, the oils may be more up your alley.

In the end, there’s no right or wrong answer here. The best bet is to try both methods and figure out which effect you like the most. In the meantime, we’ll keep giving you as many options as possible to experience CBD the way you want to!


CBD Gummies Take Longer But Have a Stronger Effect


Since gummies need to be digested, they take longer to have an effect. This is totally normal, and some people even prefer the delayed release experience. The flip side of this longer wait time is the fact that users typically report that ingesting CBD results in a stronger effect than other methods of dosing.

That’s because of the way your body works when it digests a substance, introducing lag time before the CBD actually hits your bloodstream. Compare this to using a tincture under the tongue or vaping CBD, both of which will result in a much more immediate effect, although possibly at the expense of potency.

However, you could argue that there’s also less CBD “lost” by ingesting gummies compared to taking it via other methods. While users may have to wait longer for CBD to take an effect – it always ends up being worth it!

CBD Gummies are Eaten; Oil Can Be Used in Many Ways

While our CBD gummies are pretty popular, we know they aren’t always everyone’s preferred way to take CBD. Perhaps you may be on a restrictive diet, or you may have diabetes which means the sugars can risk diabetic shock. In these cases, people may indeed prefer to take CBD oil because it can be used in a wider variety of ways.

For instance, CBD oil can be taken by placing a few drops on the tongue. While this method technically qualifies it as an ingestible, CBD droplets have a purer, more plant-like taste that is much different from the sweet indulgence found in our gummy bears.

CBD oil can also be made into wax for dabs, which provides more of an instant effect. Some people prefer the taste and overall feel of wax dabs compared to vaping or ingesting. That’s fine too — but just remember, there’s a time delay and possible effect change between these methods.

Finally, another advantage of using oil is the fact that you can control the exact amount you’re consuming. It’s predetermined how much CBD goes into a single gummy, and you can only take it in that denomination. However, oil gives you complete control over how much you take.

If you feel like you need more CBD, you can simply take more droplets or vape a little more on top. You’re not locked into a set amount of CBD. Rather, CBD oil gives you the freedom to use however much you want.


Neither Will Get You High, They’re Not Marijuana

The most important thing to remember about CBD is that it isn’t marijuana and will never make you intoxicated. Even though CBD comes from hemp, a member of the cannabis family, it will not get anyone high. CBD is non-intoxicating, non-toxic, and totally safe and legal to use throughout all 50 states.

In fact, CBD is regulated by the federal government as a legal substance. It doesn’t violate any laws. However, retailers can be in violation of FDA laws if they market it in certain ways, because we’re still uncovering the research behind this amazing compound, and it’s too soon to make any bold claims or statements about its direct effects. That’s why you won’t hear CBDfx say things like “take our CBD gummies for anxiety” or “use our CBD oil for pain” — these would be irresponsible claims to make, because science has not conclusively found these things to be true yet.

To Decide Between CBD Oil vs Gummies, Just Choose What Works For You

The best way to know whether you should choose CBD oil or gummies is by just figuring out how you want to take it through trial and error. The CBD oil vs gummies debate revolves around the different things people value in their lifestyle. For people who value using CBD easily, they tend to lean towards oil; people who want it to be stronger tend to use gummies.

Neither is “wrong”, and all it comes down to is how you want to try CBD! If you have any more questions about CBD, be sure to contact us. We’re experts in CBD, will be able to help guide you through the exciting and always evolving landscape of CBD products.