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May 19, 2020

Getting Back Into Shape After Quarantine



Getting Back In Shape After Quarantine

Working out is hard; working out during a pandemic is even harder! Here are a few ways that you can bounce back from inactivity after quarantine!

By: Paaez Coleman

One of the many challenges of quarantine has been maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Gyms have been closed for the last couple of months, and we’ve all had to be a little creative with our workouts – if you’ve done them at all! If you haven’t, that’s totally understandable; it’s difficult to find the motivation to workout at home, because it just doesn’t have the same vibe as the gym. Seeing everyone else pumping iron, sweating and putting in work allows you to get motivated and go all in!

If all of this is resonating with you, don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you get back into the swing of things and get that much-needed exercise in! Here are a few ways you can get back into shape after quarantine:

Start Slow & Be Consistent

You should start at a slower pace for a few reasons. First off, if you haven’t been very active lately, you don’t want to shock your muscles. You could pull something, injure yourself or create some other discomfort that could lead to even longer periods of inactivity. Secondly, it’s best to start slow and build a routine that works for you, so that you can be consistent. Consistency is going to be your best friend when it comes to seeing gains through exercising. It’s only through a combination of hard work and consistent repetition that you’re going to see the transformation that you’ve always dreamed about. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson didn’t get the way he is overnight; hard work and consistency got him where he is now!

All in all, you don’t want to hurt yourself, swear off “working out” for another 6 months and turn to Netflix for comfort. So, make it a point to determine what time of day works best for workouts, as well as how long they should last each day. Ideally, beginners should shoot for 15-30 minutes of exercise at a time, depending on your fitness level. It’s far too easy to be “eager” the first few days of your new workout routine, burn yourself out and completely fall off track. 


Some of us have always had a love-hate relationship with the gym. We’d wander around trying to look as if we know what we’re doing compared to die-hard gym folks. We’d often wonder, are we actually using the machines properly? Are people looking our way because we’re not using them correctly? Since we don’t have the “luxury” of gyms and the bounty of equipment that comes along with them, we have to get a little creative and figure out alternatives. 

We still have one saving grace: the internet! That’s right, you have multitudes of workout options available to you on YouTube. Simply type in “leg day” workouts, “ab workouts” or even “quick 10 minute workouts”, and you’ll be able to get your daily exercise in from the comfort of your living room. You can even step it up a bit, invest in some equipment and incorporate some free weights or workout bands to really get the most out of your at-home workout. Even if you just start with a quick 15-minute workout every other day, you can start to build up your motivation, tolerance and skill level!

A gentle warning: if you’ve been inactive for some time, you will be sore the next day. However, don’t look at this as a bad thing! When you feel your muscles aching, think of it as your muscles telling you you’re doing something right! You should also incorporate our latest Muscle & Joint Cream into your workouts. Along with containing CBD concentrations up to 1000mg, this cream also includes the natural healing properties of white willow bark, menthol and caffeine. This cream packs a powerful topical punch that allows you to avoid post-workout discomfort. It makes working out that much easier, because you’ll look forward to massaging this amazing cream into your muscles before and after exercising!

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Walking & Running

As simple as it sounds, walking and running are extremely underrated forms of exercise, and they’re sometimes overlooked as viable exercise options. It could be that many of us just don’t like running; we don’t enjoy that stinging, itchy sensation that shoots up and down our legs after about 10 minutes. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to run, you can just implement some interval training. You can do this by combining walking with short stints of running to increase the intensity of your walk. This type of interval training actually burns more fat than your average steady pace cardio. The beauty of this type of combination cardio is that it still works for you after you’re done. In fact, your body is still going to burn fat for another 24 hours!

If you need a little more motivation to get up and take a walk around the block, you should enjoy a CBD Chill Shot approximately 30 minutes before you plan on heading out. A CBDfx Chill Shot contains 200mg of L-Theanine, so you can experience a natural boost of energy that’ll fuel your power walk through the neighborhood. It also contains 20mg of full spectrum CBD to provide the wellness boosts that help you execute your new interval training routine with ease. Who knows, you might even make two laps around the neighborhood after your chill shot!

Healthy Diet

Ahhhh, a balanced, healthy diet who has actually maintained while being stuck indoors? It’s all too tempting to have “one more cookie” or a bag of Cheetos for breakfast when every day starts to blend into the next one. So, if you haven’t tightened up your diet yet, let’s do it together! Obviously, it’s okay to treat yourself and enjoy the things you love most, but everything is better in moderation. Make sure you’re maintaining a balanced diet that contains an abundance of leafy greens, whole grains, nuts and proteins as well as any other “healthy” options that make you smile!

You can also start cooking all your meals for the week on Sundays and measure out your portions/meals for the whole week. This can take the guesswork out of mealtime and ensure that you keep yourself on a healthy, wellness-oriented course! If you want to step it up a notch and really ensure that you’re getting those essential nutrients and vitamins, you should include our Men’s and Women’s CBD Multivitamin in your daily wellness routine. Our Men’s Multivitamin contains Vitamins A, E and B6, and our Women’s formula contains Vitamins A, C and B12. These vitamins are essential for functions such as maintaining proper vision, preventing certain illnesses, boosting your immune system and so much more! Our CBD Multivitamins also contain 10mg of organically-sourced CBD per serving to improve your daily quality of life!  

So, there it is…you can whip yourself right back into shape by implementing these simple tips into your own life. Sure, things are very different right now, but it won’t last forever. To be honest, times like this build character and resilience! So, get creative, get motivated and prepare your body/mind for the greatness that’s coming your way!

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The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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