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June 16, 2020

How To Use CBD To Tackle A Phobia

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CBDfx Team

How To Use CBD To Tackle A Phobia

Many of us have phobias that present themselves daily. Here are some ways in which you can use CBD for the perfect wellness boost at times like these!

By: Jon Huffman-Eddy

Let’s be real: there’s pretty much a phobia for everything, and chances are you’ve got a least one. Life’s just weird like that. To this day, the scientific community’s understanding of how phobias are manifested is limited. They can come from personal experience, from viewing the experiences of others, or can even be inherited from past generations, where it’s simply coded into our genes to be afraid of needles, flutes and poetry – yes, these are real phobias.

Our ability to name the source of our fears is, historically, something humans are pretty bad at. Take, for example, anatidaephobia, which is an absolutely un-pronounceable word for perhaps the most entertaining phobia of them all: the fear of being watched by a duck. If you’ve ever found yourself frightened by Daffy or Donald, or been afraid that the rubber ducky in your bath is just waiting for the right moment to pounce, you’re not alone. Figuring out exactly why that odd little lipless smile is so frightening is another story. 

Yes, while some phobias can be a little silly or easily avoidable, others are a lot more serious, and no matter which of them you may deal with, they can be a major distraction when trying to enjoy your everyday life. While we’re not qualified to say where phobias come from, we here at CBDfx are happy to offer some ways you can use CBD to tackle the challenges they present.

#1. The Sneak Attack

The annoying thing about phobias is you’re never quite sure when they’re going to pop up. One second you’re enjoying a beautiful hike along a new trail. The birds are singing, the trees are all vibrant green, and the trail below you is soft and well-cleared. You round a bend and all of a sudden, there it is: your worst nightmare, covering the whole clearing. It’s the dreaded fern (see Pteridophobia)!

CBD Gel Capsules are a wonderful ally in this particular fight. Each of these provides 25mg of full spectrum CBD hemp oil and will be effective in your system over a long period of time. Because they’re activated in your digestive tract, these allow a slow release throughout the day, so wherever you go, and no matter what surprises might pop up, you’ll be ready with the wellness powers of CBD. 

Another crafty way of ensuring you’re guarded against the pitfalls of certain phobias is to carry this CBD Vape Kit with you. With this by your side, you’ll not only have your favorite flavor vapor with you, but also fast-acting access to wellness. 

#2. The Social Foray

Even if you don’t have Globophobia, also known as the fear of balloons, birthday parties can be a struggle, especially if there are relatives involved (see Syngenesophobia). If these types of gatherings tend to set you a little off-kilter, as phobias are known to do, we recommend adding some CBD Original Red Gummies to your day. This way, you can have something sweet to enjoy while also experiencing a lovely broad spectrum CBD. 

The beautiful thing about broad spectrum CBD is that you still get to enjoy the entourage effect of all the hemp plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes working together, without any THC. As a standard, any CBD product you use, especially if you get it from us, is going to have no more than .03% THC content. With a broad spectrum CBD hemp extract, we take extra steps to eliminate the lingering THC, while still leaving all of the hemp plant’s other unique compounds intact. Rest assured, all you’ll be experiencing is the wonderful effects of CBD and its equally enticing friends! 

#3. Productive Productivity

One of the most debilitating phobias that we’ve come across, especially if your job doesn’t involve riding unicorns or exploring the world’s oceans, is Ergophobia: the fear of work. You know what you need to do, you’ve got your tasks all lined up, a cup of coffee in your hand; something stops you from completing your daily tasks in a more favorable manner. It’s the work itself that’s stopping you, the typing itself, the putting one boot in front of the other. Seemingly everyone struggles with this at one point or another, whether it’s due to being new to a certain type of job or the result of serious wear & tear.

We understand how difficult it is to be in a position such as this, and we also know how nice it sounds to just take a break. One way to escape momentarily from your everyday worklife is to enjoy a couple drops of our tasty 1000mg tincture under your tongue. Sublingual applications such as this have a high bioavailability and take effect much more quickly than if you were to enjoy the same amount of CBD in the form of a gummy. With a CBD tincture at your side, your day-to-day life at work is going to be much, much better! 

#4. The World at Large

Of course, it isn’t just the workplace and other specialized locations like hiking trails and birthday venues that present difficult situations to navigate. If you’re simply a human walking through life trying to mind your own business, there are a myriad of pitfalls that you’re susceptible to suffering from when it comes to phobias. 

Sometimes it seems like you just can’t win. You could meet the person of your dreams online and come to find that when you meet them in person, they’ve grown a beard (Pogonophobia). Realizing this phobia in you, the person could provide you with some empathy and shave their beard, only to remind you of your most pervasive phobia: the fear of chins!

It’s hard out there, and as long as phobias exist, you’re going to need ways to work around the ones that affect you most. No matter what challenges stand before you, we at CBDfx are proud to stand by you in any way we can, especially when it comes to fulfilling all your CBD needs!

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The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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