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Berry CBD Chill Shot – 20mg


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This Berry Chill Shot packs 20mg of organically grown, full-spectrum CBD. Just twist the cap off and gulp it down for a deliciously chill moment whenever you feel like you need it!

  • broad spectrum Broad Spectrum CBD 20mg
  • l theanine 200mg of L-Theanine; an amino acid found in green tea and chamomile
  • protein With Vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc
  • customer favorite Available in Lemonade & Berry Flavor
  • non gmo ND-THC*

CBD Drink – Berry CBD Chill Shot – 20mg

WHY 20mg? We think that 20mg is the perfect amount of CBD for a Chill Shot, and it provides just the right level of indulgence for a cool, midday CBD treat.

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF: You want to enjoy a quick, ready-to-go refresher during the day that’s tasty and simple to consume. Besides CBD, this Chill Shot is rich in vitamins and nutrients that help you feel your very best. Our Chill Shot contains 200mg of L-Theanine, an intriguing amino acid.

WHY CBDFX? Our CBDfx Berry Chill Shot contains only the best and purest CBD that Mother Nature has to offer. We’re proud to use nothing but organic, full-spectrum CBD that’s extracted using a clean CO2 method. Each batch is carefully tested by a third-party lab for quality and purity.

HOW DO I USE IT? Simply twist off the cap and drink it down. This shot can be consumed at any time of day. It’s suggested that you drink it all at once.


  • 20mg CBD per 2oz. bottle
  • 200mg of L-Theanine per 2oz. bottle
  • Full-spectrum CBD from organically farmed hemp
  • No cheap filler ingredients
  • cGMP-certified and made in the USA

I've never tried a CBD beverage. What can I expect?

Our CBDfx Berry Chill Shot tastes great and is a fantastic way to chill out at key points during your day. You’ll enjoy a mild to moderate serving of CBD that many of our customers use to improve their quality of life.

Is 20mg CBD enough for me to feel relief from my symptoms?

To be clear, CBDfx does not make any claim, statement, or suggestion that you can use this CBD drink for anxiety, use this CBD beverage for pain, or use it for any other symptom.

Is the CBDfx Berry Chill Shot as effective as vaping CBD?

Even though the Chill Shot contains a low to medium serving of CBD, ingesting it still offers you a decent level of bioavailability compared to vaping CBD. Because our CBD is broad-spectrum and organic, each and every milligram is loaded with the hemp plant’s natural properties. Rest assured you’re getting an extremely high quality product when you order the Berry Chill Shot.

What are some of the benefits of drinking the CBDfx Berry Chill Shot?

Our CBDfx Berry Chill Shot offers bioavailability that challenges even vape pens, so you’ll potentially feel the CBD much faster than you would with other edibles. It is also infused with L-Theanine, an amino acid that possesses its own set of interesting properties.

Can I take the CBDfx Berry Chill Shot every day?

All existing evidence supports the fact that CBD is safe to take on a daily basis regardless of serving size. CBD is also considered non-toxic and non-psychoactive. Therefore, you can feel comfortable taking our CBDfx Chill Shot each day.

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Isaac G. Verified Buyer

Great taste and very calming.

Great taste and very calming. I would definitely recommend it for those looking for something subtle and not overwhelming.


Shauna Verified Buyer

Good taste and put it

Good taste and put it in the refrigerator for coolness on a hot day. Last 6-8 hours too!!


Lee H. Verified Buyer

Sweet taste not better and

Sweet taste not better and works.


Chris R. Verified Buyer




Julie D. Verified Buyer

Great tasting. Helps after a

Great tasting. Helps after a long day at work. Gives a relaxed but not tired feeling


Sonni R. Verified Buyer


This probably had the best flavor out of each one that I have tried. I had my mom try it as well and she asked me to order more! GREAT BUY


Bernadette S. Verified Buyer

Love the flavor



Dylan L. Verified Buyer

Wasn’t too bad

I liked it. It made me feel good and calmed me down for the night. But the taste is a little hard to get past. Other than the taste though, it’s a great product!!


Misty H. Verified Buyer

Perfect Midday Helper!

I love these! I am a nurse and they help my pain and anxiety in the middle of a shift! Bought more!


Camille M. Verified Buyer


You can really chill out with this chill shot!
The berry doesn’t taste so good, compared to the lemonade, but the effect is great.
I’ve bought these more than once.


Mike Verified Buyer

Q: Does this come in bundle packs linke the lemon

Answer (1)
cbdfx team
CBDfx Team

A: Hi Mike, Thank you for your question, at this time we do not offer the Berry chill shots in a bundle.
The Team at CBDfx

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