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CBD Massage Oil 500mg

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Bring the spa right into your home with Rejuvediol Massage Oil with 500mg of CBD. Featuring skin-softening essential oils like jojoba and evening primrose, feel the tension melt away.

  • Broad Spectrum CBD 500mg
  • Release tension with effective natural botanicals
  • Soften skin with essential oils like jojoba & evening primrose
  • Spa-quality ingredients
  • ND-THC*

CBD Massage Oil 500mg – Rejuvediol™

Everyone deserves the chance to experience relief when they’re feeling encumbered by achy discomfort. Now, with Rejuvediol CBD Massage Oil by CBDfx, you can treat yourself to a spa-like experience any time you want!

Rejuvediol™ is formulated to be non-greasy, delightfully aromatherapeutic, and all-natural. It checks all the boxes of responsible CBD production, including organic hemp farming, clean CO2 extraction, and third-party purity testing. This massage oil is non-GMO, cruelty-free, phthalate free, totally vegan and paraben free. At CBDfx, we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver you the purest and most ethically crafted product possible.

This proprietary, naturally-scented dry oil formula is loaded with the kinds of superior ingredients found at all the best luxury day spas. You’ll feel areas of discomfort start to finally relax, enveloped in soothing scents, as your skin soaks up much-needed hydration. Truly, Rejuvediol™ needs to be experienced to be understood.

Rejuvediol’s™ ingredients are not only aromatic, but they also work to improve your skin’s appearance. Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E and A, providing important building blocks for your skin to be as healthy as possible. Jojoba oil fights physical ailments and can even help sufferers of skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea thanks to its E and B-complex vitamins. Rosehip oil can help improve collagen levels, and is another vitamin A powerhouse.

What’s a good massage without a substantial aromatherapeutic experience to go along with the tension release? Peppermint oil will open up your sinuses and help you feel refreshed, while bergamot oil provides a zesty orange-like scent that invigorates and recharges you. Rosemary oil swaddles you in an evergreen, herbaceous aroma that immediately whisks you out of the city and into nature. We believe that a great massage oil should treat your senses as well as your muscles!

From skin care benefits to a boost of broad spectrum CBD, and even aromatherapy, Rejuvediol™ massage oil has it all. So go ahead, treat yourself to that resort experience without leaving the comfort of your own home. Your body will thank you!

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Suzanne J. Verified Buyer

I was shocked!!

I have HAD back pain for many years. My back spasms are so painful! One day, My husband bought this fx/cbd rejuvediol dry message oil.I said Thank you, but its a gimmick, it wont work for my chronic pain. Later that evening my back, with no warning, went into muscle spasms, its so painful it takes my breath away. My husband rubbed this oil on my back. I sat down and in a few minutes my husband noticed my mobility improve. He asked me how my back more pain!! I was shocked that it really worked! I highly recommend!!


Sandi B. Verified Buyer

I use this oil as

I use this oil as my go-to choice for my massage clients who need pain relief. The combination of ingredients is incredible.
I can also put a few drops in my cupped hands to smell and feel instantly relaxed.
A great product!


Chakameh G. Verified Buyer




Jeff B. Verified Buyer

Great buy!

Great buy!


Jennifer C. Verified Buyer

Great Product

I am a massage therapist and I usually use lotions because of how messy oils can be but this oil is very absorbent and effective. The smell is great as well.


Karen W. Verified Buyer


This is lovely after a bath for a total sense of well-being. Love it!


Nhu E. Verified Buyer

It feels really nice.

It feels really nice.


Kathleen S. Verified Buyer

This Company

I have purchased 3 different items from this company. All full spectrum and I couldnt be more pleased with everything. The ordering, and the shipping were so easy. I even checked prices against other companies and this was company was worth every hard earned dollar. I use these products for my arthritis which Is very bad.


Chris T. Verified Buyer

Great stuff!

Would definitely recommend this to anyone who has muscle pain or stiffness.


Hope G. Verified Buyer


Delicate and delightful smell. Soothing and relaxing.


Yesii Verified Buyer

Q: ¿El massage oíl se puede usar para un masaje en las Sienes?

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hola Yesii,

Nuestro aceite de masaje definitivamente se puede usar en las sienes. Por favor, háganos saber si tiene alguna otra pregunta o inquietud. Gracias.

Team CBDfx

Nancy Verified Buyer

Q: What is the cbd hemp mg in this massage oil and is ok to use on hands or face ? Thank you

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hey Nancy,

Attached below is a copy of a full Lab report to show the amount of THC in our massage oil. You may also use this on your hands although we recommend using our CBD face Oil Serum specifically made for your face. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you.

Team CBDfx

Rebecca Verified Buyer

Q: Is there samples I can try. My two year old son has horrible eczema. I’m tired of spending 50 dollars on products that don’t work. I have a cupboard full of creams topicals oils that just don’t work. If the sample works I’m all about spending the fifty dollars on the product.

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hi Rebecca, We don't have samples of the balm, but one of our employees had terrible eczema on her hand and used the shea butter citrus balm and completely resolved her issue. We cannot recommend a product for minors so please speak to the family physician to get an ok. Give that a try and let us know.
The Team at CBDfx

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