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CBD Oil For Pets – Medium Breeds 500mg


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HIgh-quality CBD oil for dogs made to the same exacting standards as our human tinctures. Now with the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin. Perfect for medium-sized breeds that are 20 to 60lbs.

  • Broad spectrum CBD 500mg
  • With natural bacon flavor
  • With curcumin for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Human-grade & Vegan

MCT Oil, CBD Rich Hemp Oil, Curcumin, Natural Flavor

500mg CBD Oil for Dogs and All Pets (Medium Breed)

Want to show your pooch some love? Here’s your chance—check out our vegan, bacon-flavored Pet Tinctures (500mg) for medium-sized breeds (20lbs – 60lbs). Extracted from organic, non-GMO hemp, infused with anti-inflammatory Curcumin, and finished with a healthy splash of all-natural bacon flavor, our medium-strength Pet Tincture delivers long-lasting wellness for medium-sized dogs (20lbs – 60lbs)!


Did you know humans aren’t the only animals who can enjoy CBD? In fact, dogs and cats can, too! If you’re interested in giving your pet CBD, start here. Our human-grade Pet Tinctures are made with some of the finest, high-quality ingredients on the planet, with a commitment to providing product transparency and the same high standards of the CBD products used by you and me.


Whether your pooch is high-energy or highly-anxious, even dogs can experience the benefits of high-quality CBD for an improved state of wellness and calm.

For easier imbibing, our pet tinctures come in bottles that are small and compact, allowing it to be taken with you anywhere. Regardless of your location, your pet will always be able to enjoy a heaping helping of CBD! Additionally, our pet tinctures utilize MCT oil which promotes better CBD absorption within your pup’s body—increasing the overall effect of your pet’s CBD.

And bonus, it tastes like bacon.


Lots of CBD goodness! Combining pure, organic, and cleanly-extracted CBD, with coconut-derived MCT Oil for improved absorption, we’ve added the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Curcumin, for an added boost of doggy wellness—and just for kicks, a delicious all-natural infusion of bacon flavor. 

Now, who’s hungry?


  • Broad Spectrum CBD 500mg Per 30ml bottle
  • 100% Organic, Non-GMO 
  • Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant Curcumin
  • Vegan with all-Natural Bacon Flavor
  • Grown in the U.S.A.

How do I give this CBD tincture to my pet?

Simple, give your pooch a few drops—or the whole dropper—and adjust after observing the effects. You can experiment what serving your pet likes most, but we recommend you start small and gradually increase if necessary.Some dogs enjoy taking a tincture right from the plastic dropper, while others prefer it added to food, water or a favorite treat.

Is CBD safe for pets?

CBD is completely safe for your pets to consume in the same way that it’s safe for your consumption. The effects of CBD come from its ability to stimulate the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in the body’s ability to process certain functions.These organic systems are found in every mammal on earth, meaning that many animals also possess it. This system is something that we share with our pets, and the differences are small enough that the effects of CBD on a human and the effects on an animal are extremely similar.

How much CBD oil should I give my pets?

There is no clear-cut number that will tell you how much CBD you should be giving your pets. You should follow similar steps as those that you would follow when consuming your own CBD oil. Our Pet Tinctures are formulated for small (250mg), medium (500mg) and large size (1000mg) breeds.These estimated servings are meant to set an average size that will be adequate for those falling between novice and moderate CBD usage. Those who have used CBD products for years and have had time to build a tolerance to it will likely need to determine their own personal serving size.

Where do I buy CBD oil for my pets locally?

Purchasing CBD oil locally for your pets can be tricky. Many companies are dissuaded from stocking up on CBD products and selling them to their customers. While CBD is safe for your animal, you likely will not find CBD products in their stores.The best thing that you could do is go online and research the smaller stores in your area that may carry the products. Places such as animal boutiques and clinics may carry CBDfx CBD oils. These stores often are not parts of chains and have a bit more freedom to select the items that they offer to their customers. Certain websites will help you search for stores that carry CBD oil for pets near you as well, making it even easier to identify places of interest.

What's the difference between human CBD and pet CBD?

The major difference between your CBD and your pet’s CBD is that a product geared toward pets is going to provide a concentration of CBD more suited to their size and weight. Cannabidiol intake varies from person to person, as well as from animal to animal.One big factor in determining adequate CBD serving size is weight. Someone who weighs more is going to need more CBD in order to feel the same effects as someone who is lighter. Similarly, height can play a part in the effectiveness of CBD on humans and animals. A grandmother and a professional wrestler will be consuming different serving sizes of CBD, and comparisons like this can be made for animals as well.For these reasons, the CBD provided to your pet and the CBD provided to you are of very different concentrations.

When it comes to pet CBD, how much should use per pound?

There is no universal CBD serving size for animals or humans. The concentration and volume of CBD that your pet consumes is determined primarily by their weight. Unlike humans, pets are unable to vocalize the way that CBD is affecting them, so this manner of estimating their personal serving sizes is not feasible.Weight, then, becomes the universal measuring tool for establishing how much CBD an animal should have. The amount of CBD increases in relation to the weight of the animal, meaning that a larger, heavier animal is going to require a much larger serving of CBD than one that is smaller and lighter. Height can also be used as an indicator of CBD intake, and can be treated in a similar fashion.

Why does pet CBD come in different mg?

Questions surrounding the difference of mg—or milligrams—in CBD products for pets are the same as those surrounding CBD concentration. The amount of milligrams of CBD in a product is often portioned according to the type of animal that the product is being geared toward.Some products are filled with CBD, while others contain almost none. Those with high concentrations are usually designed with larger animals in mind. If you own a large animal and are searching for a CBD product that will satisfy it, these are the ones you should be looking into. The reverse could be said for products with low concentration. These are ideal for smaller animals whose weights signal that they do not require much CBD in order to feel its effects.

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Melissa R. Verified Buyer

So thankful!

Our 4 year old beagle started having seizures this year and just recently his hips started bothering him. Within a day of adding this to his food he is back to playing and jumping on the couch. Praying that this is the answer for his seizures too!


Ryan S. Verified Buyer

Great Pet CBD

I have been using CBDfx myself for some time and have been very pleased with the results. One of our dogs has a small limp from a knee injury and his vet suggested he try CBD as well. He loves the taste (we apply it on top of his food) and has been much more playful after a week of continuous usage. We are very pleased with the results and so is he!


Michael C. Verified Buyer

It’s only a little over

It’s only a little over a week and both of my Corgis seem better. My 10 year old has hip issues and my 6 year old has anxiety issues.
I’m hoping in the next couple weeks They continue to improve


Gage B. Verified Buyer

Helping my beagle

Ive been giving him only one serving a day for his arthritis, in addition to other chews but this really seems to help


Alethia G. Verified Buyer

My pup really groans when

My pup really groans when he stretches or gets up from a nap, this CBD oil seems to be helping him with those pains, he groans a whole lot less now!


Daniellea C. Verified Buyer

Manage fear

I rescued my dog. She was terrified of going outside; this helps by making the fear manageable.


Emali B. Verified Buyer

I give my dog half

I give my dog half a dropper each meal (once in the morning and once at night). She used to bark at almost any sound she heard, but now she barks at only a few of them. She is also more likely to sleep soundly than before.


Emily R. Verified Buyer

Old Dog Back To Puppy Days

My dog takes it without complaint! Hes back to being the bounding pup of his youth! I love it! He runs and jumps all over the place now! You can tell his back doesnt hurt like it used too. So 10/10 on the effect that it has had on him. thank you cbdfx for giving me my puppy back! Please try this on your pups! You will see a huge difference.


Samantha L. Verified Buyer

Highly recommend

We have had a great deal of success using this product to calm our very energetic dog during his separation training. Would highly recommend!


Robin C. Verified Buyer

CBD oil for anxious dog

My Belgian Malinois girl is very anxious. This oil seems to help her relax.


Kim Verified Buyer

Q: Have a 12 year old dog with pain from age and cancer. Will this product help? Thanks

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hey Kim,

I am very sorry to say that due to FDA rulings we are not able to comment on what CBD can do for an individual's ailments. There are, however, quite a lot of information available online where you may be able to find others with the same types of ailments and see how CBD has worked out for them. Thank you.

Team CBDfx

Debbie W. Verified Buyer

Q: Hi there... Was wondering if cbd oil works in dog's with lymphoma? My baby has it, i'm giving him the cbd. But not sure of dosage and if it even helps with lymphoma. I'm just doing anything to keep him comfortable, and I read all the reviews but didn't see a review on cancer. just wondering. can't hurt i guess.

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hey Debbie,

I am very sorry to say that due to FDA rulings we are not able to comment on what CBD can do for an individual's ailments. Please keep in mind that you have a 30-day warranty on this item if by any chance it does not work out for your pet. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you.

Team CBDfx

Tracy Verified Buyer

Q: My JRT weighs 24 lbs and has arthritis pain. How much should I give him AND how long will a bottle last?

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hey Tracy,

In general, we suggest giving half to a full dropper. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Team CBDfx

Genine Verified Buyer

Q: Hi i have a 26lb, 11yr old DOGGIE with tick fever, arthritis and cataract. He currently just mopes around in a DEPRESSED sort of way. He is on meds for the tick fever however his appetite is gone so getting him to take the meds is an issue for me. Will this oil improve his appetite and his mood etc?

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hey Genine,

I am very sorry to say that due to FDA rulings we are not able to comment on what CBD can do for an individual's ailments. There are, however, quite a lot of information available online where you may be able to find others with pets that suffer from the same types of ailments and see how CBD has worked out for them Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Team CBDfx

KAREN Verified Buyer

Q: What do you RECOMMEND FOR dogs under 20 lbs?

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hey Karen,

We have posted a link below for a quick reference to our CBD Pet Tinctures for small Breeds. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you

Team CBDfx

Victoria G. Verified Buyer

Q: Is this good for anxiety? My dog i got from an adoption center n he has high anxiety.

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hey Victoria,

am very sorry to say that due to FDA rulings we are not able to comment on what CBD can do for an individual's ailments. There are, however, quite a lot of information available online where you may be able to find others with the same types of ailments and see how CBD has worked out for them. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you.

Team CBDfx

Sharon Verified Buyer

Q: Inre: 300 mg (medium breed) CBD oil. My rescue border collie mix is 35 lbs. If 1/2 dropper (.5 ml) = 25 mg (hemp extract + [email protected]), am I correct in assuming the initial (base) dosage should be 1/2 dropper per day? Also, approximately how fast should I expect the dose to take effect and how long should I expect it to last? In other words, if .5 ml is given at 9 a.m., is a second .5 ml dose appropriate @ 9 p.m.? Or is that .5 ml for 24 hours? Thank you!

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hey Sharon,

It is hard for us to say exactly how much your furry loved one will need as everyone is a little different. We suggest to start off with 1/2 of a dropper (.5 milliliter) and monitor your pet to see how well it seems to be working. You can increase this as needed the next day to see if the desired results are found. Everyone is so different, both humans and pets, that there is not standard of exactly how much should be administered or how often per day. Your pet should be absolutely fine though if you were to give .5 milliliters in the morning and .5 milliliters in the evening. In general, the individual should start seeing some results about 1 hour after taking the CBD oil but this can vary between individuals. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Tea CBDfx

Bobby Verified Buyer

Q: Hi where is this product made/manufactured?

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hey Bobby,

Our products are manufactured in Los Angeles California. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you.

Team CBDfx

Robert M. Verified Buyer

Q: I have a older senior pomeranian and 4th of July is very near she is so scared of the sounds will this stuff work for her ?

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Due to FDA reasons, we are not allowed to make any claims of what CBD may help with. Therefore we suggest you contact your pet's vet just to be safe for your pet of course. Although I would like to mention I personally use our CBD 600mg as I do have large dogs and they are seniors as well. I have noticed the CBD does calm my dog a lot, although every pet does react differently to CBD. Therefore I do suggest you might want to try our 150 series or 300 series as your pomeranian is a senior. We recommend starting off with a couple of drops just to see how your pet reacts, if you see that it is not a good fit for your pet you may return the item in 30 days although it does have to have a good amount of product in the bottle left. We hope this helped.

Bonnie P. Verified Buyer

Q: Is this full spectrum or isolate?

Answer (1)
CBDfx Team

A: Hey Bonnie,

All of our Tinctures are Full Spectrum products. We have attached a full lab report for the Pet CBD Oil 300mg. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you.

Team CBDfx

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