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February 24, 2020

Ways To Incorporate CBD Into Your Bachelor Party



Ways To Incorporate Cbd Into Your Bachelor Party

On a night highlighted by raucous partying and memories that may or may not be best left forgotten, CBD could be the perfect fit!

By: Jacob La Cava

So, you finally did it; you found someone who you connected with on a level that surpasses all others. You found your soulmate, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and in no time at all you found yourself proposing in one of those sappy ways that you knew she’d love. It doesn’t matter that the two of you met in the middle of a massive brawl at the Las Vegas Taco Bell Cantina at 4am; the love here is real.

With the date set and plans moving forward, there’s just one thing left for you to do: throw a successful bachelor party! While you could stick to some of the more popular bachelor party activities – pub crawl, strip club, marathon-ing the Lord of the Rings and taking a shot every time a dwarf does something grumpy – why not try out some fun, CBD-infused ideas?

Here are a few ways in which you can boost your bachelor party with help from the high-quality CBD products right here at CBDfx:

#1. Chillest Shots You’ll Ever Try

Regardless of what you choose to do for your bachelor party, two things must always be present for at least part of the function: chill bros and even chiller booze. Whether its a glass of whiskey chilled to absolute perfection, or a beer can punctured on one side and lifted to the heavens so that you can chug its contents like you’re a deep sea monster gobbling up the crew of a submarine, alcohol is bound to follow you throughout your bachelor party festivities. Normally, this will lead to the initiation of some drinking game, either one that’s well-established already or one that you and your buddies drunkenly made up on the fly.

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to drinking games, and that applies to both the rules of the games and the drinks that you enjoy during them. Maybe you don’t feel like killing another Triple IPA, but your friends are sadists and that’s the only beer they brought. Instead of immediately hopping from beer to hard alcohol, you could simply switch over to CBD Chill Shots. Chill shots are a tasty way to get some quick servings of CBD, and they come in two fruity flavors that you’re sure to appreciate after putting your poor taste buds through all that beer abuse. You can use them as shots or drink them more slowly, giving you two options when playing your drinking game of choice.

#2. Blind Taste Testing Tinctures

This is another way that you can infuse CBD oils with drinking games. Most drinking games can be characterized by two common goals: drinking as much/little as possible over the course of the game and asserting yourself as the champion by beating out all the other players. If a drinking game were to forget one of these key aspects, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. One interesting subsection of these games is those that consist of using your intuition to determine an item’s identity without actually seeing it. Whether that means using your sense of smell or taste, games like these force you to rely on your senses to come out victorious.

Of course, for games like these to work correctly, you’ll need to find objects that have distinct aromas and flavors, such as different types of flowers or foods. For a CBD-centric version, you can use tinctures as the items that need to be identified. Our tinctures come in a few different flavors, each distinct and strong enough to be the ideal items for this game. Simply blindfold the first player and pick a tincture for them to taste. If they guess the flavor correctly, they’re safe the round and get to pick the next player. If they guess incorrectly, they have to take a shot of your choosing. You could even bring the chill shots back for this game!

CBD for parties

#3. Fight Night

Nothing goes together quite like drinking and fighting; truly the “peanut butter and jelly” combination of the 21st century. Naturally, since bachelor parties are filled with casual and game-related drinking, fighting is all but certain to arise at some point. One possibility is that you and your friends find yourselves in a scuffle with another group while out at a bar. It might have only started out as a less than friendly exchange inside, but once you’ve all been kicked out of the bar for disorderly conduct, all hell could break loose. You don’t want to find yourself thrown into a drunken throwdown, unprepared and squaring up the largest man you’ve ever seen.

This is where bringing some CBD muscle balm could seriously come in handy. This balm combines premium CBD hemp extract with an array of supporting topicals such as peppermint and wintergreen oils that possess their own fragrances and unique attributes. This balm is generally ideal to use as part of your pre and post workout routine, and wouldn’t you know it; a bar fight is gonna test your body in many of the same ways that a trip to the gym would. Balm tins can fit in your pocket for easy access, and a quick dollop of balm applied to your opponent’s eyeballs could be the quickest means of escape at your disposal!

#4. Face Masks With The Bros

As your bachelor party winds down, you’re bound to feel your energy levels start to dip dangerously low. This won’t be an energy crash that you’ve experienced before; you won’t be able to simply chug a Bang energy drink and revive yourself. The best thing for you and your buddies to do at this point in the night is to make your way back home and find an activity to end the night on a calm note. Depending on the happenings of your day leading up to the energy crash, you’re either going to pass out immediately or slowly descend into slumber, potentially sporting a post-bar fight shiner courtesy of the man you fought earlier.

Nothing says “relaxing” quite like a face mask, and a bundle of CBDfx Face Masks could be at your disposal in a moment’s notice. Face masks are unique in that they require little to no effort on your end, largely doing the work for you. You and your friends could lie back on the couch, floor or wherever you find yourselves, the masks on your faces working to purify your skin. If you feel like doing group masks might not be masculine enough for your group, you can offset the connotations that come with proper skincare by putting on an old “Attitude Era” episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. The Rock will help keep you from feeling too vulnerable!


Bachelor parties can be some of the wildest moments of your life, and the fact that you get to enjoy your own one means that an even greater moment is just on the horizon. It only makes sense to add CBD to the mix and party as hard as you possibly can; an opportunity like this doesn’t come around too often!

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