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June 11, 2020

Why CO2 Extraction Matters For Your Wellness

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Why CO2 Extraction Matters For Your Wellness

The extraction process has a profound effect on a given CBD product. Here’s why you should only be looking into products made with CO2-extracted CBD!

By: Jon Huffman-Eddy

Back in the day, if you wanted to experience the amazing compounds found in hemp plants, you had to use products that were full of poorly extracted plant matter. Not only was this not very delicious, it was a super inefficient way to enjoy all the goodies that the plant has to offer, namely our good friend CBD. 

Importance Of The Extraction Process

CBD has come a long way since those days, thanks in no small part to advances in extraction technology. Now, whether in the form of a tincture, edible or vape juice, you’re going to be ingesting a high-quality CBD hemp extract. This is the most efficient way for all the important hemp materials, such as terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids, to make it into the product of your choosing.

Along with these advantages, however, do come certain drawbacks. There are a few different means of extraction, and unfortunately they’re not all created equal. Some are more expensive and require wildly different time frames to be effective, while others even struggle to prevent the possibility of ingesting harmful chemicals.

Variables present themselves in many ways when you shift from one type of extraction method to another, and while all of them certainly get the job done in one way or another, some have proven themselves to be much more impressive than others.

What to Avoid

While CO2 extraction is finding growing popularity, one of the most popular means of extraction at the moment involves using butane to separate hemp’s active ingredients from its plant matter. The advantage to producers using butane is that it’s relatively easy to strip large batches of hemp all at once. It’s highly efficient – the butane molecule is shaped perfectly for the purpose of stripping the hemp plant of its offerings – and requires a low pressure point to do its job. Essentially, the plant matter is “washed” with butane, and as it passes over the plant material, the solvent collects the plant’s valuable compounds such as its terpenes, cannabinoids, lipids and more. 

Once CBD and other unique compounds are separated from the plant matter, however, butane extraction requires a second step, in which the solvent must be eliminated from the resulting oil. Some companies will go the extra mile in ensuring that no trace of the butane remains in the final product, but as a consumer, there isn’t any way to be 100% sure that this has actually been achieved. So, when you purchase a product containing CBD hemp extract that has been extracted using butane, there’s a chance you’re exposing your body to a harsh chemical, which in the short term can cause gastrointestinal issues and if used over a long period of time can be, can eventually lead to issues if consumed too often. This is why some brands are starting to distance themselves from the butane extraction approach, in favor of other methods that promise a cleaner process.

What Is CO2 Extraction?

One of those cleaner extraction methods – the one we proudly use at CBDfx for our entire range of products – is CO2 extraction, which has proven itself to be well above the rest. While being slightly more time-intensive and expensive, this method offers safety, efficiency and mindfulness that others tend to fall short of.

Welcome to CO2 extraction. It’s got a chemical formula in the name and is incredibly attractive, both for your wellness and for the planet. Like all extraction processes, CO2 has its advantages and disadvantages, but all things considered, it has shown an impressive ability to get the job done and ensure consistently safe products!

The reason why every brand doesn’t employ this particular method is that CO2 extraction isn’t possible without some pretty hefty equipment. In order for CO2 to achieve its comic-book chemical potential, it has to be subjected to an immense amount of pressure – between 1500 and 5000 pounds per square inch, to be exact.

To achieve those pressure levels, you basically need to be in possession of very well-engineered, high-tech instruments, as well as the caring attention of people who know how to use it. This process also takes time and produces smaller batches of hemp material than what you’d be able to process with other solvents.

The Benefits of CO2 Extraction

The benefits of CO2 extraction are quite lovely. This process works at lower temperatures than butane, which makes it better at preserving the CBD and terpenes, or flavors, of the plant. This often results in the finished product being even more desirable. 

Let’s say you’re looking to relax with our OG Kush CBD Terpenes Oil. With help from its CO2-extracted CBD, the level of detail provided for its flavor profile will be vastly more nuanced than what you’d get through butane or ethanol extraction. From start to finish, there aren’t any chemicals coming along with those specialized terpenes. 

CO2 Extraction For CBD Tinctures

CO2 extraction is also a particularly tantalizing choice when it comes to tinctures. You’re able to procure an incredibly refined extract, as well as bolster the native cannabinoids and enjoy them in a way that is perfectly clean and luxurious. This method allows the flavor to be clean and resonant, and it lets all of the extract’s terpenes shine! 

Tinctures such as our Wellness CBD + CBG Oil Tincture shine especially bright, its flavor profile being pure and luxurious. Additionally, the potency and bioavailability of the two main active compounds – CBD and CBG – are especially bolstered. As a result, you’re able to experience a heightened entourage effect and overall boost to your daily wellness routine. 

Another interesting aspect of CO2 extraction, as it relates to overall wellness, goes beyond the individual. Since the compound is fairly simple and is so environmentally prevalent, once it’s used in a given batch of extraction, it can be used again or simply be allowed to evaporate. No other resources are needed to heat or to cool it once it’s been used to extract the CBD, so its overall impact on the environment is minimal. 

The fact that CO2 extraction is such a holistically sound method of bringing you the best CBD on the market makes us proud to use it in everything we offer. Thanks for letting us tell you a little more about it. If you’ve got any questions, you know where to find us!

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