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October 12, 2020

Why It's Important to Take a Break from CBD

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Why It's Important to Take a Break from CBD

At some point, you may have asked yourself this question: is it time to take a break from CBD?

Many people seek out CBD specifically for its therapeutic properties and relaxing effects. CBD, or cannabinol, is a non-intoxicating compound typically derived from the hemp plant. CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, a signaling system that influences everything from sleep to stress.

But if you’ve been using CBD regularly for a long time, you may experience that the regular amount doesn’t provide the same relief as it used to. You may have developed a “tolerance” to products with certain levels of CBD. If this has happened to you, it may be time to examine your routine.

Let’s explore the idea of developing a tolerance when using CBD products, and what options you can consider to address it.

How Much CBD Should You Take? 

When you first start taking CBD, deciding the “right amount” is a process of experimentation. Because the optimal level for an individual can depend on so many different factors, there are no universal serving guidelines for CBD.

How CBD affects you depends on physical and genetic factors, such as your body weight, metabolism, and individual body chemistry. It also depends on the concentration and the bioavailability of the CBD in that product (more on that below). Finally, it can also vary based on your personal goals for CBD and how you plan to use it. 

All of this means that finding the “right amount” of CBD is unique to you and it requires some experimentation. There are certain general guidelines for how much to take, and other people’s advice can give you a good place to start. But when there are so many elements involved, your preferred serving might not always match what is right for someone else.

Taking CBD Regularly

If you commit to incorporating CBD as part of your healthy habits, you will eventually land on an ideal serving size that starts to work for you. However, there are other factors to consider when thinking about your long-term CBD dosage.

CBD’s effects come from its interactions with our body’s endocannabinoid system. The human body also creates its own cannabinoids that also are part of the endocannabinoid system. These naturally-occurring cannabinoid levels can vary from person to person. 

Especially for those with lower levels of naturally-occurring cannabinoids, if you take your CBD daily, the compound is able to build up in your system. Regularity can help your product be more effective since there are more cannabinoids present to interact with your CB1 and CB2 receptors in particular.

This means that if you are using CBD for specific health and wellness objectives, making CBD a regular habit can help maximize its effectiveness.

But eventually, if you use CBD very frequently, it is possible that you also start to see less of an impact. If you see the effects of your regular CBD serving starting to dwindle, you may have developed a tolerance to this level of cannabinoids. 

Factors in CBD Tolerance

If you aren’t hitting the targets you want with CBD, there are many different paths you can pursue.

First, you could want to start by altering your dosage. This can require the same experimentation that you did when you first started with CBD. As your goals and habits change, you may also need to change other aspects of your wellness routine, your CBD included. An increased serving size may match the therapeutic benefits you’re looking for at this stage.

Next, you can also experiment with trying out different products. Due to your unique genetics or how you use CBD, some products will not have the same effect on you as they do on other people. 

Breaking Down Bioavailability

Part of that has to do with the bioavailability of whatever product you’re using. Bioavailability is the speed and degree at which your body is able to absorb the cannabinoids into the bloodstream. This determines how fast or fully you feel the beneficial effects of the CBD. Because CBD gummies, oils, vapes, capsules, and topicals are all taken differently, and therefore interact differently with your body, they vary in bioavailability. 

If you aren’t experiencing the same effects, you can switch to a product with greater bioavailability. This change may fit your body in a new way and allow you to access the health benefits you’re searching for in your routine.

Finally, in addition to your unique genetic factors, you should also take a look at the product itself. If you can’t verify the quality of your CBD, it’ll be impossible to trust the results from taking it.

Understanding the composition of your CBD products is key. The most trusted companies today have third-party lab results confirming the purity and potency of products. Buying high-quality CBD products ensure the potency and ingredients match what is listed on the label. 

High Tolerance: Evaluating and Resetting

If you have experimented with products and serving size, and you’re still finding the effects are dwindling, you may want to consider taking some time off from using CBD regularly. 

When you first start taking CBD, common advice is to start with a small amount and work up. For many people, over time, CBD can become part of the daily routine. If you’ve taken CBD for a long time, you may develop a tolerance to these regular servings.

This means that you are continuously trying stronger CBD mg, or you’re burning through your products much faster than normal. 

At this point, you should check in with yourself: am I still meeting my wellness goals with CBD? Am I still experiencing the same therapeutic benefits? Do I want to continue with what I am currently taking? 

If the answer isn’t a resounding “yes!”, you may want to consider taking a break from CBD use or cutting down on your regularity or dosage. After a break, you can come back to CBD with a different tolerance and a new understanding of your needs.

Final Thoughts

CBD isn’t something to binge. It is something many find helpful to build into your wellness routine. Everyone has an optimal level for their CBD products, and this can fluctuate over time. 

Many brands won’t tell you this, but one of the best reasons to check in with your dosage is that it will help you budget for what you actually need to meet your wellness goals.

One of the best things to do is to check in with yourself and your objectives. Just as with any other aspect of your wellness routine, you may need to adjust your CBD use over time. 

Your CBD experience is something only you can decide. Luckily, with CBD, the journey is pretty enjoyable. 

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