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December 6, 2019

5 Animal Actors Who Would Have Used CBD



5 Animal Actors Who Would Have Used Cbd

They sit, they stay, they roll over; ever wonder what they would like to do? Here are 5 animal actors who would have used CBD!

By: Jacob La Cava

Nothing screams classic cinema quite like a chimpanzee in an “Evil Knievel” jumpsuit performing extreme sports in front of a crowd of children. Whether they were wild or domesticated, real or animated, we all remember one animal actor that we truly adored. You may not even understand exactly what draws you to this animal, but mentally, you’ve connected them to cinema in a way that you’ll never be able to shake.

Animal and human actors often aren’t all that different, one such commonality being the fact that they would both have interest in certain CBD products. All mammals share the same biological system that CBD interacts with, meaning that animals experience CBD in a similar manner as us.

Here are 5 animal actors that we are CERTAIN would have used CBD in their prime:

#1: Airbud

Buddy, one of the most elegant, photogenic golden retrievers to grace the big screen, is best known for his roles in the “Airbud” movies and “Full House.” In the former, he stars as a dog that is objectively better at most sports than a majority of the high schoolers in his town. Through athletics, he is able to bring joy to his owners and melt the hearts of us watching at home. In “Full House,” he played Comet, the Tanner Family’s dog. While an adorable role in its own right, we’re all glad that he managed to escape the type-casting that Hollywood is known for and take on more exciting roles.

In his prime, Buddy was constantly on the move, so he would need a CBD product that reflected his quick-paced lifestyle. He wouldn’t have time for products such as tincture oils or vape pens. Instead, he would have preferred CBD gummies for a number of reasons. Buddy was adorable and possessed a vibrant personality; CBD gummies are characterized partially by their friendly appearance and bright colors. Much like when people look at Buddy, they look at these edible gummies and can’t help but smile. Buddy would have enjoyed their attributes just as much as he would have loved their taste!

Some of you might think that he would want the CBDfx muscle balm or something similar, but this simply wouldn’t be the case. What many people don’t know is that Buddy had a stunt double named Bodie, and Bodie was actually the one who performed all the physically demanding sequences in Buddy’s films. Bodie would certainly like a muscle balm, but come on, muscle balm? On a stunt dog’s salary? Woof…

#2: Goofy Goof

The only animated animal on this list, it would be irresponsible of me not to include one Mr. Goofy Goof. The ultimate slapstick animal actor, Goofy is one of the original Disney animated characters, and he inspired the creation of countless other animated characters who acted in similarly outlandish ways. Outside of Disney animated shorts, Goofy had his own series of movies, in which he sought to grow closer to his son Max by getting involved in every facet of Max’s life. Oddly endearing, Goofy always tried his hardest to gain the approval of his friends and family, making him the person that you’ve always wished you knew in real life.

In his search for Max’s approval, there is essentially nothing that Goofy would’ve refused to do. Max, being a skateboarder and all-around clout chaser, would have most certainly been interested in CBD vape pens. Therefore, without a doubt, Goofy would have dove head-first into the world of vape pens. He would have especially enjoyed our Strawberry Lemonade disposable vape pen, a smooth experience that would provide him with a flavor as vibrant as the world in which he exists.

When you take Goofy’s anatomy into consideration, it’s no surprise that vape pens would be his go-to CBD product. His mouth is at least three feet long, a perfect size to take in a massive, satisfying pull from one of our pens. We imagine he could drain a pen’s entire tank in one go, his body filling with vapor to the point where it comes out of his ears. There is no more perfect item for this animated legend.

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#3: Jack the Chimpanzee

While you likely don’t know Jack the Chimpanzee by name, many people might recognize him from a string of campy animal movies in the early 2000’s. Jack was the star of “Most Valuable Primate,” in which he portrayed a chimp with genius IQ that he took full advantage of by participating in a children’s hockey organization. He was also in the follow-up, “Most Extreme Primate,” as well as “Spymate,” a movie about a chimpanzee/spy who needs to save the world. While these movies may have been complete box office busts, they introduced the world to a generational talent, the likes of which we may never see again.

Unlike Buddy, Jack did in fact perform all of his own stunts, and as a result, he likely felt all the discomfort that would have come with it. Like the old saying goes, even chimps get tired, and Jack was certainly no exception. That’s why he would have enjoyed CBD hemp cream, which offers the effects of CBD in collaboration with a whole list of supporting ingredients whose individual components would have addressed Jack’s body. The incredible chimp would have loved the feeling of the cream after a long day of roundhouse kicking double agents away from the US president and saving the day. At least, that’s how we remember “Spymate” ending.

#4: Zoboomafoo

Zoboomafoo is one of the most iconic animal actors on the planet, garnering international fame as the star of the show that shared his name. The show’s focus was educating its audience on the wild world around them, highlighting different animals and regions of the world and granting them the attention that they each deserve. Zoboomafoo himself was a lemur, separating him from other primate actors in build and personality. If other primate actors were Nissans, he was a Lamborghini. While his show is not as well known with today’s younger crowd, those who were graced with his presence on their TV screens are eternally grateful.

As one of the more glamorous primates in film and TV, Zoboomafoo would have spent much of his time on and off set keeping his skin and fur in pristine condition. Beauty is often the name of the game in the world of television, so in order to stay ahead of the pack, he would have had to maintain a rigorous skincare routine. For this reason, CBD face masks would have been his ideal CBD product. Face masks can be used throughout the day, and while their main function is to cleanse skin, they also offer a variety of soothing fragrances that would allow Zoboomafoo to remain zen as he prepared to shoot scenes about wallabies. Of course, he would have also thoroughly enjoyed the high-quality CBD that comes packed into each mask.

Fun Fact: Zoboomafoo’s real name is Marion Morrison, but after moving from Winterset, Iowa to Los Angeles, he felt that he would need a name change to get his career off the ground. As you can tell, it was a success!

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#5: Toto

Toto is quite possibly the most memorable animal actor to date. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen, or even heard of, the Wizard of Oz, a film that is lauded for its masterful treatment of the cinematic art form and is considered the forefather of countless other movies. Toto played a major role in the film, being the pet of Dorothy that is transported with her to the mystical land of Oz. He was a loyal, reliable companion that stuck with his owner through thick and thin, and he has been forever immortalized in the famous movie quote, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

While the film was a masterpiece and should be taught in film classes for years to come, horror stories have been shared by those that worked on the set. The happiness that the munchkins displayed in Oz didn’t carry over to their real world counterparts, and even the stars of the movie weren’t able to escape the stressful environment that the film had built up. Toto would have been in the middle of all this, soaking up swathes of negative energy that had to have an impact on every aspect of his little doggy life. At night, Toto would have appreciated a bottle of CBD melatonin gummies. These gummies would afford him a fuller night’s rest, leading to a better following day on set; something that Toto surely would have enjoyed!

These are 5 animal actors who we know would have used CBD in their primes. Each fulfilled their own niche in the animal actor world, and each could find a use for their own specific products, all of which you can find right here on CBDfx.com!

CBD shouldn’t only be reserved for the celebrities of the animal world; your pet should get to join in on the fun too! Our CBD pet tinctures are the perfect product for your furry friend, offering servings of CBD that are designed with the enjoyment of your pet in mind! Give your pet the gift of CBD this holiday season! Check out Feebie, our gorgeous animal actor, in our latest pet CBD YouTube video!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.

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