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September 27, 2020

5 Embarrassing Situations Made Better with CBD


Paaez Coleman

5 Embarrassing Situations Made Better with CBD

When challenges arise, sometimes you just need a little CBD.

A good life is full of experiences—some good, some bad, and some utterly embarrassing. 

However, no matter how horrific the event is, the good news is you’ll recover. 

Some things can be embarrassing, but there are other situations you feel like you’ll never come back from.

Thankfully, CBD can swoop in and help you “save face” by relaxing your mind and heart. Most embarrassing situations stem from an influx of nerves, and those nerves make us clumsy and irrational at times. 

Although we could probably come up with a ridiculously long list, here are five embarrassing situations made better with CBD.

1. Giving a 10-minute Presentation on a Book You Didn’t Read

It can happen in high school or college, and chances are, you’ve been there. Moby Dick was the assignment and you tried, but couldn’t find the willpower to read the book. 

You had have to give a 10-minute presentation, but still couldn’t find the motivation.

But you’re not sweating because you’ve got some high-quality CBD by your side as you dig through all the online literature. It’s a classic, right? This means many have analyzed the story online for students (like yourself) to reference for a presentation. 

You put together a quick presentation and head to class feeling more confident than before.

Once you’re standing in front of the class, the nerves try to make a surprise appearance, but the CBD in your system keeps them at bay.

Your professor stares at you and proceeds to ask you a few follow-up questions. Lucky for you, you pulled up a few study guides online. Now you sound like you know what you’re talking about, and it’s all because CBD helped you keep the nerves under control. 

2. Forgetting Your Wallet on a First Date

All kinds of emotions come up on a first date—an intriguing mixture of curiosity and awkwardness. 

You both try to pull conversation cues from thin air, but luckily, you end up hitting it off after a couple of drinks. 


Now you can both call off the SOS rescue call. 

However, when you go to the restroom, you realize you forgot your wallet at home. Good thing you didn’t forget your vape pen. 

You take a few pulls and figure out the best approach.

Thankfully, you remember seeing a Paypal sign in the window of the restaurant. On your way back to the table, you grab the waiter and explain your dilemma. He tells you you’re good.

You make your way back to the table and wrap up your date, looking like the catch you are. The tab is paid, the date is impressed, and asks if you want to head over to a bar to keep the party going? 

You say sure, you just need to stop by your house to grab your wallet!

3. Drinking Too Much at the Christmas Party

Christmas is one of the most cherished times of the year. Everyone is festive, cheerful, and ready for holiday parties.

You’ve only been at your new job for a few months, and you’ve heard great things about their holiday party. You’re not sure if you should go because you don’t know anyone yet, but you still want to be social and try to get to know some of your co-workers. 

They have an impressive variety of cocktails, so you decide to try them all—twice. 

You’re sitting in a chair, propped up in a corner, held only by the wall, and when you go to stand up, the room turns upside down.

You struggle to hold it together as you head to the restroom. You decide it’s probably for the best you head out before anyone catches on to how intoxicated you are. Still, can’t quite make it out of the party before running into your boss. 

Your words are a slurred mess and you’re beyond embarrassed. 

When it’s time to go back into the office, your nerves are getting the best of you, but then you remembered you had some CBD left. Thank goodness, because it took all the nerves out of going back into the office, and you were able to laugh off your holiday party indiscretion. 

That’s what holiday parties are all about, right? 

4. Taking a Tumble in Public 

Some of us are a little more gracious on our feet than others, especially when nerves are involved. 

You run into the one person you’ve been crushing on since, well, forever. You’re both chit-chatting about the weather as you trip going up the stairs. 

The worst part is you don’t just trip—you fall. You pick yourself up and gather any pride that’s still on the ground before you exit stage left. You spend the rest of the day beating yourself up for ruining your “shot,” then you remember you have a few CBD gummies in your pocket. 

A few minutes later, you could care less. If they really rock with you, then they understand we trip up in life occasionally.

And just like that….you’re back to being calm, collected, and you. 

5. Clogging Someone’s Toilet 

This one’s literally one of the most embarrassing things we can experience.

Have you ever been to someone’s house and had to “sit down” if you know what we mean.

It wasn’t that bad, and you didn’t use a ton of toilet paper, but the toilet decided it was going on strike.

You go to flush, and the water rises….and rises….and keeps on rising until it pours onto the floor. You’re trying to fix the situation before it becomes a REAL situation. Luckily, the CBD you took on the way kicks in. 

You’re able to keep your nerves under control as you grab a roll of paper towels and look for a plunger. 

Within a matter of minutes, you’ve got it under control, but they’re still probably wondering why you’ve been gone so long. The CBD affords you the ability to play it cool with a simple answer that puts everything to rest. 

Parting Thoughts to Carry With You 

Embarrassing things happen. It’s part of life, but it’s how you recover from those moments that count the most. 

Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Keep CBD with you for some of those random moments life throws your way. 

You’ll see most situations are more manageable than you expected when you have helpful cannabinoids on your side to keep you calm. 

Need some CBD in case you encounter one of these situations?
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