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December 16, 2019

5 Football Players Who Use CBD



5 Football Players Who Use Cbd

Ever wondered how professional athletes view CBD? Come find out which 5 NFL players are avid fans of the cannabinoid!

By: Jacob La Cava

The NFL is known for many things; whether you’re a hardcore fan or just someone who likes to catch a game or two every other Sunday, you know that in any given game, you’ll get to see some heavy hits and incredible feats of athleticism. 

NFL athletes are tasked with upholding a higher standard of fitness than many others, which can result in a heightened susceptibility to the physical discomforts that come with the sport. With products such as CBD-infused topicals, some of the sport’s premier athletes have discovered a new favorite way to support their bodies both before and after a game.

Without further ado, here are 5 NFL players who use CBD:

#1. Terrell Davis

Terrell Davis is one of the most prolific running backs in the history of the NFL, and his statistics fully back his induction into the NFL Hall of Fame with the likes of Eric Dickerson, Bo Jackson and Walter Payton. He holds two league-wide records: one for the most touchdowns in a single postseason (8), and the other for being the only player to rush for 2,000 yards while also scoring 20+ touchdowns. 

His accolades are even more impressive when you look at how he stacks up to other running backs who have played for his team, the Denver Broncos. Of his approximately 46 franchise records, Terrell’s most impressive include having the most rushing attempts (1,655) and yards (7,607), as well as the most rushing touchdowns (60) and rushing yards per game in a single season (125.5).

Nicknamed “TD,” which is both an abbreviation of his name and the shorthand way to say “touchdown,” Davis proved each year that he was an absolute force to be reckoned with. However, he has admitted to believing that his career would have been even longer if he had begun using CBD earlier. Davis is an avid advocate for cannabis use in sports, and his own track record with CBD spans over several years. Products such as our CBD topicals would have provided him with the supporting topical ingredients that he required to keep his body from feeling irritated, therefore lengthening his already stellar career!

#2. Jake Plummer

While Jake Plummer might not be the household name that Terrell Davis is, his career statistics are nothing to laugh at. Over his ten year career ⎯ six years in Arizona and four in Denver ⎯ Plummer managed to throw for nearly 30,000 yards and 161 touchdowns. Interestingly enough, his touchdown and interception counts are equal, which betrays his successes to a certain extent. While his numbers fluctuated year to year, his passing yard totals remained strong and his endurance was something of note, playing in ten or more games each season throughout his entire career.

While he may not hold any NFL records, he has held several franchise records during his years in Arizona. These include the record for most touchdown passes by a rookie quarterback (15) and the highest single-game passer rating for a rookie (119.1). He never secured a championship, but he did boast a .711 win percentage with the Broncos of the early 2000s. His college football years are worth noting as well, where he threw for over 8,000 yards and 64 touchdowns in his four years at Arizona State University.

Today, Plummer and several other retired NFL players are pioneers in the “CBD for athletes” fight. They are part of a campaign called, “When the Bright Lights Fade,” which is advocating the use of CBD for football players and other athletes. Plummer believes that CBD should be accessible to all NFL players, which is a stance that many more people seem to be adopting on the matter. Since CBD is non-psychoactive and has shown no intoxicating tendencies, its use would not likely impair the players and make them appear less prepared for a given game. The campaign aims to raise money for CBD research and survey current players to gauge their views of the cannabinoid.

CBD for athletes

#3. Ricky Williams

Known as the “Texas Tornado” by those who watched him as a Texas Longhorn in college, Ricky Williams was a prolific running back in the NFL whose career lasted for over a decade. While his numbers saw a decline as the years progressed, in part due to injuries and a lack of a solid offensive line, Williams still ran for over 10,000 yards in his career, which is something that many other football players cannot say. In addition to his mountain of rushing yards, he also scored 66 touchdowns over the course of his career with the New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens.

Even before the NFL, Ricky was tearing up the field at the University of Texas. In four years, he managed to rush for over 6,200 yards and scored 72 rushing touchdowns. Additionally, he racked up over 900 passing yards and 3 more scores, and in 1997 he won the Heisman Award, Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year Award and AP Player of the Year Award, some of the most prestigious college football awards in the country. He led the Longhorns to a Big 12 championship, and was drafted 5th overall in the 1999 NFL draft. His numbers in college are some of the more impressive that you’ll find, and while it didn’t always shine through in the NFL, sparks of greatness could always be seen in Williams.

Ricky faced an ocean of controversy throughout his career because of his cannabis use, which he attributed to the fact that he was facing injuries while playing and possessed severe social anxiety. According to the ex-pro, he lost approximately $10 million dollars in fines and endorsement deals because of his cannabis use while in the league. Now, he is heavily involved in the CBD industry and wants others, athletes or otherwise, to enjoy the products that he has held in such high regard for years. If Ricky were to try our products, we believe he would be proud of our dedication to both quality and efficiency!

#4: Rick Upchurch

Rick Upchurch is yet another Denver Bronco to make this list. His career lasted 9 seasons, and in that time he split duties as a receiver and return specialist. He ended his career with a total of 4,369 receiving yards and 24 touchdowns, recording a lengthy 16.4 yards per reception. Additionally, he gathered another 5,363 yards and 8 touchdowns on punt and kickoff returns, making him one of the more versatile players in this article. He was beloved by fans of the late-70s Broncos, and he was inducted into the team’s “Ring of Fame” in 2014, which is one of the highest honors that a player can receive after playing with a single team for his entire career.

Upchurch currently possesses at least 11 Denver Broncos franchise records, mainly for his prolific work with the special teams unit. These records include the most punt returns (248), return yards (5,363) and punt return touchdowns (8). His numbers as a receiver were far from mediocre, but they didn’t launch him into stardom the way that his special teams performances did. He can be viewed as something of a prototype for the dual threat players that we see today, such as Tyreek Hill and Devin Hester.

Rick Upchurch has been using CBD for years, but it was only recently that he began to speak up about it. He used cannabis products throughout his NFL career, and since there was no frequent testing at the time for certain substances, he was never penalized for it in the way that Ricky Williams was. Even in his old age, Upchurch continues to consume the CBD products that he has come to known and love so well over the years. 

Fun fact: Upchurch actually dated and was engaged to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for a period in the 70s, but it was broken off. This is likely because he didn’t have any of our sleek, delicious disposable vape pens to woo her with at the time!

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#5. Rob Gronkowski

“Gronk” is likely the most recognizable name on this list, and while he is certainly a polarizing figure — Patriots fans revere him as something of a football god, while non-Patriots fan quietly rooted for a knee injury — he is also one of the most entertaining characters to ever be a part of the NFL. Much like Shannon Sharpe and Deion Sanders, the party-hard, rockstar attitude of Rob Gronkowski was backed by his otherworldly play. Over the course of 9 seasons in the NFL, Gronk compiled 521 receptions for 7,891 receiving yards and 79 touchdowns. Additionally, in 2011, Gronk rushed for 2 yards and a touchdown in the only rushing attempt of his entire career. These numbers are impressive for a receiver, but for a tight end whose job is usually to get shorter yards per reception, they are stellar.

Gronkowski possesses a number of NFL records and franchise records, the most impressive potentially being the record for most touchdown receptions in a single season (17), which he broke by 4 touchdowns in only his second season. Other records include being the only tight end to lead the league in receiving touchdowns and the only one to have over 1,000 receiving yards in the playoffs alone. 

His franchise records with the New England Patriots is highlighted by his 79 touchdowns, which are the most by any receiver in team history. He beat out the previous record holder, Stanley Morgan, with 67 less games to his name. For those uncertain of that number’s gravity, there are now 16 games per season, meaning that Gronk broke the record with over four seasons to spare ⎯ and that was with injuries!

Gronk is an outspoken advocate for CBD products, and he has stepped into the world of CBD in an effort to raise awareness for the hemp plant. With a spokesman like Gronk, there is hope that the world of sports will soon acknowledge CBD as the non-intoxicating, quality-of-life improving compound that we all know it to be.

These are five ex-professional NFL players who used CBD and are serious advocates of the cannabinoid. You can find all of your CBD needs right here on CBDfx, and whether you love to play football or would rather watch it on TV, we guarantee that you’ll love our products just as much as you love your favorite team. If you want to try out some fun CBD-infused snack recipes for your next NFL Sunday viewing party, check out these mouth-watering ideas!

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