Recently, CBDfx executives were approached and interviewed by Drug Store News, a premium source of news on the happenings and products of the pharmaceutical retail world. Interested in our products from a retailer’s point of view, and wanting to learn as much as they can about an industry-leading CBD brand, their questions were, in many ways, the same as those that countless others have asked with regard to our products and CBD in general. Our philosophy as a company is to educate consumers on CBD and give everyone access to affordable products, so that they might come to better understand CBD’s appeal. Drug Store News brought up several interesting and frequently-asked questions, and we felt that it would be well worth it to publish our answers here for your reading pleasure. Our hope is that in time, much greater clarity will be achieved surrounding the topic of CBD; in the meantime, these Q&A snippets should help to clear the air a little bit.


Q. With the interest in CBD has also come confusion. Are we anywhere near a better understanding of CBD products from a retailer perspective? What about the consumer? What as a company are you doing to help (I see your website is informative).

A. There is no doubt that with each month that goes by, the average consumer is a little more informed on the reality of CBD and what it’s really all about. That said, there’s still a lot of work to do, between long-held stigmas around cannabis, misinformation by groups with an agenda, or irresponsible brands who make outlandish medical claims about their products. The truth is, CBD retailers are in a tough position right now when it comes to educating consumers on the nature of CBD. The FDA has been very clear about the fact that they generally want to divorce CBD education from CBD commerce for the time being, because they (rightly) believe that retailers aren’t in a position to make definitive scientific claims about what CBD does or doesn’t do. However, CBDfx is trying to set the industry standard when it comes to clear, informative language about the basic nature of CBD, and why CBDfx offers a purer, safer option than any other CBD company out there.

Q. What are your best-sellers and where are your products currently sold?

A. CBDfx has strong sales across our whole product line, but certain items have really resonated with customers. In particular, our CBD gummies, CBD capsules, unflavored CBD tinctures, and CBD Face Masks are doing extremely well. Beyond our substantial online footprint, you can find CBDfx in a wide variety of brick-and-mortar retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Wegmans, Spartan Nash, and more.

Q. Beyond gummies, tinctures, topicals, etc is what are other beauty categories where CBD makes sense? I see you have masks as an example. We will see mascaras, etc?

A. We’re not ready to tip our hand completely and reveal the beauty products currently in development, but let’s just say that the sky’s the limit. Still, we don’t want to turn CBD into a “throw-in” ingredient that we shoehorn into every type of SKU under the sun. It’s important to us that we design products that we believe will actually benefit the consumer and add real, additional value. If the customer thinks that we added CBD to a beauty product just because we could, then we’ve failed at our mission. Every single CBDfx product needs to make sense from conception to the end user experience, and we take pride in that level of detail and thoughtfulness.

Q. Are we closer to having solid research on the benefits of CBD?

A. The 2018 Farm Bill removed a lot of the legal red tape that was preventing the scientific community from studying CBD in the volume and variety of applications that they had been wanting to. Now, it’s off to the races, and the next several years should yield some extremely exciting data produced by top universities and researchers throughout the United States.

Q. Should CBD products be merchandised together or by category for best results?

A. CBD is not a novelty ingredient — it is a lifestyle ingredient with so many different applications and possibilities, that it would be an injustice to simply lump all CBD items together for merchandising. Put another way, you wouldn’t want to have a dedicated “organic” section in a grocery store — you’d simply want organic options alongside traditional ones, because people don’t look for the “organic” aisle. They look for where the eggs are, and choose the organic egg product because it fits their lifestyle.

Q. What are your goals and objectives for 2020?

A. Our goals for 2020 include expanding our product line to launch some SKUs we’re extremely excited about, many of which have been in development for quite some time. Additionally, we’re excited to keep growing our revenue and market share as we continue to cement our sterling reputation. We’re so pleased that CBDfx is being seen as one of the main CBD industry leaders, and that we’ve become synonymous with third-party lab testing and organic hemp plants. Even though our portfolio of products continues to expand, every item will always have that laser focus on premium ingredients and a pure, transparent formulation. We know that doubling down on those core values will keep us growing through 2020 and beyond!

Q. You are known for your rigorous standards–how do you maintain that? How can you convey this difference to consumers? 

A. For starters, our tagline is “Feel the Difference” for a reason — when you use premium ingredients, the end user has a premium experience. That’s not true just for CBD, it’s true in general with consumer goods. So, customers tend to stick with us once they’ve given our product line a shot. We’re very appreciative of that. The challenge, then, is standing out among all the white noise… and conveying our story to new customers. We spend over $20,000 every month on independent, third-party lab testing so that we can post those results publicly for all to see. We’re not required to do this; we do it purely as an act of good faith so that our customers have total knowledge and control over what they’re putting in (or on) their body. The reality is that most CBD companies simply don’t have the financial resources to make the kinds of choices we do when it comes to product purity. Besides our monthly lab testing bill, we’re totally solvent-free from beginning to end, meaning we use supercritical CO2 extraction to source our CBD oil. Many companies say they do this, but they still use solvents at a certain point in their manufacturing process. Every single time, CBDfx is going to choose the premium, quality option… even at the expense of profit margin. This strategy is already paying off, because CBD users are smart — they can tell the difference.

Q. It seems daily a new line emerges touting CBD–what do retailers need to know as they sift out what to carry?

A. As the CBD market matures, parasitic companies will pop up hoping to make a quick buck off of the massive consumer interest. This is concerning, but the dust is settling — and the small handful of major players like CBDfx are emerging as trusted choices for retailers and customers. Retailers want to look for some key pieces of evidence to vet CBD companies before carrying them. Does the company provide lab reports? If so, is the lab some shady operation that’s owned by the CBD company itself, or is it a major independent lab with genuine results? How is the CBD company’s oil extracted? If it’s extracted with solvents and not CO2, the end user will be ingesting a bunch of butane, propane, or other things they definitely don’t want. A bit of research goes a long way to make sure that customers are actually having the experience they expected.


Retailers and consumer are constantly coming up with new questions about the CBD industry, which is good. Everyone should want greater clarity on the inner workings of CBD products, and it shows just how interested in CBD the world is at the moment. Interest should continue to grow as more research is performed on CBD, and we guarantee that we will be here with you the whole time, answering any CBD-related questions you may have and informing you of important events in CBD’s young history!