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May 27, 2020

Best Ways To Break Your Bad Habits



How Can I Break My Bad Habits

Without knowing the secrets behind it, breaking bad habits can be a serious challenge. Here are some of the ways in which they can easily be eliminated!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Being able to break bad habits is a crucial skill in life that allows you to access your full potential. Once you’ve learned how to break habits that are hindering your ability to succeed in life, you’ll find that many new doors have opened. You’ll be able to achieve anything you put your mind to, and you can continue growing into the best version of yourself. A habit is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.” So even right in the definition, you can tell that breaking one won’t be a walk in the park. Still, it will be worth it, as it’s for the betterment of your future. 

It may seem overwhelming as you first set off on this journey. One way to help lighten the load is to not overthink or focus on controlling and breaking the habit. Instead, set your sights on how you are going to go about the rest of your life and change for the better; immerse your mind in those thoughts. Reducing the amount of overthinking you commit to a given topic will allow you to enjoy other aspects of your life and keep you from worrying constantly about the changes you’re in the process of making.

Set a new tone for your life

Making major alterations to certain aspects of your life can help you reshape your personal image, as well as your public one. When you feel that you’re improving in other areas, it makes it easier for you to break the habits that are hindering your growth. It may have been difficult for the old you to break a bad habit, but it will be much easier for the new person you are becoming to do so. This shift in your persona, as well as the energy it provides that fills your soul, can be attained in multiple ways. To find the methods that work best for you, simply listening to what your intuition says. What thought first came to your mind when we mentioned there being multiple avenues to creating a new you? That initial, split-second thought was your intuition speaking to you; begin there. 

It’s okay if you’re having a bit of difficulty grasping what your instinct is telling you. Listening to your gut is a function that can be worked on over time, and it gets easier the more you practice! In the meantime, we’ve compiled a short list of possible ways to improve the state of your mind and body. It’s probably worth mentioning that there’s a chance none of these points will resonate with you and your spirit. Don’t feel confined to the options in this list; instead, allow it to be your jumping-off point when determining what changes in particular you would like to see. 

Ways of changing the mind and body:

  1. Less eating out – only homemade meals cooked with love.
  2. More walks and less television. 
  3. Finding your imagination again.
  4. Remembering to breathe from your stomach and not your chest. 
  5. Choosing kindness and patience over in-the-moment emotions.

how to break bad habits

Making It Easier To Break Bad Habits

Once some time has passed, listening to your spirit and committing to gut reactions will become second nature to you. At this point, breaking bad habits will be much easier to accomplish. In fact, you may have already reconciled a few of them along the way! If not, breaking them down and replacing them with better habits should be a walk in the park. Becoming conscious of what your body wants is the key to eliminating habits that no longer serve you. 

Sometimes, the answer lies a bit deeper, and you have to dive into the details surrounding a given habit. What part of your day does the habit affect, and how did it first manifest? What makes the habit so appealing that you struggle to get rid of it? By answering these questions, you can discover healthier means of achieving the effects that a bad habit initially promised. Here’s an example: the bad habit of biting nails. Ask yourself, why do you do it? You might come to find that it’s a stress-triggered mechanism that helps your mind deal with everything going on in your life. Now, you’ve been able to identify the root problem, so it’s time to replace the craving. If you’re looking for stress coping mechanisms, try switching nail-biting for another quick, on-the-go movement, such as whistling/humming, calf raises or deep breathing…be creative! All of these replacement actions are fine to use in excess, and they can eliminate nail-biting forever.

Continue trying out methods to break a bad habit until you find one that really sticks! When you start to really focus on breaking a habit, it can be easy to lose sight of your final goal and be veered off in the wrong direction. One way to keep your motivation levels high is to let people close to you know about your new goal. Little words of encouragement can give you the strength to overcome those moments of weakness, so don’t be shy about asking your friends to assist you by cheering you on!

At the end of the day, you’re doing all of this to give yourself a better life. It’s one of the many personal goals you can achieve with a little bit of patience. Rewiring your brain to reject bad habits is actually simpler than you’d expect, and it can take practically no time at all to master. You’ve got this, and now that you know what it takes, how to get there and have asked others for encouragement, change will be much more attainable. Moreover, you’ll have made positive changes to your life in other aspects along the way, and will be more in control when crafting the new you. This additional achievement will prove that you can do anything you set your sights on, thus creating an easier path to breaking even more bad habits. You aren’t alone in this journey; many of us have habits we are in the midst of breaking. With these guiding principles, we all can achieve the fantastic lives that we’ve envisioned.

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