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How to Reach Your Highest Self

Looking to reach your highest self? We get it. It’s one of those broad, complex ideas you have to dig into dating back to Hindu notions.  From a new age and metaphysical perspective, everything in the universe is energy. The “higher self” is the part of you that loves unconditionally

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Are There CBD Gummies for Sleep?

Have you noticed how much sleep affects our lives? If you get too much, your sleep pattern is thrown off. If you get too little, the same thing happens, plus you feel discombobulated.  No wonder we all need a little outside help sometimes, and this is where we cue the

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How to Vape CBD Without Becoming “The Vape Guy”

Today, if you want to vape CBD there are rules you need to know. Nonetheless, it’s gained acceptance and popularity because it’s discrete and convenient. You can take vapes with you almost anywhere and take a puff or two without anyone ever knowing.  Like we said, convenient and discreet.  With

5 Embarrassing Situations Made Better With Cbd

5 Embarrassing Situations Made Better with CBD

When challenges arise, sometimes you just need a little CBD. A good life is full of experiences—some good, some bad, and some utterly embarrassing.  However, no matter how horrific the event is, the good news is you’ll recover.  Some things can be embarrassing, but there are other situations you feel

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Which CBDfx Gummy Are You?

We all have individual personality traits that make us unique.  These traits and characteristics fall into specific categories surrounding astrology, love languages, friendship style—and you guessed it—gummies.  Believe it or not, we all gravitate towards a specific CBDfx gummy based on our personality and characteristics. We’ve got seven different gummies

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Here’s Why Your CBD Oil Should Actually Taste Good

There’s one thing that a lot of CBD oil ends up missing: They should actually taste good. Imagine you’re a little kid, you’re sick, and your parent wants you to swallow down some nasty syrup. Sure, the doctor prescribed it, and it’s going to make you feel better, but is

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Can You Take CBD for More Energy?

Have you ever tried to take CBD for more energy? We get it. Some days, we’re all running on empty—life is demanding. It pulls us in multiple directions at what seems like the worst times.  You know, those times where you’ve misplaced your motivation or those days where you can’t

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How to Trick Your Brain into Doing Hard Things

Nobody likes doing hard things. Sure, that’s an obvious statement but it’s also a true one. Difficult tasks and goals require a higher level of effort, and unfortunately that higher level of effort can be a filter for many of us. How many times have you chosen a goal (lose

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What Is CBD Used For in Daily Life?

Okay, so serious question…”what is CBD used for?” It’s a common question for people who’ve never used CBD. And it’s a topic worth exploring for the uninitiated.  Here are a few common uses… To Elevate Your Morning Mornings are hard. Even if you’re the type of person to get up

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Here’s Why You Should Be Taking CBD Every Day

Is it reasonable to ask if you should be taking CBD every day? Many of us wake up and do the same thing every day.  Some of us work out, some take care of the kiddos, a few roll over and hit snooze 27 times—whatever the case—many of us forget

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What Does CBD Stand For? A Beginner’s Guide to CBD

If you’re wondering what CBD stands for, here’s the short answer: Cannabinol (CBD). And CBD has come a long way.  Sure, hemp has been around since ancient times, but this doesn’t mean it didn’t have to jump through a few hurdles to acquire acceptance and status.  It’s a non-psychoactive compound

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What’s the Best Diet for CBD?

Is there even a “best diet” for CBD? Actually yes. When it comes to our diets, most of us feel like there’s room for improvement.  While there are hundreds of reasons to opt for particular food choices, there’s one key reason related to CBD—and it has everything to do with



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