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A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective

With high-quality CBD products, there’s often more than meets the eye. Come check out the different ways that you can view CBD! By: Jacob La Cava There are countless reasons that we love to view art; the calculated color contrasts, the view-altering angles, the hidden subtext that we get to dig our hands into, etc. […]

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The CBDfx Guide To Camping With CBD

Consider yourself new to camping? Here are a few helpful CBD-infused ways to approach camping for those with little outdoor experience! By: Jacob La Cava Ah, camping; a national pastime in which you, friends and family head out into nature and pretend to be cavemen for a weekend. Camping is a great way to take […]

Is The NFL The Next Major Sports League To Embrace CBD?

Is The NFL The Next Major Sports League To Embrace CBD?

Is the NFL the next major sports league to remove cannabis from their banned substances list? Let’s see if the dominos are falling in the right direction! By: Chloe Persichetti Finally, hemp is becoming a real target of conversation in major league sports. Since the federal legalization of CBD, hemp has been slowly reaching levels […]

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How To Live A Hemp-Centric Lifestyle

It’s National Hemp Day, and we’re highlighting just how easy (and environmentally friendly) it is to spend your whole day using hemp products! By: Jacob La Cava and Chloe Persichetti February 4th is National Hemp Day, and you already know that as one of the top sources of hemp-based CBD products, we have to write […]

What is CBDfx

What Sets CBDfx Apart

There are countless CBD brands out there, how do you pick out the best ones? Here are some reasons that CBDfx is a step above the rest in the CBD industry! By: Jacob La Cava and Chloe Persichetti An important question to ask yourself while you browse the CBD market and research different brands is, […]