CBD Confessional: CBD for Anxiety

CBD Confessional: Why I Take CBD For Anxiety

Note: this blog was written by a contributor to CBDfx. This person wishes to remain anonymous due to the personal nature of her writing and experiences.

“Hey, why are you so anxious? Like, what exactly are you anxious about? Everything in your life is totally fine. I don’t get it.”

If you have ever struggled with anxiety and have opened up to someone in your life about it; chances are you’ve heard some variation on the utterly misguided sentiment above. People who have little experience with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept of what’s sometimes referred to as “free-floating” anxiety.

Generalized, or free-floating anxiety is not the same thing as the anxiety a non-afflicted person feels when they have a big test coming up, or a deadline at work. It’s not the same as worrying about whether your significant other will like their gift, or whether the birthday party you’re throwing will go well. You see, generalized anxiety isn’t about anything at all. It’s a pervasive sense of dread that hovers over your shoulders; a feeling of paranoia and being unsettled that simply never goes away.

I’ve struggled for years with generalized anxiety disorder. I understand logically that there is no immediate threat to my life or livelihood that warrants this feeling, but I can’t help it. The feeling is there. And it won’t go away.

Or at least, it wouldn’t go away until I started using a few drops of CBD tincture with my breakfast every morning. Full disclosure: I don’t smoke weed, and I don’t even drink. So when I first started hearing about CBD (cannabidiol), of course I rolled my eyes and figured that this was just the latest craze being popularized by people looking to legitimize their habits. But then I kept seeing headlines on CNN and other major news outlets highlighting reports by legitimate, world-class doctors that spoke to CBD’s medical uses — including for anxiety.

So I started to research CBD

I was shocked to learn that CBD actually doesn’t give you any high at all. No buzz, no psychoactive effects. I quickly realized that much of America will write CBD off simply because it comes from the humble hemp plant. And that’s why I’m writing this article right now because CBD helped solve my lifelong anxiety issues, and if I can inspire someone else to find relief in this treatment, then I feel like I’ve paid back the karma I received for finding this option in the first place.

When I first decided to TRY CBD, I was a little overwhelmed at all the options. These days, there are as many ways to take CBD as you can possibly imagine (in candies, in drinks, different ways to vape it, etc). I ended up settling on the tincture, which is just a little dropper that you use under your tongue.

The first day I used it, I felt… nothing. Certainly no “high”, no side effects, just… nothing.

And for an anxiety sufferer, I cannot tell you how good “nothing” feels. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. That’s the whole point: for me, CBD doesn’t make me “feel” something, it makes me not feel anxious. There are no fireworks, no obvious signs that it’s “kicking in.”

It simply removes anxiety from my life with surgical precision.

If you suffer from anxiety too, and don’t want to heavily alter your brain chemistry with pharmaceuticals, I urge you to give CBD a try. It could make all the difference in your life, as it has in mine.

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