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WHAT’S PET CBD OIL? A natural supplement made with simple ingredients that are shown to be safe for your beloved animals, Pet CBD Oil helps bring possible relief to dogs suffering from pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, and other conditions. Pet CBD Oil comes in three concentrations so your dog gets just the right dosage. WHY CBDFX? Your dog deserves the best and purest Pet CBD oil. We make our oil from hemp plants grown organically at our state-of-the-art partner farms right here in the USA. Our CBD oil for dogs is cleanly extracted with CO2, and never with toxic solvents or other harsh chemicals. The full-spectrum CBD oil for pets that we use carefully omits the presence of THC, the compound that causes the user to feel “high.” Just like our CBD products for humans, our Pet CBD Oils contain only high-quality, natural ingredients such as coconut oil. You can check batch reports from an independent third party lab to see how pure our CBD oil for dogs truly is.

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At CBDfx, we believe your pets are your family. It’s important to trust that whether you’re feeding them food, treats, or supplements, they’re getting the same standard of quality you would demand for yourself or your loved ones. As CBD pet products become more popular thanks to owners’ awareness of the potential health benefits of CBD for dogs and cats, it’s important that you feel good about what you’re giving your furry friends. Pet CBD oil by CBDfx comes with a special dropper for easy application, as well as targeted dosage amounts to make sure your beloved pet receives just the right amount of organic CBD to make them feel their best.

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Is your cat showing signs of extreme anxiety when it's time to take a trip to the vet? Does your dog have aching joints that inhibit their ability to walk? Thanks to our line of hemp-derived CBD products for pets, you can finally give your furry friend the relief that they deserve.CBD benefits our furry companions as much as it benefits us. Our organic, full spectrum hemp extract gently and naturally provides your pet with what they need in order to feel their best. Rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and beneficial terpenes, our line of CBD Pet Oils can aid with a wide array of common ailments such as poor appetite, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

CBD Pet Oils

CBDfx’s Pet CBD Oils come in three different concentrations: 150mg (small breeds), 300mg (medium breeds) and 600mg (large breeds). The special dropper makes it easy to administer, plus allows for proper targeted dosage amounts so your beloved pet receives just the right distribution of organic CBD to make them feel their best.Because of the relatively safe nature of hemp, you can feel good about giving it to your furry friend on a daily basis. Pet CBD Oil by CBDfx is specially formulated to boost your pet's health with a concentration that’s compatible with their unique system. Because this hemp comes in an oil form, it is easy to incorporate into their daily meals. The neutral taste won't interfere with the flavor of their favorite foods.

Pets Are Part of The Family

At CBDfx, we believe your pets are your family. It is important to trust that whether you’re feeding them food, treats, or supplements, they are getting the same standard of quality you would demand for yourself or your loved ones.

CBD for Pets FAQ

CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive, and it is safe to give to your pet. Extensive research done by Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital shows that CBD is “safe and well-tolerated” by animals. They only caution that you should be sure that there is no THC present in any CBD items you feed your pet -- and of course, CBDfx does not use THC in any of the items we offer.

Dosing for pets is trickier than for humans, due to their smaller size. Therefore, CBDfx’s pet-focused products come with special potency formulations for small, medium, and large breeds. Also, the included dropper makes it easy to put drops directly under the animal’s tongue (or into their food). As always, the purity of ingredients used to make the tincture itself is held to the same rigorous standards as our human CBD products.

Pet owners are finding that CBD is an incredible alternative option for many common pet issues. From older pets who have joint and pain problems, to animals who suffer from seizures, and even dogs who are overly anxious and prone to barking -- CBD offers an exciting, natural, and organic way to provide your furry friend with some much-needed relief.

Absolutely not. CBD is non-psychoactive, and has nothing to do with the “high” associated with THC. That’s a stigma that’s finally starting to go away with time, as the public becomes more familiar with CBD and understands that CBD is not used recreationally and does not have a potential for abuse.

CBDfx has 3 dosage strengths available depending on the size of your pet’s breed. This is in line with standard guidelines that recommend 1-5mg of active CBD per 10lbs of pet body weight. Generally, this is dosed every 6-8 hours depending on size, or simply as needed.

All of our CBD oils for humans are made with ingredients that are as safe for animals as they are for people. Our Pet CBD Oils contain high-quality, full-spectrum organic hemp oil extract just like we use in our products for humans. We extract our CBD oils from certified-organic hemp plants, so they’re certain to be non-GMO and free of pesticide residues. Our CBD oils have no cheap filler ingredients that could cause problems for you or your dog. You should be cautious about giving other brands of CBD oils for humans to your animals, but if you treat your dog with human CBD oil from CBDfx, it shouldn’t cause them any harm or unwelcome side effects.

However, CBDfx Pet CBD Oils truly are the best choice for your dog. You can select from concentrations of 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg, formulated for small, medium, and large breeds. That makes it easy to give your dog just the right dosage. CBDfx Pet CBD Oils come packaged with a handy dropper so you can put a few drops on a favorite food—no coaxing or forcing necessary to give your dog CBD oil to potentially help relieve pain, inflammation, anxiety, loss of appetite or other conditions.

Best of all, pet lovers are reporting that CBD oil for dogs really helps their four-legged family members. “My 13-year-old Yorkie has arthritis and after giving her a dose of CBD I noticed she was more energetic,” says Hillary J. “My 2-year-old Yorkie is constantly itching and after giving him a dose of CBD oil for dogs it seemed to help lessen his scratching. I definitely will be buying it again.”

The right CBD dosage for your pet depends, first and foremost, on its weight. Veterinarians who recommend CBD for animals typically suggest doses of 1 to 5 milligrams per 10 pounds of the dog’s body weight. That means, 3 to 15 milligrams per dose for a dog that weighs about 30 pounds. To assess your pet’s reaction to CBD, start with the minimum dosage and increase gradually, as needed.

The dropper that comes with our CBD oil for dogs lets you give a consistent dose to your pet every time. “I noticed that my 12-year old dog was slowing down and had some pain in her back legs. She yelped if you touched her a certain way,” says Jeryl A. “I’ve been giving her four drops of CBD oil for pets in the morning and four at night. After about a week of giving her CBD her cries have drastically lessened and she seems to have gotten some of her spunk back.”

We know how challenging it can be to give dogs medications and supplements that help them stay healthy. Often you have no choice but to either try to trick dogs with treats, or force them to swallow while they resist. Our CBD oil for pets makes all of that hassle-free. You can just add the recommended number of drops to their regular food or their favorite treat—CBD oil for dogs won’t affect the flavor. Your dog will begin to feel the benefits of CBD oil in about 30 minutes, as it is processed by the digestive system. If you can squirt a few drops of CBD oil under your pet’s tongue, it may begin to take effect in as little as 10 minutes.

Either way, CBD oil works with dogs’ own internal systems to help them stay healthy and happy. Pet owners who give their dogs CBD oil for pets have noticed a wide variety of potential benefits, including more energy for walking and playing, and heartier appetites. Playful, happy dogs put smiles on the faces of their families