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CBDfx Brand CBD for Pets


Our aim with the CBDfx pet line was clear; create the best and purest pet CBD tinctures possible for your beloved furry friends. Just like humans, CBD for dogs, cats, horses and other pets have endocanabinoid systems that can be stimulated with high quality CBD oil. When you buy CBDfx pet products, you can rest assured that your pet is getting the best CBD oil available. We publish the lab report for each product and test our CBD raw material for pesticides, heavy metals and micro toxins to ensure that your pet is getting the cleanest and safest CBD oil on the market. Administering CBD to your pet is easy; simply apply a couple of drops under the tongue or mix with food or water. The CBDfx pet line has a the best flavor profile that dogs, cats and other furry creatures are sure to love. In addition to CBD, this tincture will provide your pet with a potent dose of cannabinoids, terpenes and amino acids because we only use the best full spectrum CBD oil that we can get our hands on. Being able to provide the highest quality CBD for dogs, CBD for Cats, CBD for larger or even smaller animals is something that CBDfx as a brand is very proud of.


CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive, and it is safe to give to your pet. Extensive research done by Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital shows that CBD is “safe and well-tolerated” by animals. They only caution that you should be sure that there is no THC present in any CBD items you feed your pet -- and of course, CBDfx does not use THC in any of the items we offer.

Dosing for pets is trickier than for humans, due to their smaller size. Therefore, CBDfx’s pet-focused products come with special potency formulations for small, medium, and large breeds. Also, the included dropper makes it easy to put drops directly under the animal’s tongue (or into their food). As always, the purity of ingredients used to make the tincture itself is held to the same rigorous standards as our human CBD products.

Pet owners are finding that CBD is an incredible alternative option for many common pet issues. From older pets who have joint and pain problems, to animals who suffer from seizures, and even dogs who are overly anxious and prone to barking -- CBD offers an exciting, natural, and organic way to provide your furry friend with some much-needed relief.

Absolutely not. CBD is non-psychoactive, and has nothing to do with the “high” associated with THC. That’s a stigma that’s finally starting to go away with time, as the public becomes more familiar with CBD and understands that CBD is not used recreationally and does not have a potential for abuse.

CBDfx has 3 dosage strengths available depending on the size of your pet’s breed. This is in line with standard guidelines that recommend 1-5mg of active CBD per 10lbs of pet body weight. Generally, this is dosed every 6-8 hours depending on size, or simply as needed.