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December 3, 2019

Does CBD Affect The Keto Diet?



Does Cbd Affect The Keto Diet ?

Keeping up with Keto can be difficult! Let CBDfx help you by finding CBD products that fit into the lifestyle you want to maintain!

By: Chloe Persichetti
When it comes to the sensitive food selectivity of the keto diet, CBDfx is proud to share some products with you to aid in the accomplishing of all your keto goals, while still enjoying your favorite CBD!  We all know diets can be tricky to keep up with, and keto can often be one of the most difficult! Here at CBDfx, we have taken it upon ourselves to do a little bit of research for you. Want a way to consume CBD without additives so that it still fits in with your diet guidelines? There are ways to get the best of both worlds; keto can’t keep you from CBD!

Staying True to the Keto Code

Wake up tomorrow morning and give your usual coffee an enjoyable twist! As you watch your coffee machine churn and produce a steady drip of caffeine-filled goodness, instead of reaching for your usual butter or coconut oil, try adding our CBDfx Hemp Tincture instead. The base of the tincture is made with MCT oil, so you’ll be set to go with your normal routine — just enhanced with CBD this time! Did you know MCT is metabolized quicker and can offer a major boost much faster than other fats and oils? Feel free to also drop our unflavored tincture on your eggs, salmon, cottage cheese or drinks such as water! This simple method of adding MCT oil and CBD into your food regimen will be the most magical thing you’ve discovered since finding out that cheese is in your diet. This tincture can be paired with countless food items without seriously affecting your meal’s overall taste; the creative possibilities are seemingly endless!

If you’re new to the keto diet, we know you’re trying to avoid the “keto flu.” In order to avoid becoming the target of these flu-like symptoms, it’s critical to have minerals such as magnesium and potassium keeping you  moving! Luckily for you, these are both found in our full spectrum CBD products, such as our chill shots. We have two delicious fruity flavors of chill shot that will help you kick your sugar cravings to the curb: Lemonade and Berry.

Health is important to you, and we want you to aid your dietary journey as much as possible! Hemp is a phenomenal source of healthy fat and contains 10 essential amino acids. One product in particular, our CBD soft gel capsules, contains bountiful servings of both magnesium and potassium, as well as a full-spectrum CBD oil comprised of all the goodies found in the hemp plant! These capsules an easy buy when it comes to improving your quality of life and spicing up your otherwise restrictive diet.

Sorry — No Cauliflower Vape Pens Here!

You ever go to parties and friends keep offering you alcoholic drinks that in no way fall in line with your diet? Rums and fruity cocktails, each one seemingly packed with more added sugars than the last, leaving you wishing there was some alternative. It’s difficult to go out with friends when you know that they’ll be pestering you to drink with them all night. Now, you can keep your mouth occupied and your temptations away with CBDfx disposable vape pens

We must say, the flavors of our vape pens, such as Melon Cooler and Strawberry Lemonade, rival those of some mixed drink options you’d find in restaurants and at bars. If you already have a vape pen and only require the juice itself, you can pick from the bounty of equally delicious vape juices available on our website. With your pen in hand, you’ll have a better chance of dissuading your friends from begging you to drink, and you’ll have a tasty treat to enjoy all night long!

Our disposable vape pens and juices contain zero calories, as well as no sugar or carbohydrates! If intermittent fasting is your thing, then these sweet treats offer you a quick burst of flavor without breaking any of your diet’s rule. Even with other diets, you really can’t go wrong with a delicious, no-calorie product! Still not totally convinced? Our variety of disposable pen flavors are out of this world! The lack of sugar and calories has done nothing to hinder the flavors of each pen, as they still provide you with a strong taste and aroma profile upon each use. Keto and CBD can be a powerful union; just wait until you try it out! An added bonus, and something that’s gonna make you glad you read this far into the article, is available in our Fresh Mint CBD Vape Pen. This is going to also help keep your breath fresh, as you wage war against the tyrannical force known as “ketosis breath.” 

Make your own CBDfx Vape Pen Bundle

Infusing CBD and Your Keto Life


What many don’t realize is that the keto diet is only a portion of the daily routine changes that you can make in order to better yourself. While replacing sugar and high-carb meals with healthy fats and protein will allow you to feel better and give you a healthier lifestyle overall, you can allow your “diet” to branch out into other facets of your life, such as skincare. This is where a combination of keto and CBD topicals could be created, offering both inner and outer improvement and allowing you to take in a daily serving of CBD. CBD topicals can be used at any time of day, and since their concentrations are lower than those of most edible gummies and oils, they can be used more often and provide milder experiences. While your keto diet helps you to feel stronger and more alert, a CBDfx facial cleanser and mini balm will allow you to look stronger as well! In the search for a new you, this combination of diet and skincare would only work to improve the fruits of your labor!

Adding working out to your regimen along with this diet and skincare routine would be beneficial as well. After a workout, you’ll be wanting to replenish your body. The amazing thing about keto is that the foods you want to eat are surprisingly filling, so you won’t even have to count calories to lose weight! One fantastic way to get full is through eating lots of greens. Their low carb count and high amount of fiber will allow your body to burn lots of fat and boost brain and body capabilities. We have a great, green pick-me-up snack that will keep you going. Our Spirulina and Turmeric Gummies are the golden ticket when it comes to fusing keto and cannabidiol. First and foremost, they taste exceptional, so there are only things to gain when you begin taking this product! In every serving of two gummies, there are approximately 20 calories, 2g of sugar and a touch of agave. This snack offers a satisfying serving of CBD while helping you maintain your keto diet! 

Combining CBD and keto could help you in numerous ways, especially in the beginning when your body is adapting to it’s changing energy sources! CBDfx products are here to help you. Now, you don’t have to search far and wide to find a CBD product that fits into your lifestyle. Some people on keto said it couldn’t be done, but CBDfx has discovered the secret to a perfect fusing of CBD and keto, and has delivered in a big way! Products that taste awesome and keep you on the right track is what CBDfx is about. You can relax and enjoy yourself now, knowing that even your strict diet leaves a bit of room for something as fun and effective as high-quality CBD!

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