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February 13, 2020

Find Your CBD Product Based On Your Music Genre



Find Your Cbd Product Based On Your Music Genre

No matter what type of music you might prefer, there’s a CBD product that you can easily pair with virtually any musical genre!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Believe it or not, your music choice can help you gain insight into your personality and, therefore, what product most likely reflects you. We took our aggregated data and curated a specific, intrinsic list that will reflect your interests in a specific CBD product. You’ll be stunned by how accurate these correlations are. Let’s dive in!


Your coolness can’t be denied. The love you have for music — especially music that hasn’t hit mainstream radio stations yet — is a defining trait in your life. The term “selling out” is an active part of your vocabulary, especially when you’re asked, “Why don’t you listen to them anymore?” Regardless of the artists who choose to partner up with large record labels, your love for music never dies. In fact, you’d go as far as to say your ear is better tuned to recognize certain riffs and melodies that others don’t seem to understand — that is, until a year later when those riffs and melodies are on the top charts. 

One product that you will appreciate is our refreshing CBD Chill Shots. Their high-quality ingredients paired with all-natural CBD are the perfect match to your freshness. The Chill shots come in two equally delicious flavors: Berry and Lemonade. Their delicious taste is a great pick-me-up as you jam out with your off-brand headphones and hunt for fresh Indie bands on Reddit! The sweet taste of the supporting ingredients are the perfect complement to your jam sessions. 

Heavy metal

There’s a chance you love a good headbang sesh with your friends — it’s understandable! When your adrenaline starts pumping from a good song, it’s hard to stop yourself. The headbang has been a longtime practice in the metal community — EDM also shares this same love. Over the years, the wear and tear that comes with violently whipping your head around can lead to some discomfort in the neck and shoulders. We recommend our CBD muscle balm as you leave a physically demanding metal concert. The camphor and peppermint oils work together to lessen the discomfort of the affected areas! 

Another great topical for you to try is our aromatic moisturizing CBD balm. When you find yourself deep in a crowd of other rowdy metal fans as you watch your favorite artist, we understand that many people won’t…you know…smell as fresh as they could. After being in the middle of a mosh pit, you are going to need some escape from the bodily odors that you adopted from your fellow metal heads. We suggest bringing the mini version with you to easily store in your pocket or wallet and have with you in your moments of need. Apply liberally and let your nose relax as you pass by others in the crowd. 

best CBD hemp cream


Line dancing and Keith Urban are most likely to consume your world at times. The twang of the banjo and the caress of guitar strings as your favorite artist’s song begins is a wondrous feeling. As the song begins to pick up and you and your fellow cowpoke dance along to the tune, you know it’s time to begin the night! The music plays louder with your friends all around you — you can’t help but get carried away by the flow of things and throw caution to the wind as you begin to dance!

Hemp cream will be the perfect product for your wild night. All that physical activity will make you want some balm in your life. Since our CBD topical is great for pre and post-workout routines, you will be happy to have it by your side. We understand that country concerts can sometimes be more of a workout than when you actually go to the gym! Our topical cream, which is blended with menthol for a minty, fresh scent, is going to be the perfect product for you! So two-step your way over and try out this product — we know it’ll be the perfect companion for your next country adventure.


You probably have a favorite instrument that makes your heart beats a little faster when it’s audible on a piece, as well as a favorite musical time period that’s dear to your heart. We get your love and deep understanding of virtuosic music. Since you treat your mind to classical every day, we also know you will treat yourself when it comes to your skin. Just as every note fits into a piece, your skincare routine should fit into your life. Therefore, our CBD-infused face masks will be the product you’ll fall in love with. The all-natural varieties are perfect for any situation.

You may also come to find that your taste in composer will directly match the choice of face mask you gravitate to. For example, who can resist Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? Listen to the spring movement as you apply our rose CBD face mask. Breathe in the deep scents of rose and you will believe you are frolicking in fields during the springtime. Comparatively, take a sharp left turn and crank up some Rachmaninoff as you deeply cleanse your pores with our charcoal CBD face mask. Nighttime will soon be your favorite time of the day as you place our lavender CBD face mask on and relax as Brahm’s Lullaby plays in the background. Whatever your preferences are, we have a face mask for you! 

CBD for musicians


A rhythmic beat with a nice flow more than likely warms your heart. This genre of music is growing increasingly popular as time passes and now tops the charts with seemingly every musical release. The allure of R&B has continued to expand exponentially — that’s why we believe the allure of our tinctures could grow on you exponentially as well. The soft texture of the delectable tincture matches the smooth legato in your favorite singer’s melody! 

Here’s why we think R&B listeners will fall in love with the product: tinctures are going to be the perfect product because of their great taste and compact bottle that you can take with you to shows. The delicious flavors wrap your tastebuds up and cuddle them as Luther Vandross plays through your headphones and similarly cuddles your eardrums. You have great taste and so do the tinctures! There are both flavored and unflavored options to match any of your preferences. 


We hope you discovered your new-favorite product and take the chance of trying it out — we know you won’t be disappointed as this is a sure way to know what suits your tastes. If you listen to more than one category on this list, you can try out several different products that match all of your personality traits! There’s no way you will go wrong with a CBD list like this — keep on rocking!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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