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December 31, 2019

Getting ‘In The Mood’ With CBD



Getting 'in The Mood' With Cbd

CBD and intimacy are far from being mutually exclusive. Here’s how to use CBD products for a delightful one-on-one night with your partner!

By: Chloe Persichetti

CBD can be applied to every aspect of your life ⎯ even this one. With our recent product launches, we’re keeping you up to date on some new and innovative uses for CBD. *Late night R&B radio host voice* Light a candle, spray on your cologne or perfume, turn the speakers up and let’s get ‘in the mood’ with CBDfx. 

A Night To Remember

When you both meet up for your vibrant night together, let the colors fly with help from CBDfx! Special nights help you share a closer bond with your significant other ⎯ and we can’t think of a better way to strengthen your relationship than with a hefty helping of CBD. You’ll see what we mean after you try our three-phase step to a night neither of you will ever forget. Grab your CBD lotions, oils and anything else you might be interested in; it’s time to start the magic!

Setting The Mood

We encourage you to begin your night with our dry-formula CBD massage oil. On a night like this one, the oil is best used with the lights dimmed. Apply the oil on your skin, and if you’re feeling extra nice, apply it to your partner as well. CBDfx body oil will give you two an experience that deeply connects you in ways that you hadn’t imagined possible. Premium essential oils such as sweet almond, evening primrose and rosehip oil are fused together in CBDfx Rejuvediol Massage Oil to create a fragrance neither of you will be able to resist. 

This lovely body oil is coconut-based and works well on all kinds of skin…so you won’t have to worry about the more sensitive areas of your skin becoming irritated. The thick formula gently slides over the skin and penetrates its deep layers. The body oil will make you look at one another in awe ⎯ both glistening in the candle light with skin that’s soft to the touch. Once covered in the body oil, it will begin to absorb into your skin, and the excess will slide down your body ⎯ lightly pat yourself and your partner with a towel to remove what little oil remains. Once warmed up for the night, phase two begins and the passion heightens ⎯ running a bath is the next step. 

Ease Your Mind

CBDfx Bath Salts are a great addition for this second part. CBDfx has two bath salts to choose from, and while both will certainly get the job done, we recommend the Tranquil Bath Salt over the Detox Bath Salt for this situation. Lavender is the main scent for this bath salt option, which is also a known aphrodisiac and the ultimate aromatherapy scent. So while the hot bath is drawing, you’ll already be smelling the alluring salts. The relaxing, sensual fragrance will clear both of your minds to focus on one thing: each other. Tonight, the bath salts will be absorbed in the shaking water, while the fragrance of lavender gradually swells up and overtakes the room. 

Stepping out of the tub and drying off, you both will smell luxurious and notice each other’s skin revitalized from the Celtic sea salt intermingling with your bodies in the water. This 100% natural bath salt will take your night to the next level. You’ll want to stay in the tub all night, but don’t let this temptation slow you down! The night is still young; it’s time to change the location. The enjoyment of running room to room will intensify the energy of the night ⎯ the vigor won’t fade when you both take it to the bedroom for phase three.

best CBD bath salts

Bedtime Fun

That radiance that you’ve achieved through your CBD products will continue to shine through during this phase, and your partner is certain to notice it. It’s all you ⎯ we’re just enhancing your brilliance. For this nect phase, you’ll want to take out a CBDfx balm. We suggest shea butter citrus for the silky complexion it leaves. Back rubs can never be resisted; when your partner turns you around and you begin to feel the soft touch of their hands spreading the balm across your skin, your mind will be eased. The CBDfx Shea Butter Citrus Balm will soften the skin where the balm is applied. You have a lot on your mind ⎯ relax. The beautiful citrus scent will fill the air as the two of you dry off more in the sheets. It gets better, too: the balm is fully vegan and contains 150mg of high-quality CBD. This beautiful balm will shock you both by how wonderful it is. 

Finish the night with a delicious disposable pen. There are so many different options to choose from, you both might as well switch out between multiple. Why not have a little more fun and grab some different varieties to try ⎯ you’re already having an indulgent night! Tired, lying in bed, you both wrap each other closer…mainly to better share the pens you both are hitting, but we’ll pretend it’s because you both want to cuddle even more. The contentment you’ll receive from the pen will be a perfect ending to a pleasure-filled night. You both lay back, taking pulls from your pens and thinking about how lucky you are to be together. As the cherry on top, the enjoyment you’ll get from the fruity flavors of our pens will be the perfect end to your day, leaving you with eyes closed, smiling. 

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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