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November 26, 2020

Here’s Why MCT Oil is Used in Every CBDfx Product


Dallin Nelson

A CBD tincture

At CBDfx, we take pride in ensuring that all our supplements are as effective as possible, which is why MCT oil is used in every CBDfx product.

You might be asking why we would tout oil as a wellness supplement, and in this blog, we’ll talk about it.

The human body is an amazing, self-sustaining system that depends on a complex network of different vitamins and minerals to keep itself going strong.

It’s an exchange where raw materials are taken and turned into new cells, help other raw materials turn into new cells, which help other raw materials… you get where we’re going with this.

However, there is an art to healthy eating. The only way vitamins and minerals can be used by the body is by being bioavailable. Unless you absorb raw materials while also fueling the process that turns them into useful building blocks, eating healthy doesn’t do much good.

Ever wondered why salads come with dressing? Why toast goes well with butter?

It’s because those fats help your body to digest denser, more fibrous food, and put them to good use. In this blog, we’ll talk about what MCT oil is and why we include it in our products here at CBDfx.

Molecule Size Matters

Fat moleculesWhile it may seem like all molecules are equally tiny, some are smaller than others, and the smaller they are, the easier they are absorbed by the body. A small molecule can penetrate deeper layers of other molecules, leading to the dissolution or disintegration of larger molecules.

One good example is how nail salons use skin moisturizers after they remove old nail polish—acetone, the smallest of the ketones, is volatile and easy for the body to absorb. In the same way that acetone easily disintegrates nail polish, the skin absorbs it quickly, allowing the acetone to dissolve its oils and dry it out.

Proteins are large and hard for the body to put to use, but amino acids are small and easy to access. Polysaccharides (complex sugars) aren’t easy to use as monosaccharides (simple sugars).

Why does all this matter? Because when it comes to getting the right vitamins and minerals, small molecules help your body access more of them. It’s why medicine is bioengineered to be small.

What Is MCT & Is It Small?

Technically, MCT is medium—its full name is medium-chain triglyceride. However, in the world of fat molecules, the medium is substantially smaller than the other ones, making it much more bioavailable. Because of the size, these molecules can penetrate the body’s systems more easily, helping them to digest better and do their work elsewhere.

Over the last few years, you probably noticed more and more fitness diets including coconut oil. Why? Because coconut oil is high in MCTs, so fitness junkies can easily digest their specialized diets and leave less behind.

This is important because leftover food is usually stored as fat in the body, so better metabolization can lead to a better body mass index (BMI).

One study even shows how cooking with coconut oil leads to a lesser feeling of being full.

For bodybuilders, this means being able to pack more calories into each meal.

How Does MCT Oil Help Digestion?

A vial of CBD and tinctureWhile coconut oil does contain MCTs, MCT oil itself is different. Unlike coconut oil, MCT oil stimulates the production of that feeling of being full, making it easier to stop eating and avoid extra calories. This is why some weight-loss diets include MCT oil.

Remember those ketones we were talking about earlier when we mentioned acetone?

They play a part in digestion as well. Because of their higher bioavailability, MCTs are able to turn into ketones that burn fat. By incorporating MCTs into your diet, you may be able to stay in that fat-burning state longer.

Helping the Gut Do Its Job

Because MCTs are more easily absorbed than other molecules, they can travel through the gastrointestinal tract (GI) faster, reach the gut, and get to working providing energy to digest food. Your stomach’s digestive ability depends a lot on the bacteria that grow in it. Without that bacteria, the fungus can grow, leading to infections and other problems.

MCTs have been shown to significantly prevent the spread of disease while promoting the growth of the good kind of gut bacteria, leading to better digestion and overall health.

This could be why some people choose to take MCT oil as a daily vitamin.

Protecting Your Brain Health

MCTs can also aid in brain and neurological health. Your brain and nervous system function like an intricate network of tunnels, only the tunnels are full of fats.

Seriously, without fat in your diet, your brain has a harder time communicating with the rest of the body.

As an electrical insulator, fat is crucial in helping your brain’s signals change direction and stop where they need to.

Because they are smaller molecules, MCTs are versatile in your brain’s methods of communication.

There is a lot more research to be done here, but the results at this stage are exciting. At the very least, MCT oil has no known harmful side effects, making it a good addition to any diet.

How MCT Oil Helps Our Products Work Better

A tincture of CBD oilSo why do we include MCT oil in all CBDfx products? Simple. It helps the body absorb the other supplements more completely.

By including MCT oil in our CBD tincture oils, for example, the body will have a better platform to absorb the entire broad spectrum of cannabinoids. This ensures that all our products work as intended.

MCTs make it easier for the body to absorb the other supplements but MCTs are a supplement of their own. MCT oil is a simple way to help the body make the most of the food you give it.

How Can You Find High-Quality MCT Oil?

When you buy a wellness supplement, you want to know that the product is made with your health in mind. CBDfx only buys from the highest quality vendors of organic products. All our supplements are lab-tested to prove that they are the real deal.

MCT oil is emulsified from coconuts and palm kernels. When you buy from CBDfx, you can rest assured that the entire growing process is organic from beginning to end. Our supplements are grown with love and care so that you get the very best products available.

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