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April 8, 2020

How CBD Connects To The World's Greatest Civilizations



How Cbd Connects To The Worlds Greatest Civilizations

Did you know that Ancient China used hemp for their food and clothing? Hemp and CBD have connected the world in ways that you’d be amazed to learn about!

By: Chloe Persichetti

The surface area of the earth is roughly 197 million square miles, and it houses a wide array of plant life and other living creatures. Spanning across centuries, there’s one item that has connected many of the earth’s living organisms, regardless of species, race or class: CBD. Going as far back as Ancient China, there are records of countless civilizations using hemp plants for a variety of purposes, including both weaving it into clothing and eating hemp seed for their nutritional value. Everyone from the Buddha to George Washington has enjoyed a rich relationship with CBD!


As humans began discovering the power of the hemp crop, the plant immediately got to work changing the lives of those who cultivated it. Suddenly, people had a source of reliable nourishment to add to their diets, enabling them to work harder and quicker, thus helping in the advancement of their societies. As the world progressed, the strength brought forth from the hemp plant was helpful in allowing the minds and bodies to reach feats otherwise not seen at the time. The nourished brain is a powerful tool, and it’s one that was necessary in order for earlier civilizations to progress. That is why societies around the world seemed to place hemp on such a high pedestal, as it played an integral part in many of their everyday lives. 


This incredible plant proved that unity could come in any form. The collective sense of togetherness is a fundamental component of happiness and can lead to the betterment of the world. Time and time again, hemp has shown that it is truly a world connector that many civilizations could lean on. 

How Hemp Transformed Civilizations  

A wave of information crawled across the globe, slowly reaching many renowned civilizations. This information contained secrets about the many qualities of the hemp plant. Soon enough, much of the world came to recognize the functional benefits of this wondrous hemp plant. One of the first documented cases of hemp being used was as a component in tea. In ancient times, the Chinese believed that hemp tea had great therapeutic attributes, and they quickly found other ways to use the plant, such as in food and fabric. China appears to have the longest continuous history of hemp cultivation – over 6,000 years! From there, hemp enjoyed its jet-set life across the world, being used in teas, food, fiber and sails and finding use in countless societies. 


Imagine what the world might have looked like if our ancestors hadn’t found a sturdy material to reinforce their sails. With hemp fibers, world travel might not have come nearly as quickly as it did. Even old texts and historical documents were written on hemp paper; these could have vanished entirely if they were written on a less resilient material! Whole swathes of history could have been lost, all because an ancient historian decided that hemp paper didn’t have the sleek look that he was after. The unification of the globe through hemp is a feat not many plants, nor people, can attribute themselves to. It can be easy to get lost in your everyday life, but when you take a step back and gaze at the world through a wider scope, you can see just how many people you never thought would have commonalities. There are many similarities across the globe when it comes to hemp, and countless individuals were brought together through their love of the plant.

A United Love Over A Plant  

All walks of life can enjoy the multifaceted hemp plant. One of the most beautiful aspects of the plant is that it knows no boundaries…except maybe the weather conditions necessary for it to be grown. If we take any lesson from this plant, it’s that all societies have the ability to come together through our unifying commonalities. We all have similar interests here and there, no matter how far apart our cultures might ideologically and geographically be. As we begin to delve deeper into cultures, traditions and values, we can begin to understand all groups of people share at least one interest with everyone else. With a little research, you’ll come to find that a love of CBD is one such interest. 


As of now, hemp is grown in approximately 30 countries. Laws, new technologies and a different way of life have caused hemp cultivation to dwindle. No longer does the world demand hemp fabrics and paper. Though the cultivation isn’t spread across the world as it once was, it doesn’t mean hemp isn’t still uniting people on a global scale. Its legacy is kept alive by the tiny compound known as CBD. CBD can now be shipped to many countries that don’t grow it themselves, keeping the world’s passion for hemp and CBD alive and well. The U.S. endured a century-long prohibition of the plant, but that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. At present, America is a leader in CBD sales and continues to give the plant a foundation to grow upon. While countries in the past seemed to take turns pioneering the world of hemp, the plant can now be found in abundance no matter where you are around the globe. 


What was once desired most as a coveted crop is now sought after for its abundance of CBD. Times have changed, and the world’s power struggles have seen civilizations rise and fall, but the one constant has always been a united appreciation for hemp. The plant’s future doesn’t have to differ from its past – and it currently appears as if it won’t. The united love for hemp continues to grow, which is part of why we have the privilege of providing you with our beloved CBD products. Connecting the world in a natural and positive way is what makes the CBDfx family so dear. We wanted to take this time to thank you for trusting us with your CBD, as well as for helping unite the world.

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