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September 30, 2020

How to Reach Your Highest Self


Paaez Coleman


Looking to reach your highest self?

We get it.

It’s one of those broad, complex ideas you have to dig into dating back to Hindu notions. 

From a new age and metaphysical perspective, everything in the universe is energy.

The “higher self” is the part of you that loves unconditionally and observes things without judgment

You’re probably reading this thinking you don’t feel very in tune with your higher self, and that’s okay. We have to do certain things to reach our highest potential. Sometimes, this base goal gets thrown off balance with everything we encounter.

Taking all of this into consideration, here are some ways you can reach your highest self. 

Acknowledge Your Potential

Realizing and accepting your full potential is part of a process called self-actualization. This psychological concept was first introduced by Abraham Maslow, where he referenced a hierarchy of needs. 

He describes self-actualization as “becoming everything you are capable of becoming.”

The concept describes how we, as individuals, need to be adept and aware of our full potentiality. 

But how do we achieve this or embrace this idea if it’s new to us?

According to Maslow, we all need to achieve the four basic levels of needs before we reach “self-actualization.” 

  • The Basics – Food, water, and shelter
  • Safety – Security and stability
  • Relationships – Sense of belonging and love
  • Esteem – Respect for yourself and others

Once you’ve fulfilled the four essential needs, you can look into what being a self-actualized person entails. As stated earlier, it’s understanding your strengths and weaknesses and applying them to every aspect of what you’re trying to achieve in life. 

This includes not discounting yourself and your abilities, accepting yourself and others, embracing your creativity, developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with others, and functioning with purpose

Many of us experience cycles of self-doubt and denial when we’re fully capable of making our dreams a reality. Never count yourself out of the game, even if you’ve only begun. Sometimes, the only thing standing in the way of what you want is your mindset.

Maintain a Positive Mindset with Meditation

Many people can feel they’re not in touch with their highest self because they are consumed with stress, anxiety, and worry. 

Meditation is a natural way to alleviate all of these negative feelings and make you more aware of your higher self. When we practice meditation, we’re able to focus on ourselves and calm our minds. This is why meditation is one of the most effective ways to reach your higher self. 

You can try different meditation types to see which technique works best for your lifestyle and needs. However, with the primary goal of attaining the higher self, transcendental meditation practices allow you to reach different consciousness levels

It’s an excellent way to get in touch with your higher self. In fact, it’s the goal of many who consistently practice meditation. 

Understand the Beauty Associated with Your Struggles

One thing’s for sure, it’s hard to maintain a positive mindset when life is throwing curveballs your way. We’ve all heard our struggles build character, and while this is true, it’s hard to grasp this when there seems to be a rain cloud following you around. 

This brings us to the idea of stoicism. When we adopt stoicism, we accept how things occur in our lives, and strive to turn them into learning lessons. It teaches us how very little is in our control, except our thoughts, beliefs, morals, and how we choose to handle things. 

When you accept this premise, you’re one step closer to connecting with your higher self, understanding the beauty in life, no matter what it looks like.

Incorporate Minimalism into Your Life

Many of us get caught up in materialistic things and end up with a bunch of stuff we don’t need. This brings us to our tactic for reaching your highest self—trimming the fat and adopting a minimalist lifestyle. 

This is another step you can take to get closer to your higher self and release the attachment you’ve formed with material things. Getting rid of the need for “stuff” works in several ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry because as we accumulate stuff—we accumulate debt. 

Instead of basing your victories on materialistic things, live your life based on experiences. Some other benefits of incorporating minimalism into your life are less clutter, work with fewer distractions, and freeing yourself from the need to “keep up” with others. 

Living minimally can take some getting used to, but once you declutter and reorganize your space, you’ll sense newfound freedom on the horizon.

Empower Yourself through Nutrition 

We can’t forget how important it is to take care of ourselves by intaking all the essentials we need. Not only should you be drinking an adequate amount of water daily, but you should strive to consume healthy, balanced meals that keep you on the right track. 

You can add some supplements to your diet, but many people seem to forget all the nutrients we need can be found in the foods we consume. What we eat plays a massive role in how we feel.

Not to mention, when we eat certain foods regularly, it protects us from disease and illness. 

Moving Forward with Your Higher Self

Getting in tune with your highest self is more attainable than most people think. It only takes some practice to get going, and once you do, you’ll see your inner intuition and instincts speak to you in ways you never thought possible. 

Life is a beautiful gift, down to every inconvenience and troubling situation. It’s teaching us something our soul needs to learn to achieve our maximum potential in life. 

So, sit back, get rid of the excess, and absorb all the experiences life has to offer. After all, it’s all about what you make it, right?

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