CBD Vape Oil
Additive 60mg

Our 60mg CBD Vape Additive (in a 10mL bottle) offers an introductory, mild concentration of full-spectrum, organically grown CBD oil for users who are just starting out with CBD (or who prefer a lower concentration). Simply add anywhere from 1/2 to a full dropper of this additive to your favorite e-juice, or use this product as an oral tincture.

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  • CBDfx CBD Hemp Additives 60mg 3pk
  • CBD Oil Vape Additive – 60mg
  • CBDfx CBD- Vape Kit Hemp Additive Oil 60mg
  • Vape Additive 60mg
  • CBDfx CBD Hemp Additives 60mg 3pk
  • CBD Oil Vape Additive – 60mg
  • CBDfx CBD- Vape Kit Hemp Additive Oil 60mg
Solvent Free Extraction
The way your CBD is sourced matters -- a lot. CBDfx’s cutting edge supercritical CO2 extraction methods set the industry benchmark for purity and safety. Other brands use solvent-based extraction methods, which leave trace amounts of nasty substances like butane and propane in the final product. Over time, that’s a lot of chemicals to ingest… when all you wanted was pure CBD. Trust CBDfx to deliver clean, solvent-free products every single time, backed up by publicly available lab reports.
3rd Party Lab tested
While many companies like to make claims about the potency and purity of their CBD products, not as many can provide the evidence to back it up. We offer you a full, independent third-party lab report with each purchase that details the order’s contents. These reports describe the amount of each compound present in a given product, and also provide a guarantee that no dangerous materials such as heavy metals or chemicals are present. You don’t need to take our word on the potency of our products; we let these reports do all the talking for us.
Cruelty Free Products
In keeping with CBDfx’s focus on ethical, sustainable product sourcing and manufacturing, we’re proud to boast a full line of cruelty-free products that are never tested on animals. In fact, the majority of our product line is vegan, organic, and intentionally designed to help you feel good about what you’re taking every day.
Made in the U.S.A
At CBDfx, we know that the highest quality hemp plants are grown here in the USA -- and we also know that investing in America’s farmers is the best way to make the CBD economy work for everyone. As the humble hemp plant is finally having its national moment, we’re doing our part to make sure that we’re teaming up with farms and laboratories right here at home to create jobs for everyday Americans.
30 day Guarantee
We’re not happy until you’re happy! Your satisfaction is important to us, and we want to ensure that every product we ship out is up to the high-quality standards that we have set and maintained for ourselves over the years. You have the option to receive a full refund on qualified, unopened, unused items within the first 30 days after making a purchase.

About Our CBD Vape Additives

60mg CBD Oil Vape Additive

WHY CBD VAPE OIL ADDITIVE 60mg? As 60mg is our gentlest concentration, this is a good product for people who are just beginning to try CBD. 

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF: You’re looking to add a low to moderate serving of CBD to your usual favorite e-juice.

WHY CBDFX? We use top-quality hemp oil to formulate the best CBD vape oil additives. We extract the oil from plants grown organically at our partner farms right here in the United States, so our products contain no toxic pesticide residues or other harmful chemicals that might be found in other brands.  Our CBD vape oil additives are made with full-spectrum CBD, which includes all of the cannabis plant’s goodies, such as fatty acids, terpenes, and amino acids. Formulated with just three total food-grade ingredients, CBDfx CBD vape oil additive 60mg can be added to your vape juice, taken as a tincture under your tongue, or mixed into food or drink.

HOW DO I USE IT? Follow the label instructions. If it sounds appealing, you can start by adding half a dropper to a tank of vape juice. Add up to one full dropper if you want a stronger serving. CBD vape additive 60mg even works well in your vape kit by itself! If you want to try this mild-tasting CBD vape oil additive 60mg orally, you could potentially start with one full dropper.


  • 60mg per 10ml bottle
  • 100% organically grown, full-spectrum CBD
  • Free of GMOs
  • All food-grade ingredients
  • Lab reports from independent testing for purity and quality are available for you to review
  • Made in the USA
Weight1.8 oz

CBDfx 60mg.


Single Pack, 3 Pack, 12 Pack, Add a Vape Kit


Proprietary blend of CBD (Cannabidiol), Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin.

  • For Vaping: ½ to 1 full dropper per tank of e-liquid, based on preference


What’s the Best CBD Serving?

CBDfx is not in a position to recommend a serving amount to our customers, and we do not do so. In terms of consistency of experience and vape quality, we recommend adding anywhere between half and one full dropper to your e-liquid tank.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

CBD oil 60mg is a low concentration vape additive that allows you to find just the ideal amount for you. Try between a half dropper to a full dropper in a tank of any vape juice you like for best results. Or, squirt a half dropper full under your tongue and let your mucous membranes absorb the CBD from the oil. If you want a stronger serving next time, try a full dropper.

What Are the CBD Oil Effects You Should Watch Out For?

Everyone reacts differently to CBD oil, so it’s hard to predict a specific response to taking CBD oil.

How Long Does It Take CBD to Work?

The amount of elapsed time between taking CBD and having it become bioavailable depends on the method of use. Vaping CBD offers the quickest bioavailability, but also the fastest time to wear off. Ingesting CBD, on the other hand, can take 30-60 minutes to become bioavailable, but it should hang around in your system a lot longer before wearing off.

How Long Will 60mg of CBD Last Me?

Your own vaping habits have the biggest impact on how much you use each day. Like all of our CBD vape oil additives, the CBD oil 60mg comes with a special dropper that lets you use the specific amount that works for you. For consistency and quality’s sake, we recommend you start with a half to a whole dropper full in a tank of vape juice.


CBDfx Lab Report




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