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March 20, 2020

Revolutionizing The World Of CBD Gummies



Revolutionizing The World Of Cbd Gummies

In a world of ever-changing CBD trends and innovations, it’s always nice to enjoy a revamped classic! Check out our assortment of new and improved gummies!

By: Jacob La Cava & Chloe Persichetti

You heard it hear first, folks: CBDFX is introducing SEVEN new CBD gummies, some you may recognize and some so new that they’re guaranteed to blow you mind! The CBD industry is constantly evolving, seeing changes in everything from the popularity trends of different products to the very way in which people are able to consume CBD. Innovation is the lifeforce of all markets, and CBD is no exception. With new CBD brands appearing seemingly every day, there are ample opportunities for bigger and better ideas to emerge and take over the industry. This is part of what makes the world of CBD so interesting: the intense desire to innovate.

What if there was a way to be innovative without actually inventing a new way to consume CBD? What if you could take the foundations of the CBD industry – gummies, tinctures, etc. – and evolve them into revolutionary products that you’ve likely never seen before. 

There’s no longer a need to guess, because here at CBDfx, we’ve taken the initiative and concocted four new ways in which you can enjoy the CBD gummies that you know and love, while also consuming a host of supporting ingredients the provide benefits ranging from greater absorption of nutrients to immune system maintenance. Combining them with our better-than-ever original, turmeric & spirulina and melatonin gummy, you now have seven different gummy options to choose from!

Here is an in-depth look into each type of gummy: 

Original Red Gummies

These are the gummies that you’ve come to know and love from CBDfx, donning their classic red color and tantalizing, chewy goodness. They’re as pure as it gets, containing only the high-quality CBD hemp extract and supporting ingredients necessary to give it its gelatinous figure. All of its ingredients are all-natural as well, with items such as pectin doing much of the gelatin-forming work. If you’re looking for a gummy that specializes in being as pure and stylish as possible, this is the perfect option for you!

Now for the minor changes. While the taste and contents of the gummies haven’t been altered in any meaningful way, their shape has seen adjustments. Each gummy now possesses a stylish, practical circular appearance, and has the “CBDfx” logo proudly displayed on it. The bottles are still the perfect size for taking with you in your bag or purse wherever you go. Any time you feel like having a pure, delicious CBD gummy experience, you’ll always have ol’ reliable by your side: CBDfx Original Red Gummies!

Tumeric & Spirulina Gummies

These gummies contain two highly sought after superfoods, each packed with antioxidants and nutrients that take these gummies to new heights. When it comes to your quality of life, CBDfx wants you to feel the difference. To ensure this, we went ahead and removed the sugar added on top of each gummy. You don’t have to worry; the recipe is still the same, and the delicious taste with zero additives isn’t going anywhere. We did, however, give it a little facelift. We all need a little change every so often – our gummies are no different! The new packaging and disc-like shape are going to improve the way you approach your daily CBD serving. Trust us on this one, you’re going to love this transformation. 

Tumeric and Spirulina Gummies are fully vegan (yes, there is no gelatin!) and are packed with broad spectrum CBD. Each delicious gummy holds 5mg of top-tier CBD, so each serving will be a delightful 10mg flavor explosion in your mouth. With all of this great taste, it’ll be hard to believe there are no fillers or artificial sweeteners in our gummies. To top it all off, they are completely GMO-free. 

CBD gummies with spirulina

Melatonin Gummies 

A bedside table staple, CBDfx Melatonin Gummies have become a trusted nighttime product. We saw how many of you truly love these gummies, and with your blessing, we turned the sleep attributes up a notch and improved their formula! We’ve added lemon balm, chamomile and passionflower extract for their naturally relaxing characteristics. Add that to the tantilizing 5mg of melatonin per serving, which is known for its ability to help regulate your sleep-wake cycle and leave you feeling better-rested, and you’ve got a perfect end-of-day product! After trying this new formula, you’re going to forget you’re in your bathroom and not a spa at a resort. 

Did you think we would stop there? We decided to also incorporate a vibrant terpene blend that’s also packed with magnesium, which is known for its sleep-related effects. With all these improvements, you’re not going to believe how quickly you fall asleep, as well as how refreshed you feel in the morning. These melatonin gummies are still 100% vegan and remain the undefeated champ of your nightly routine.

Biotin Gummies 

No matter who you are, we can all agree we want silky, strong hair, as well as smooth, healthy skin and strong, unbreakable nails. With biotin, all of those things can be achieved! We saw this impressive Vitamin B nutrient and thought, “Wouldn’t that go great with CBD?” Now, here we are, unveiling one of our newest gummies to grace the brand, and we couldn’t be more proud of the product we’re offering. 

Not only are these gummies packed with third-party tested, broad spectrum CBD and organic biotin, but they also contain vitamins B5, B12, B6, C, E and B9. We just couldn’t help ourselves when creating this formula we had to deliver even more vitamins and minerals to your diet! When you enjoy these gummies, you’re enjoying the benefits of several different essential vitamins and the all-powerful biotin!

CBD gummies for hair

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

We’ve all been there: looking down at a glass filled with apple cider vinegar, or “ACV” for short, trying to muster up the courage to drink it. The only reason you aren’t giving up is because of all the health benefits that it can provide for your body. We decided there needed to be a way to consume the vinegar without gagging. Who says ACV can’t be made to taste great? That’s why we created one of our own line of gummies infused with ACV to offer you all of its great benefits with a much more enjoyable taste. 

The benefits of apple cider vinegar seem to be endless. A few key highlights of ACV are its abilities to potentially reduce bodily inflammation and help maintain your blood sugar levels. Each serving of these delicious gummies gives you 1000mg of apple cider vinegar and 10mg of locally grown broad spectrum CBD. Now when you have your daily ACV, you’ll be shocked to find that you’re actually looking forward to the occasion, rather than dreading it. You’re going to absolutely love CBDfx Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – go ahead and grab some right now, we know you want to!

Men’s Multivitamin Gummies  (Coming Soon!)

That’s right, we created the perfect men’s multivitamin and combined it with all-natural CBD. Every man deserves a helping of crucial, supporting nutrients to help him get to where he needs to go in life. Our goal when creating this gummy was to identify exactly what the male body needs, and then fill our gummies with the necessary ingredients. If you take a look at the packaging, you’ll see a long list of vitamins that are crucial for functioning at a high level each day. Every ingredient is selected with your pleasure in mind. We wanted to design a lifestyle boosting CBD product with vitamins and other supporting ingredients that strengthen you from the inside out – quite literally, in fact, as the assortment of vitamins and biotin help to support the health of your hair, skin and nails!

Each serving of these men’s multivitamins contains 10mg of CBD. To make matters even better, these gummies are vegan and contain zero additives! Take these gummies with you throughout your day – keep them in your desk at work, or even in your car’s glove compartment when you’re on the go! Thanks to its compact size, each bottle makes it easy to take these gummies with you wherever you need to go. Once you try these new men’s multivitamin gummies, you’ll see what makes them such a next-level product. 

CBD gummies for men

Women’s Multivitamin Gummies  (Coming Soon!)

These pink gummies are going to be accompanying you everywhere in no time. They taste so amazing – it’s only going to come as an added bonus that they are filled to capacity with essential nutrients and vitamins, perfectly formulated to improve the daily lives of women around the world. Every serving is filled with 10mg of top-tier CBD, as well as 600mcg of biotin for hair, nail and skin support, and phosphorous to amplify your body’s ability to convert nutrients into energy. These pure gummies have been batch tested by a third party to ensure each gummy is up to our high standards. 

While these gummies are new, the quality CBDfx maintains hasn’t wavered. Each gummy is entirely vegan – we even made sure to keep out unwanted, sugary fillers to make more room for the added nutrients. These wonderful gummies will become a guaranteed staple of your daily regimen – and for good reason. Treat yourself and your taste buds to these women’s multivitamin gummies; they’ll certainly have you feeling the difference!

Each and every on of these gummies is designed, formulated and produced with the utmost care and attention to detail. Through a CO2 extraction process, CBD hemp oil of the highest quality is introduced to an array of other ingredients, hand-picked to produce certain valuable effects and blend well with the CBD. Now go out and experience the collection of innovative gummies that we’ve made available for your enjoyment!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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