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December 18, 2019

The CBDfx Guide To Flying With CBD In 2019



The Cbdfx Guide To Flying With Cbd In 2019

So, you’re headed to the airport soon and want to know if you can bring those hemp gummies or a CBDfx tincture along? Read on to learn more about the current relationship between the TSA and CBD!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Let’s face it: traveling is awesome, but flying can be a drag. You want to bring all your favorite cleansers and products, but you have to carefully fill multiple tiny tubs and bottles to a special limit to get through TSA — unless you want to spring for a checked bag that may cost you as much as your seat.

The hassle only continues when you want to bring some of your favorites from your CBD stash, but you’re just not sure what the rules are. After all, CBD is a recent phenomenon, and people just aren’t sure — can you take CBD on the plane with you? Everyone wants to bring their CBD goodies along when they travel, but nobody wants to get in trouble, which then leads to the infamous question a lot of people are asking: can you fly with CBD?

What’s Been Happening With TSA and CBD?

Waiting in those long lines with people everywhere — completely overcrowded and disorganized — can be a nightmare for some. Not to mention the boredom that is bound to sink in at one point or another. The entire time, there’s likely one thought running over and over again in your mind: “I wish I didn’t have to leave my CBD at home.”

Actually, that’s the main misconception today. There have been a lot of conflicting signals from the government and TSA about flying with CBD since the Farm Bill’s passing in December of 2018. The guidelines have been a little fuzzy, and in some cases, certain airports have taken their own stances on it. There have been incidents with CBD and TSA in the news recently. In the past, showing up to the airport with CBD may not have turned out to be a lovely experience. Thankfully, things have evolved a bit.

You may be wondering, What is the Farm Bill?

The Farm Bill is a piece of legislation that is renewed about every five years. In December of 2018, the most recent bill passed (the last being in 2014), legalizing the production and cultivation of industrial hemp. This is a huge deal, as the last time the hemp plant was legal was in the early 1930’s — and it became a Schedule 1 drug in 1970. All this is to say that CBD is still a newly legalized compound, and we’re in uncharted waters when it comes to regulatory agencies determining how to deal with it. 

This is ironic considering that hemp has been used all across the globe for centuries. There are many uses of the hemp plant beyond ingesting its cannabinoids. For example, strong rope and sturdy paper are only a couple of the incredible possibilities this remarkable plant offers. With its non-intoxicating properties, it is difficult to imagine that hemp used to be in a drug class above powerful and dangerous substances like methamphetamine (Schedule 1 vs. Schedule 2). Regardless of hemp’s increasing societal acceptance, using your best judgement is key when it comes to flying with CBD.

CBD for travel

The TSA’s Stance


According to the TSA’s publicly stated position, you are able to take CBD in your carry-on and checked bags as long as the products are under 0.3% THC. But remember, this figure is valid only if the product’s label is true and there are lab tests to back it up. Do not trust a CBD company that does not have lab results, as the actual THC levels can differ from what’s on the label… and thus, that CBD product may be illegal to take on your flight. With CBDfx, you will never have to wonder if your products are over the legal limit of 0.3% — because that won’t ever be the case.

Once on the flight, which we all know can be long and tiresome, it would be so great to turn and grab some CBD out of your bag. But since there’s no definitive stance on it, it’s worth weighing the facts to decide whether you want to do that. When in doubt, refer back to the TSA’s official public-facing statements on the matter to guide your judgement.

Rules Are Still Rules

Just because the TSA has tentatively given the thumbs-up to flying with CBD, that doesn’t mean that the regular rules don’t still apply. Remember to keep the liquid amount low if you decide to fly with a CBD tincture! Vape juices and tinctures should be kept at 3.4 ounces or under — this goes for all liquids on a flight when using a carry-on. Of course, there is no smoking or vaping allowed in the main cabin. Yes, this applies as well to CBD vapes and CBDfx disposable pens!

If you are still curious or want to check off all of your boxes, find your local airport’s rule page online to double check their stance for added peace of mind. If you are traveling internationally, you should most definitely be checking their airport and country’s laws on CBD. 

Now that CBD-infused products are permitted to be taken with you in your carry-on or checked bag, there are so many options for what you decide to take with you! For those travelers willing to be on the cutting edge of flying and CBD, the whole game has changed in terms of getting your daily CBD while away from home.

The supporting ingredients in all of our CBD products will make you feel lovely, whether it’s the shea butter in the balm, the MCT oil from capsules or the high-quality melatonin we’ve infused in a selection of our gummies. You can rest a little easier knowing that whatever CBDfx option you choose, you will be in good hands with a safe company who cares to ensure that their lab tests are independent and accurate! We guarantee that all our products contain 0.3% THC or less. 

Enjoy your destination, but also enjoy the journey getting there… with the help of CBDfx! 

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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