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January 8, 2020

The CBDfx Guide To Surviving A Terrible Date



The Cbdfx Guide To Surviving A Terrible Date

Dates usually go one of two ways. This is a CBDfx guide to help you when things go south. Use these tricks to get yourself out of any sticky situation!

By: Chloe Persichetti

If first dates were like the ones you see in Hollywood romance movies, the dating world would be a wonderful place. Meeting your fairytale partner and floating away into the sunset together is a fantastic way to end the night, but in real life, a date will typically end in one of the following ways: not knowing if you should go in for the first-meeting hug, unintentionally laughing from nervousness, awkwardly paying the bill for dinner or dodging a kiss goodbye. The truth is, you will never fully know what you are going to get when it comes to a one-on-one date. We hope for the best…but oftentimes a date ends up being the worst. If you are gearing up to go out on a date with someone for the first time, keep these tricks in mind − they could possibly save your night. 

You Don’t Know What You’re In For

You put thought into your outfit and ready yourself for the scenario playing out perfectly in your mind. Pulling up to the restaurant, you begin to feel your heart pounding a little quicker. You see your date already waiting for you in the restaurant, and the two of you get seated at a table − they seem nice. Over the course of a few minutes you begin noticing something: they aren’t very receptive to your questions. You try all the small talk you can think of, even pretending to be interested in the cat they’ve mentioned owning in the past, but no matter how hard you try or what topic you pick, you only get a one word response. This can cause conversation to feel tricky and make you want to give up, but inside you can’t decide what’s worse: racking your brain trying to come up with conversational questions or the awkward silences that haunt the dinner table as you wait for your order to be taken.

As you look around, trying to think of excuses as to why you must abruptly leave, you make a last ditch effort to start up a legitimate conversation. You’re asking them questions at this point that are completely random, your internal question generator beginning to fizzle out. There are only so many questions you can ask before becoming desperate. Even with the onslaught of questions, your date’s focus remains purely on what appetizer to get. We’re sure your back must be hurting from the weight of carrying the night’s conversation; to combat this, try some CBDfx overnight recovery muscle balm. The supporting topical ingredients in this balm will address those back muscles we know are on fire by now, and it will also provide you with a tantalizing new aroma. Phew! Now that you’re back on track, the waiter finally arrives − someone else can take over the conversation for a moment!

Mel Gibson And Butter

As you push on, you notice your date picks up their phone. You see a flash of something on their phone screen. “Is that…? No, it can’t be,” you quickly reassure your buzzing mind. Are your eyes deceiving you? They put down their phone and you realize that you were right on your first, dreadful guess. The home screen and lock screen images for their phone are two images of Mel Gibson from the movie, “The Beaver.” This date might be spiraling out of control faster than you previously thought it would. You begin wondering if there’s any compatibility between the two of you whatsoever. However, being the optimist that you are, you elect to stay, half because you want to see if it can get any worse and half because your pasta is phenomenal. At this point, you are beginning to fade; how could you not? You’ve been the only one participating throughout this entire date, and you’ve used up all the strength you had to get to this point. Time to pull out your Turmeric and Spirulina Gummies from CBDfx. The spirulina is actually a superfood packed with protein that can help fuel you as you push through this terrible date. 

You look up from your gorgeous plate of spaghetti and realize that it’s been quiet the entire time; looks like you’re still on the hook for creating and curating the conversation! Your date is meticulously buttering every side of the bread roll in his hand, and he keeps adding more butter to it after every bite. You look down at your watch and find that it’s only been 35 minutes since the date began. Not knowing what else to talk about, you suggest flagging the waiter down for another bowl of bread so your date can continue to fuel their butter addiction. When the conversation gets this dry and snappy, it’s time for a CBDfx Chill Shot. Excuse yourself for a well-deserved bathroom break and knock that baby back. The rush of flavor will give you the willpower to finish the date; at least you’re going to have an epic story to tell your friends!

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Ending the Night As Nicely As Possible

You walk back to the table and, to no one’s surprise, the butter that was brought out just before you excused yourself is already gone. As you sit back down, you ask a question that your date actually responds to with a full sentence! As you listen, happy that you get to know a little more about them, you realize the one question of the night that finally got them to talk was about Halloween being their favorite holiday and how they love talking to ghosts and Satan. Your eyes widen as you look across the table in shock. You quickly return to your dinner in silence, hoping the delicious food can save you and your petrified soul from this spine-chilling conversation.

You tap your feet on the ground as you hopelessly gaze into your bowl of nearly-depleted pasta. Then, you remember you have some CBDfx Capsules on you! There’s never been a time when a quality of life boost was more necessary than at this exact moment. Grab the CBDfx bottle from your coat pocket and take one at the table. Uncharacteristically, your date speaks first. “You know, I’ve been getting super into the Karate Kid sequels recently.” No, no, no, that’s the last straw; if you have one serious conversation tonight, it won’t be about Ralph Macchio. You tell your date that you feel like the dinner needs to come to an end. They nod their head, and after wolfing down the rest of the table’s bread and butter, they ask a waiter for your check. You end up paying the bill because this might have been some of the best − and worst −  entertainment you’ve had in awhile. When the two of you walk outside of the restaurant, you feel them leaning in toward you. Instantly, you transform into Mohammad Ali, ducking and dodging their buttery kisses. 


You say goodbye, swiftly walk to the valet, get your keys and sit in the safety of your car. Congratulations, you survived one of the most terrible dates you could ever imagine! Pull out the CBDfx on-the-go bundle that you’ve stashed in your glove box and reward yourself for the amazing work you did in there. Your next line of business is to go straight to your friend’s house and let them know what a disaster of a date you were just forced to endure!

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