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June 1, 2020

What Is CBG? Your Ultimate Guide To CBG vs. CBD



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There’s a new hemp compound that’s sweeping CBD consumers off their feet. Here’s everything that you need to know about CBG!

By: Paaez Coleman

The cannabis plant and its infinite capabilities never cease to amaze us, and right when we thought we knew just about everything, CBG steps onto the scene with even more for us to learn! We know that the facts and processes surrounding CBD and CBG can get to be a little confusing, and even a tad bit overwhelming at times with all the heavy science lingo. 

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to CBG! So, if you’ve been wanting to get the full scoop on this promising compound, you’ve landed on the right blog! Here’s the CBDfx ultimate guide to CBG:

What Is CBG? 

It’s kind of like deja vu, right? You probably had to do a double-take because you thought it was supposed to say CBD, but nope! We’re talking about the new hemp compound that’s causing everyone to buzz with excitement. CBG stands for cannabigerol, and it’s another non-psychoactive compound found in the early stages of the hemp plant. It works within our physiological systems to produce some really remarkable effects. When combined with CBD, these two compounds work synergistically to provide a powerful entourage effect. 

CBG is sometimes referred to as the “mother cannabinoid” or the “stem cell” of the cannabis plant, because it’s the first of the cannabinoids to take form before converting into other compounds. It actually starts out as CBGA or “cannabigerol acid”, and as the plant matures it can then convert into either THCA, CBDA or CBCA. Once these compounds are exposed to the decarboxylation process, they drop their carboxyl acid and become THC, CBD and CBC. Whew, there goes that heavy lingo again, but we just wanted to give you the actual science behind what happens during this process. 

So, you can see why CBG has to be extracted from the plant in the early stages of growth in order to create those highly sought after CBG products. If it’s not harvested at the perfect moment, it will quickly be converted into a different compound. As a result, we can see why CBG is deemed the “mother cannabinoid”, since it basically gives life to all the others. We’ve all come to know and love CBD, and with CBG being primarily responsible for its development, we’re just as excited to see what interesting CBG products start to fill the market!

It’s the short window that makes CBG hard to come by. In fact, the hemp plant’s genetics only show it containing around 1% of CBG, compared to the 20% of CBD that’s present. This means that those who attempt to harvest and extract CBG have to perform much more work to get the same amount of CBG as they would CBD! 

This presents an issue for cultivators who have the primary focus of extracting CBG. As the plant matures, the possibility of extracting CBG decreases, since it starts to convert into other cannabinoids. This intricate process leads many to reference CBG as one of the most expensive compounds to produce, because it’s scarce and very difficult to find the perfect window for extraction. 

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How CBG Works With Your Endocannabinoid System

We’re all equipped with our very own endocannabinoid system, or “ECS”, which is a complex system that sends signals throughout our bodies. The ECS influences a variety of systems within our bodies, ultimately having an effect on sleep, appetite, memory, mood, reproduction and even fertility. It’s composed of three major components: endocannabinoids, receptors and enzymes. Our body naturally creates our own endocannabinoids, which then attach to either our CB1 or CB2 receptors in order to send a signal alerting that certain areas within the system need attention. The ECS is quite complex, and researchers are still studying how it works and how it can benefit your overall well being. 

Much like CBD, CBG molecules bind best to the receptors of the ECS, filling the spaces that would otherwise be occupied by the cannabinoids that our own bodies produce. This is how CBG, as well as any other cannabinoids, are able to effectively interact with your body, and since it’s a non-psychoactive compound, it won’t leave you feeling intoxicated.


Although these two compounds have a lot in common, they also have some differences that make them unique. As far as similarities are concerned, they both come from the cannabis plant and interact primarily with your endocannabinoid system, communicating with certain receptors to provide your body with a range of effects. We know, it can all sound a bit too wordy at times; let’s just say they both function in a similar fashion within the ECS. In order to accomplish this task, they both access the CB1 and CB2 receptors  of the ECS, two of the most important receptors in the entire system. CBG is just as powerful as CBD, if not more so, which is partially why their effects are so popular when brought together in a single product. So, when you’re thinking about CBD vs CBG, just know that both of these cannabinoids are amazing on their own and unstoppable when combined!

CBG Oil Benefits Your Daily Wellness Routine

This compound can indisputably improve your daily wellness, working in an incredibly unique way to provide your body with its effects while adding a fun and interesting activity to your lifestyle. Since CBG is still relatively “new”, there is still so much more to learn about how it fully interacts with the human body. However, what we can say is that this cannabinoid only benefits from having its buddy CBD alongside it! The addition of CBG in any product helps to create a riveting item that does a little bit of everything – especially if it’s added to a tincture!

CBG Oil vs CBD Oil 

So, if you’ve kept up a little bit with the CBDfx blogs, you might remember the process in which CBD oil is created. It begins with the whole hemp plant being processed and crushed down into an oil. There are a variety of extraction methods available today, but CO2 extraction produces the purest oils and is the most environmentally friendly. These compounds share certain similarities, such as the fact that they’re both non-psychoactive. 

So, what makes these two oils so magnificent when combined? Well, when you put CBD oil and CBG oil together, the end product provides unmatched synergy. So, let’s recap and layout the similarities and the differences between CBG and CBD Oil. 


  • Both non-psychoactive
  • Both come from the cannabis plant
  • Both interact with the endocannabinoid system
  • Both possess a wide range of layered functional benefits


  • CBG is not as abundant in the cannabis plant (only 1% versus CBD’s 20%)
  • CBG binds to both the CB1 and CB2 receptors
  • CBG is only present very early in the hemp plant’s growth cycle
  • CBG converts into other cannabinoids, making it the “mother” of all cannabinoids

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How To Find The Best CBG Product

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to buy CBG oil, it’s basically the same process that you’ve already been going through to find some of your favorite CBD products. The first thing you should do is look at several different brands that have CBG oil for sale. Shuffle through a few different sites, see what they’re saying about CBG. What are some of the similarities they share? What are some of the differences in product descriptions?  Next, dig in and do some research on your own. You’ll be able to identify which brands really seem to have a good handle on their CBG knowledge!  Since CBG is fairly new on the market, you probably won’t see a huge variety in the types of products that are available. At this time, the majority of CBG products are going to be in the form of tincture oils due to their popularity and convenience. 

Also, always keep in mind how much experience you have with CBD. Since the compounds of CBD and CBG are similar, you can use your experiences with CBD to gauge how you interact with CBG, and then you can decide on a concentration that works for you. When browsing concentrations, make sure to pay attention to the actual CBG content. Is it pure CBG oil? Does it have a ratio of 1:1 or a ratio of 2:1? These are all major factors you should pay attention to. As stated before, a good rule of thumb is to always start small and work your way up. 

Once you’ve considered the latter and pinpointed some brands you’re vibing with, you can examine their products a little better by looking at third-party lab results. Any reputable brand should have these reports readily available. Most brands have it posted right on the product page, so you have no issues finding what you’re looking for. You basically just want to make sure you’re getting pure CBG oil that’s free of any toxins, pesticides or other harmful chemicals. These third-party lab results are also called certificates of analysis (COA) sometimes, so just be mindful that some people use those terms interchangeably. Another great tool for product research is the product reviews that you find on a brand’s website, as well as elsewhere on the internet. With these reviews in hand, you can really get a good feeling for how people are reacting to a given product, as well as the brand that produces it. 

When you’re looking for CBG products make sure that you pay attention to the types of ingredients it’s combined with. For instance, our Wellness 2:1 CBD + CBG Tincture or CBD Capsules combines all of the phenomenal qualities of CBD and CBG, and we take it a step further by utilizing the powerful effects of Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10. Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and it’s also the active ingredient in turmeric. We all know how beneficial turmeric can be to our wellness, which is one of the main reasons people have been finding creative ways to integrate it into their everyday lives for centuries! Curcumin is such a powerful agent in combating discomfort that it’s said to be more effective than your go-to, over-the-counter pain reliever. It just goes to show that the most helpful products are those that come straight from nature! 

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that your body naturally produces. The cells in your body use this compound for growth, energy and development. The only issue arising here is that our natural production of Coenzyme Q10 slows as we age, so it’s beneficial to supplement when possible. Together, the strong antioxidant powers of Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10 can work against signs of aging and protect your body from free radicals. So, when you combine these with the incredible effects of CBG + CBD, it’s a major win!

How To Use CBG Oil 

When you’re thinking about CBG Oil uses, consider how it should accommodate your schedule and lifestyle. There are so many ways you can integrate CBG oil into your life! Some people like to take their CBG oil before bed, while others like to take advantage of the balanced qualities of CBG + CBD during the daytime. Once again, start slowly and work your way up when deciding how much to take, and hold the drops under your tongue for about 60 seconds before swallowing. This ensures the highest absorption rate, because you’re allowing for it to absorb into your bloodstream through the capillaries under your tongue. Since we all possess unique body chemistries, the onset time can vary from person to person.

Final Thoughts

We all know that the cannabis plant contains hundreds of unique compounds, and it seems we’ve only begun to scratch the surface in realizing all of its potential. It’s interesting to think that with all of our modern technology, we still have so much to learn about our very own endocannabinoid system and how it functions, as well as the seemingly endless capabilities that all of these amazing cannabinoids seem to possess. 

There’s one thing we can be certain about, however: here at CBDfx, we’re always keeping up with the latest developments in the market, so that we can continue to bring you those high-quality, innovative products that make your everyday life so much better! That’s why we’ve created our Wellness 2:1 CBG + CBD Tincture Oil, providing you with organically sourced hemp and high-quality ingredients that are as effective as they are enjoyable! The more you learn about CBG, the more you’ll come to love it!

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