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July 18, 2020

Would You Rather?....The CBD Edition

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would you rather_ CBD edition

“Would You Rather” is a classic game that’s stood the test of time, mainly due to its reliance purely on imagination as opposed to requiring game pieces and adherence to a mountain of convoluted rules. All you really need in order to enjoy a fun session of “Would You Rather” is a couple of friends and some bizarre scenarios in mind. 

Would you rather be reincarnated as a squirrel or a rabbit? Would you rather only eat burgers or salads for the rest of your life? The mind is truly without limit when it comes to games like these, and some questions that seemed silly initially can also end up spawning unexpectedly deep conversations about the world around us.

Of course, that’s not to say that you won’t run out of questions to ask after a little while. Your brain can only come up with so many scenarios before short-circuiting. To keep things interesting, here are a few fun “Would You Rather” scenarios based around CBD that you can use the next time you’re playing with friends.

1. Would you rather only have CBD gummies or CBD tinctures for the rest of your life?

This is a good starting point for CBD-based questions, especially if your friends are also as interested in CBD as you are. Even if they aren’t the most knowledgeable about CBD, you can use it as a way to educate them on the different types of CBD products; what each brings to the table, their pros and cons, etc.

This question is sure to strike up some interesting conversations amongst real CBD aficionados. On the one hand, CBD gummies come in perfect sizes and can be taken with you anywhere. 

Likewise, CBD tinctures are lightweight, can easily fit in any bag, and offer a source of CBD that enters your bloodstream almost instantly. However, you have to portion out the amount you take, meaning that you’re not always guaranteed to be enjoying the same amount of CBD. Watch as your friends begin debating over which form of CBD product reigns supreme!

2. Would you rather have CBD vape pens for fingers or CBD bath bombs for eyes?

This is where the fun begins. We’re sure that most CBD vape enthusiasts would be fighting for the chance to have an unlimited source of CBD that can travel with them everywhere. This would be the perfect opportunity, as it would allow them to literally have a CBD vape pen “on hand” at all times.

However, there are clear downsides, namely the fact that your hands would be practically useless. Your vape pen fingers wouldn’t be able to bend, so you couldn’t hold onto anything, and the loss of your thumbs would demote you down the food chain to an area usually reserved for various types of beetles.

CBD bath bombs for eyes would be interesting, and if you play your cards right, you could end up being revered by those around you as a form of god. However, you have to wonder: if you took a bath, would your eyes melt in the water? Also, would you be able to see? While a constant stream of lavender goodness would be nice, keeping your sense of sight might just be better!

3. Would you rather have a pet that’s just a floating CBD capsule, or be married to a CBD hemp cream?

This one’s a real thinker, and it would require you to lay out some groundwork beforehand. For the sake of this scenario, the floating CBD capsule is the size of a Border Collie, and it floats just above the ground, meaning you can take it out on walks. Your hemp cream spouse is the size of a human and can speak, although it mostly just bugs you with questions about how it feels to be a human.

The floating CBD capsule seems like the easy winner at first. Who wouldn’t want to be able to say they trained a massive sentient soft gel capsule to perform normal pet actions? However, keep in mind that you would likely be the only person in the world with such a pet. Like Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, there’s a very real possibility that your neighbors wouldn’t take kindly to seeing you, resulting in you becoming a social outcast.

The more you consider the hemp cream spouse, the better it’s going to sound. Just imagine: great relationship doesn’t require much in the way of living costs (it’s a living bottle of hemp cream, after all), and is the ultimate workout partner! However, you’d be susceptible to slip-ups from time to time, accidentally treating it like an object—which, to be fair, is exactly what it is.

4. Would you rather wear a CBD face mask for the rest of your life or cry pure CBD tincture?

Now, both of these have some pretty obvious benefits. However, once you set aside the fact that you’d have great looking skin or an unlimited supply of CBD tincture, you realize that there’s a cruel irony to both.

For the sake of this question, let’s say that you can’t ever take the face mask off, even just for a moment, and you only produce CBD tincture tears when you’re sad—no tears of joy.

The face mask scenario promises the greatest skincare routine you’ll ever experience. With a constant flow of essential botanicals clearing your skin of its impurities, you’d have the smooth, perfect complexion of a celebrity without having to face any of their struggles. However, since you can never take the face mask off, no one would be able to see just how perfect your skin is.

Crying pure CBD tincture sounds great at first since you could simply teach yourself how to cry on command whenever you feel like enjoying some high-quality CBD. Unfortunately, in the scenario where only real tears of sadness produce CBD, you would constantly be miserable. You’d have all the power in the world, but no interest in using it!

These are a few of the “Would You Rather” scenarios that you can propose the next time you and your friends are looking for something to talk about. Try them out, and come up with even more imaginative CBD questions for your friends!

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