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May 29, 2020

Your #1 CBD Product Based On Your Favorite Horror Film



What Your Favorite Horror Films Says About Your Cbd Preference

Who said horror films are just for cheap scares? Here’s how to determine your perfect CBD product based on your favorite horror film!

By: Jacob La Cava

We’ve all got a favorite horror film. Whether you’re a huge fan of George Romero and other horror film legends, or you prefer something less aggressive like a romantic comedy, there’s still likely a specific horror film that’s seared into your mind – for better or worse!

You might not have realized it, but your choice of horror film can actually dictate what type of CBD product you’d be most partial to. Here are some examples of classic horror films that you might adore, as well as the CBD products that these films indicate are perfect for you:

#1. The Thing

“The Thing” is arguably one of the most impressive horror films of all time, expertly blending suspenseful sequences of action and paranoia with a gorgeous soundtrack that boosted the film’s uneasiness. Set in a US research station in Antarctica, a group of Americans fight to stay alive as a shapeshifting alien slowly kills them one at a time. Very few signs give away who is and isn’t an alien, resulting in paranoia that both the characters and those watching the film are left to suffer through. It evolves the age-old “they could be anyone” trope of horror films for an audience that’s usually less than thrilled with the somewhat played-out theme.

If this is your favorite horror film, then much like the characters in “The Thing”, you don’t care for products that include a bunch of extra ingredients. You prefer products in their original, pure state, and although you don’t always dislike the usual add-ons, they don’t appeal to you as much as enjoying a product in its most natural state. That’s why you’d love our Original Red CBD Gummies, which place total emphasis on CBD content.You’ll know exactly what you’re getting with these tasty gummies!

#2. Friday The 13th

Those who consider “Friday The 13th” to be their favorite horror film are usually big fans of the teenage slasher drama in general. Another film that’s known for its ability to drum up anxiety in those watching it, “Friday The 13th” follows a group of teens who are being terrorized by Jason Voorhees, a phantom figure whose power and ability to move at superhuman speeds makes him all but impossible to escape. The original film is considered a classic slasher pic, and the sequels that followed it kept up that murderous spirit.

If you’re a big fan of this film, then you likely have a thing for masked villains in general. You find that a mask can change the entire aura of a film’s character, providing an air of illusion and mystery that the film as a whole benefits from. For this reason, your perfect product would be our CBD Face Masks. Along with 50mg of CBD, each mask contains a unique collection of topical products that work to moisturize and purify your skin, leaving it looking brighter in a matter of minutes! While they might not give you the ominous appearance of Jason, it will be a mystery amongst your friends how you got your skin to look so good!

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#3. Trolls 2

Ah yes, “Trolls 2”; truly one of the greatest horror films of all time, towering over other classic films and setting the standard for how all movies should be made, regardless of genre. In reality, “Trolls 2” is by far one of the worst horror films ever made, being so bad that it actually gained a massive cult following. It’s full of campy moments and cheesy dialogue, and while it most likely wasn’t intentional, the makers of this film established a blueprint that countless satirical horror films have since followed. Fans of this film enjoy others that blend horror and comedy together, leaving you uncertain of how you should really feel.

The beauty of campy films lies partially in their aesthetic. Generally, films that don’t take themselves too seriously like to mix bright, vibrant colors in with other dark, macabre set pieces. It gives you something interesting to look at while the actors fumble over their lines and force themselves to look like they care about the film’s plot line. If you’re a fan of this film, you enjoy products that are aesthetically pleasing, such as our Wellness 2:1 CBD + CBG Tincture. This tincture combines CBD and CBG, another prominent cannabinoid whose layered functional benefits are the perfect addition to your daily routine. Plus, the packaging and overall design of the bottle are as aesthetically pleasing as it gets!

#4. Cujo

“Cujo” is like if the Hulk and Lassie had a baby – don’t let yourself fixate on that image, it’s not a fun one. The film is named after its main character, a St. Bernard who goes mad after being bitten by a bat. Cujo kills his owner and then traps a woman and her son in their broken down car for hours, waiting for the opportunity to make them his next meal. This is a strong candidate for best animal-based horror film of all time, as you really feel like Cujo could kill the remaining characters at any point in time. There’s a good chance that when this film came out, people left the theaters and quickly developed a fear of big dogs!

If this is your favorite horror film, then you probably have a love for animals. The idea of an animal having that kind of power intrigues you, and it makes you wonder what your own furry friends are thinking about on a daily basis. For this reason, your product would be CBD Tinctures, both for you and your pet! We carry a line of pet CBD tinctures that are perfectly formulated to provide them with an adequate amount of CBD each and every time. Now, you and your pet can enjoy CBD together, and you’ll never have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night and seeing your Shitzu sitting at the foot of your bed carrying a butcher’s knife!

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#5. Halloween

Fun fact: the mask used by Michael Myers to conceal his identify and strike fear into the hearts of moviegoers was actually an unpainted William Shatner mask. This classic horror film filled you with anxiety right from the get-go, as you watched an innocent teenager get tailed by a psychopathic serial killer with immense strength and cunning. You never knew who would live and who would die; anyone could be considered expendable with Myers at the peak of his rampage. This film is perfect for those who love tense, stress-inducing moments, as well as those who love powerful film scores.

As is the case with many other horror films, “Halloween” includes several scenes in which the main character must flee by foot in order to escape her lumbering adversary. With all that exercise, once everything is said and done, the character’s calves must be on fire. If you love this film and others that involve the main character having to run a 5k just to escape their attacker, then your perfect product is our Muscle & Joint CBD Hemp Cream. With this cream in hand, you can pretend that you’re the main character of a horror film while out on your daily jog, motivating yourself to keep pressing forward. The cream contains supporting ingredients such as white willow bark and menthol, which offer a soothing, cooling sensation that’s perfect for your pre and post workout routines!

These are a few possible connections that can be made between your favorite horror films and our CBD products. Pick up the product that resonates with you most, and don’t be afraid to try out some of the other intriguing options that you find on our site!

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