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August 2, 2019

Your Comprehensive Guide to CBDfx Cream and Balm



Your Comprehensive Guide To Cbdfx Cream And Balm

What are the benefits of topical CBD? What are the best ways to apply CBDfx cream? Learn it all in this in-depth guide.

Your Comprehensive Guide to CBDfx Cream and Balm

After checking out the wealth of positive testimonials available on the internet, perhaps you’ve decided to try skincare products with CBD. Millions of people around the world are combining their love for skincare and CBD, and they are deciding to try this exciting new cannabinoid product for themselves.

When you’re first starting out using CBDfx cream and balms, you’ll need to know how to pick the right product, and you’ll also need to find out the best ways to apply CBD topically. We’ll cover all these points and more in this guide, and we’ll even give you tips on how the aging process works to help you protect your skin health for years to come.

CBDfx Topical Cream vs. CBDfx Balm: What’s the Difference?

Before we proceed any further, we’ll need to cover one key point: What’s the difference between CBDfx hemp cream and CBDfx balm? Both product formulations have their advantages and disadvantages, and learning the differences between these options will help you find out which CBDfx topical is right for you.

1. CBDfx CBD Cream

In most topical industry contexts, a “cream” is a topical that’s made with a water base. Using water as a base for a topical has a number of advantages: Water-based topicals absorb better into the skin, meaning they can take advantage of transdermal absorption, which is a mainstream application method for active ingredients and other substances.

Topicals that have been formulated with water bases absorb into your skin rapidly, which may or may not be what you’re looking for depending on your circumstances. Rapid absorption times ensure that you won’t end up with any residue on your skin, but if your goal is to have an item that remains on your skin’s surface for a longer period of time, you’ll want to choose an oil-based topical instead.

Best CBDfx Water-Based Topical Creams

  • CBD Cream – 150mg (50 ml): As the original water-based CBDfx topical, our CBD Cream shines as the crown jewel of our topical lineup. With simple ingredients and 150mg of CBD per bottle, this topical goes on smooth and leaves only a light, refreshingly minty scent behind.
  • CBD Oil Face Serum – Rejuvediol™: Serums are all the rage, and our Rejuvediol CBD face serum is at the head of the pack. Following the example of the best serums on the market, Rejuvidiol keeps it simple with a light formula and a fresh scent.

2. CBDfx Balm

Typically, “balm” is used to describe topicals that are oil-based, and CBDfx balms are no different. Oil-based topicals offer a variety of unique advantages; because these types of topical products don’t absorb into your skin very effectively, they stay on the surface of your dermis and leave behind an oil barrier on your skin.

In the winter, for instance, balms can protect your skin from getting dry and chapped while water-based topicals won’t offer this advantage. Plus, smoothing a dab of balm onto your skin just feels good. There’s nothing more relaxing than applying your favorite balm before bed or after a workout, and here at CBDfx, we have a variety of CBD-infused balms for you to choose from.

Best CBDfx Oil-Based Topical Balms

  • CBD Balm Calming:This updated version of our original CBD balm offers all the same ingredients as its predecessor, but we’ve upgraded it to provide even more value. Ingredients like lavender and chamomile oil add a special relaxing aroma that knocks this balm out of the park!
  • CBD Overnight Recovery Balm: We designed this new CBDfx balm specifically with physical recovery in mind. Whether you just spent all day helping your friend move, or yesterday’s bike ride is still taking a toll, count on ingredients like evening primrose oil, wild orange oil, and roman chamomile oil to get you through.

Your Comprehensive Guide to CBDfx Cream and Balm

What Are The Best CBD Lotions?

With increased competition comes increased variety, and since the CBD industry is still largely unregulated, you could end up choosing a bad CBD topical if you aren’t careful. If you check for a few simple criteria as you make a purchase, however, you’ll find that picking out the best CBD cream or balm is easier than you think:

1. Check for Lab Testing

All reputable companies test their consumer products for safety. Third-party laboratory testing helps consumers know they’re choosing safe products, and testing also helps regulators ensure that companies are toeing the line and creating their products in good faith.

Since the FDA has yet to determine how to deal with the ever-growing CBD phenomenon, however, this agency hasn’t yet offered its usual powers of direct oversight over the CBD industry. Therefore, it’s up to individual CBD producers themselves to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their products are free from mold, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants that could pose health hazards.

Reputable, third-party lab testing is especially important in the CBD industry for one crucial reason: verifying the CBD concentration in the final product. Some bad actors within the CBD producer community have been caught selling CBD products that only contain a fraction of the CBD listed on the ingredients label, and others have been busted for selling “cannabidiol” products that don’t contain any CBD whatsoever.

Especially when it comes to topicals, lab tests of the final product are necessary to make sure you get what you’re paying for. Go ahead and take a moment to check out our lab reports; you’ll find that here at CBDfx, we always meet the standards that we set out for ourselves.

2. Study the Ingredients

Topicals often contain more ingredients than other types of CBD products to help facilitate absorption and increase shelf life. 

For many people wanting to buy CBD topicals, their main complaint is discomfort. Some toxic ingredients commonly used in low-quality topicals actually make certain discomforts worse, which completely flies in the face of what many users are trying to accomplish. We guarantee that our products only contain ingredients that will have positive effects on your life. As you review the ingredients present in our topicals, please feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions about how they may affect you.

3. Take a Look at the Reviews

As with any other type of product, CBD customer reviews are a mixed bag. Too many people write reviews based on first impressions that rapidly fade, and an equal number of misguided folks complain about products without understanding how to use them. When taken as an aggregate, however, customer reviews can be helpful in ways that extend beyond their mere star ratings.

As you check out available reviews for CBD products, keep the following two factors in mind:

  • Are there any repeated complaints? It’s easy to discount a single negative customer review as biased or uninformed. If you see the same complaint over and over again, however, it’s possible that there’s a serious issue with the product that you shouldn’t overlook.
  • Are there any common points of praise? No matter what a company says about its products, you can ferret out the truth by poring over enough customer reviews. If you look hard enough, you might even find some high points of the product that the marketing copy didn’t express properly.

4. Learn About the Brand’s Reputation

It’s no stretch to say that the CBD industry is currently inundated with new brands. As CBD becomes ever-more popular, it’s too easy for people who don’t have your best interests in mind to get into the industry.

Established companies, however, have had to fight tooth and nail for years to get to their current positions of prominence. Unlike no-name CBD brands that just sprang up last week, veterans of the industry put their names on the line with every product they sell and ship. In addition to being more experienced, bigger brands also have more at stake and perform better as a result.

5. Calculate the PPMG

Price-per-milligram (PPMG) is the most useful calculation you can make to determine how a CBD product you’re considering compares to the competition in terms of price. In addition to being useful, calculating the PPMG for a CBD product is also easy: Simply take the number of milligrams of CBD present in the product, and divide that value by the total product price.

Keep in mind that a variety of factors can change the cost of a CBD product. Topicals that contain CBD, in particular, are prone to price fluctuations that have nothing to do with the price a company is charging for CBD. Think of it this way: In the general topical market, you can buy a $5 lotion at a drug store or splurge on a $300 Korean facial serum. The better the ingredients a product contains and the better it works, the more it will cost, and the CBD industry is no different.

As an example, our CBD balms contain relatively simple ingredients, and they provide 150mg of CBD and cost $39.99 each. You can drive down the cost of these CBDfx balms even more by purchasing our bundle pack, which contains each of our four CBD balms for your sampling pleasure.

Our revolutionary CBD face serum Rejuvidiol, however, only contains 250mg of CBD but costs $99.99, which is almost three times the price of a CBDfx balm. Like other facial serums, however, Rejuvidiol contains a ton of essential oils, botanicals and other high-end ingredients that more than justify its price.

As you can see, PPMG is harder to rely on when it comes to CBD topicals. If you see two brands offering essentially the same product but one brand is charging more, however, it’s clear which company is more deserving of your business.

What is the Best CBD Cream for Pain?

That’s a bit of a tough question, as the best CBD balm for pain is going to be the one with the highest quality supporting ingredients, as these items are going to be the ones providing effects that pertain to the soothing of certain discomforts. CBD topicals, and CBD creams in particular, are rapidly growing in popularity, and the products that are being sought after the most are those that possess the best collective cast of ingredients, whether those ingredients be essential oils, extracts or herbal essences. Follow these simple steps to get used to applying your new CBD cream:

1. Start with a “Drop Test”

Whenever you’re trying a new topical for the first time, it’s always a good idea to start with a “drop test”. Pick a particular spot on your skin that you can regularly observe over the next 24 hours, and apply a modest drop of your new CBD topical to that area. Performing a drop test will help you make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients in your balm, and as always, you can consult with a physician before you start using a new topical product.

2. Keep Your CBD Topical with You at All Times

There’s nothing worse than getting used to the effects of your topical only to accidentally leave it behind when you would like to have it most. Remember to take your new CBD topical with you wherever you go so you can apply it at a moment’s notice. Here at CBDfx, all our CBD topical products feature convenient packaging that makes it easy to slip your cream or balm into your backpack, purse or glove compartment before you head out for the day.

3. Try Both Balms and Water-Based Topicals

When you’re searching for a reliable, natural means of addressing discomfort, it only makes sense to consider as many options as possible. Instead of limiting yourself to either CBD balms or CBD creams, you might want to consider giving both oil-based and water-based formulas a shot.

Water-based and oil-based topical formulas work differently, and metabolism and skin attributes vary from person to person. Therefore, one type of formula might not deliver the results you expect, but another option might utterly exceed your expectations.

Plus, you might find that oil-based and water-based CBD topical formulas complement each other. As we mentioned earlier, water-based topicals absorb quickly, which has both benefits and drawbacks. By complementing this increased absorption time with an oil-based topical that stays on your skin, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

4. Feel Free to Experiment With Different CBD Topicals

There’s no CBD application method that’s right for everyone. For many CBD users, finding the perfect administration method and serving size requires a process of trial and error, so don’t be afraid to experiment to your heart’s content as you get used to using CBD topicals.

Your Comprehensive Guide to CBDfx Cream and Balm

What You Should Know if You Want to Use CBD Oil for Wrinkles

If you’ve decided to use CBD topicals for wrinkles, there are a few basic facts you should familiarize yourself with first. As we’ve already covered, not all topical formulas work the same way, and these distinctions become even more relevant in the anti-aging arena.

What’s the Best CBD Topical for Anti-Aging?

It is important to note that the ingredients that accompany the CBD in these products are the ones that will be putting in the work to reduce the “aged” appearance of your skin. Items such as shea butter and aloe vera offer moisturization and a host of vitamins and nutrients that have positive effects on the appearance and hydration of your skin.

While the aging process is highly complex, wrinkles are generally caused by decreased levels of two vital proteins in your skin: elastin and collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and it plays a role in a variety of different bodily processes. One of collagen’s most important functions, however, is maintaining the plumpness and firmness of your skin, and without enough collagen, your face will start to “hollow out” and become more prone to wrinkling.

Elastin is less widespread throughout your body, but it serves an equally critical purpose in your skin. As this protein’s name suggests, elastin contributes to your skin’s elasticity. Reduced levels of collagen and elastin in your skin cause a “perfect storm” of wrinkles; your skin has already lost its plumpness due to decreased collagen, and decreased elastin makes your skin sag and form into wrinkles.

Research has indicated that antioxidant compounds might help your skin maintain adequate collagen and elastin levels. Additionally, it appears that oxidative stress shortens your telomeres, which are critical components of your DNA that allow your cells to divide. Therefore, reducing oxidative stress with antioxidant compounds may be the best way to help your skin maintain healthy elastin and collagen levels as you age.

Different topical formulations administer antioxidant compounds in different ways. Antioxidants in oil-based topicals, for instance, mainly distribute their ingredients along the surface of your skin, while water-based topicals, which have much higher skin absorption potential, can deliver antioxidant compounds far deeper into your skin. 

Therefore, one of the main focuses of the topical market has been to develop ever-better forms of water-based topicals that penetrate your skin effectively without getting in the way of your body’s natural processes. To date, facial serums are the most advanced forms of water-based topicals, and when these simple topical products are paired with potent CBD, the results can be incredible.

How Often Should You Apply an Anti-Wrinkle Topical?

In most cases, it’s best to apply your anti-wrinkle topical 1-2 times per day. Facial serums work best when applied to clean, dry skin, so make applying an anti-wrinkle topical an integral part of your skincare routine for the best results.

How Can You Tell if Your Topical Is Working?

Don’t despair if your topical routine doesn’t yield immediate results. In many cases, it’s necessary to undo decades of damage before the repairing ingredients can sink in. Keep in mind that the antioxidant compounds you’re applying to your face are toiling tirelessly in the background, even if these efforts aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye. You should treat you skincare routine like a habit, not a quick fix.

In most cases, you’ll start to notice positive results within about a month.

Topicals With CBD Oil: What Are the Hallmarks of a Good Product?

We’ve covered how to pick the right CBD anti-aging brand, but how do you determine the quality of a specific anti-aging topical product that also contains CBD? While the right choice is different for everyone, there are some simple criteria you should keep an eye out for as you move forward:

1 – It Keeps Things Simple

When it comes to anti-aging topicals, there’s no need to overdo it. You should be able to recognize each of the ingredients on your topical’s product label, or learn everything you need to know with a quick Google search. Topicals that are overly complicated are usually trying to cover for something, but simple topicals harness the power of natural ingredients to deliver excellent results that also feel great on your skin.

2 – It Contains Lots of Anti-Aging Ingredients

Your search for the best anti-aging CBD topical won’t be complete until you find a product that contains lots of active ingredients. While you might be interested in trying CBD topicals for anti-wrinkle effects, remember that there are lots of other active ingredients that pair well with it that are effective for different reasons. For instance, Rejuvidiol contains vitamin E, frankincense and argan oil in addition to CBD, which makes sure your bases are covered as you select the perfect CBD product to add to your daily skincare regimen.

3 – It Won’t Harm Your Skin with Nasty Preservatives and Other Toxins

All too often, environmental stresses and toxins make skin age faster than it would normally. Exposing your skin to more toxins is the last thing you’d want to do, but unfortunately, tons of CBD anti-aging products on the market contain nasty ingredients that have no business coming anywhere near your face.

As you search for a topical you like, keep an eye out for these common offenders that frequently sneak their way into anti-aging products:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Artificial coloring agents
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Triclosan
  • Formaldehyde

Your Comprehensive Guide to CBDfx Cream and Balm

Best CBD Oil for Tension Headaches: What’s the Top Pick?

Tension headache CBD” is a commonly searched term on Google, which shows how many people are interested in using CBD topical products to address it. These types of headaches are different from migraines; they occur due to tension, not because of a neurological imbalance. At the same time, however, tension headaches can be incredibly debilitating, which makes it worthwhile to have a detailed discussion regarding how to take advantage of the supporting ingredients in CBD topical products for tension headaches.

CBD Balm for Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are generally caused by tense muscles in your face, forehead and scalp. Therefore, a balm, which doesn’t absorb very far into your skin, might be the perfect solution for providing its effects. The massaging sensation as you rub it on your body can feel especially relieving.

CBD Cream for Tension Headaches

Water-based topicals absorb deep into your skin, which might make these types of topical products more capable of reaching deeper sources of discomfort. Once again, being able to massage this product into an area of interest will be soothing and pleasant.

How to Learn More About CBD Skin Care Benefits

On your quest to find the best CBD topicals for discomfort, aging and headaches, you’re bound to find yourself looking for more information. Here are some places you should start when you’re looking to become more educated on the topic.

1. Check Out the Studies

In addition to there being countless studies on CBD available to you via the internet, a bounty of studies have been performed on a number of the supporting ingredients in our topicals that give the creams and lotions many of their effects. You can read in-depth explanations of what makes oils such as lavender and chamomile so effective when included in topicals, and you’ll likely come to understand the biological end of these supporting ingredients much better!

2. Check the Reviews

Basic product reviews often leave you wanting more. To satisfy your desire for hands-on (albeit second-hand) knowledge about how CBD works, check out some of the long-form reviews and testimonials that are floating around the internet.

3. Try It for Yourself!

They say that experience is the best teacher, and here at CBDfx, we wholeheartedly agree. We offer a wider range of products than practically any other CBD retailer on the market, which means you have dozens of ways to try CBD for whichever purpose you’re interested in. Remember that we’re always standing by to answer your questions and help you pick the perfect products for your needs.

Hemp Oil Benefits for Skin: The Bottom Line

Hemp is taking an increasingly prominent position within the skincare market, and many skin health enthusiasts are rightly excited about combining CBD with the beneficial supporting ingredients already found in some of the world’s premium topical products. CBD is getting more mainstream by the day, and major retailers around the country are getting on the cannabidiol bandwagon; continued steps in the right direction are making CBD more legal and freely available than ever before.

There’s never been a better time to try a CBD topical for your skincare needs, and remains the best place on the internet to find CBD balms, creams, serums, massage oil and even face cleanser. Try a CBD topical for yourself today to find out exactly what the hype is all about!

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