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August 17, 2020

Your Top 10 CBD Lotion Questions, Answered



Your Top 10 CBD Lotion Questions, Answered_

Yup, there are CBD lotions now, too.

It seems like CBD is there everywhere you turn there’s a new CBD product on the market.

And this is something that’s contributed to CBD’s success—a wide assortment of products that makes it easy for everyone to satisfies their needs. 

If you want to target a specific area, CBD lotion is a great option because it gets right to the source of the discomfort. 

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not to try a CBD lotion, or maybe you already have one and want some more information, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s dive into the top ten CBD lotion questions. 

1. What is CBD Lotion?

These types of products infuse lotions with high-quality cannabinoids. We know, pretty obvious, right? They’re called topicals and also consist of other products such as creams, salves, roll-ons, and sprays. 

However, for this conversation, we’ll stick to lotions. 

2. What Does CBD Lotion Do? 

CBD lotion allows you to target any particular area that’s bothering you. 

Additionally, CBD works as a conditioning agent, providing deep moisturization while working its way through multiple layers of skin. 

This is due to the CBD content, as well as specific ingredients carefully selected that work to compliment the already astounding effects of CBD. 

3. How Long Does it Take CBD Lotion to Kick In?

Although the time frame can vary from person to person, most people begin to feel the effects of CBD lotion as little as ten minutes, but onset time can go up to an hour. 

One of the great things about CBD lotion is that the effects can last for up to eight hours once it kicks in. 

Our Muscle and Joint Cream provides a layered experience of relief. Upon application, you’ll feel the cooling sensation of menthol instantly, followed up by the effects of white willow bark, caffeine, and CBD. 

4. How Does CBD Lotion Work?

CBD lotion is applied to the skin to provide localized relief to a specific area. As the CBD absorbs into the skin, it begins to work its way into the dermal and subdermal layers before reaching the muscle. 

CBD lotion functions in the same way as other CBD products—the endocannabinoid system. This system aims to maintain balance within the body. 

We’re all naturally-equipped with an endocannabinoid system, and this system works through signals received from the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Amazingly, both the CB1 and CB2 receptors are both found in the skin.  

5. Where To Buy CBD Lotion?

The most important thing to remember is you want to purchase from a company that adheres to strict quality guidelines. 

Why is this important? Because some companies take advantage of the current status of CBD. They might cut corners and operate in a grey area to save on their bottom line. 

You want a company that takes great care in its hemp sourcing methods, extracts using the preferred CO2 extraction process, formulates products using the best ingredients. And you’ve got to make sure they conduct lab tests on every product to ensure the quality, purity, and potency of the product is right where you want it to be. 

You might see CBD products in your local stores, and they might be okay, but don’t be surprised if those products contain minimal amounts of CBD. 

Also, do not purchase CBD from Amazon because they have a very strict policy against selling any CBD type. 

Please do your own research online and align yourself with a CBD company taking all the right steps to ensure customer satisfaction.

When you start looking around online, you might see homemade CBD lotion options that people make in their homes and sell on sites like Etsy, etc. The problem with this is that they most likely just looked up “how to make CBD lotion” and whipped it up in the kitchen. 

Not to kill those with entrepreneurial dreams, but this isn’t the best option because you can’t confirm what you’re getting. Especially when compared to a company that’s testing their products at the batch level.

6. How Much CBD Oil is in CBD Lotion?

As we stated earlier, the versatility of CBD is what makes it exceptionally appealing to the masses. With this in mind, you can find CBD lotions in a wide range of concentrations. It’s hard to settle on a specific number if someone asked how many milligrams should be in CBD lotion. The concentrations vary.

You’ll see lotions with very low concentrations, let’s say around 50-100mg, and then you’ll see some go up to 1000mg. The key here, or with starting any new CBD product, is to start with a lower concentration and adjust as needed. 

However, what you’re using the lotion for also makes a difference. If you know you need something a little more potent, you can start with a moderate concentration. 

7. What To Expect When Using CBD Lotion?

We’re all unique, so obviously, we’ll experience CBD in our own way. However, one thing you can do to gauge your expectations is to conduct some online research and read a few customer testimonials. 

You’ll get a better understanding of how CBD topicals work. Overall, you already know you’re going to apply the lotion to the area you’d like to receive therapeutic relief. After that, you’re waiting for the onset of those effects. 

Once that happens, you’ll feel a localized sense of relaxation and relief. 

8. What is the Best CBD Lotion?

The best CBD lotions are those created under the highest standards. You’re looking for lotions created with organically grown hemp paired with high-quality ingredients. 

Also, companies that use the proper extraction methods that don’t leave behind toxins or chemicals in the final product. This is where those third-party lab reports come in handy because some companies might try to stretch the truth, but the proof is in the report. 

9. Will CBD Lotion Show Up on a Drug Test?

The short answer here is no because the CBD content in the lotion isn’t entering the bloodstream. Also, keep in mind that any broad-spectrum CBD product contains no THC at all. 

Alternatively, those CBD products made with full-spectrum oil still contain those trace amounts (less than 0.3%). They can cause a false positive for other ingestible products. 

But since CBD lotion never enters the bloodstream, there’s no way to detect it in a drug test

10. Is it Possible To Apply Too Much CBD Lotion?

No matter the product, it’s best to apply a little at a time to find the perfect amount for yourself. If you want uninterrupted results, you can reapply more every 4-6 hours. 

Since, you’re not ingesting the CBD, there’s not much to be concerned about because it’s only working its way into your skin.

Things to Keep in Mind 

CBD lotion is an excellent alternative to ingestible products, especially if you’re looking to soothe one area of your body.

It works with your endocannabinoid system, sending signals to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, located throughout the skin and other parts of the body. 

Keep in mind when looking for a CBD lotion that concentration levels vary, but that’s a good thing because we all have different needs. 

Do some research and familiarize yourself with the process, but most importantly, find a reputable company to purchase from because that’s what makes all the difference. 

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Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.

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