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November 8, 2020

Can You Put CBD in Food?


CBDfx Staff

A piece of bread with jam in it

If you recently learned about the benefits of cannabidiol as a supplement, your natural next question might be how you can put CBD in food.

The answer? Yes, you can! There are countless ways to use CBD oil as an ingredient or as a garnish, making it much easier to use on a regular basis.

As one of the most promising wellness supplements in recent years, CBD has earned a spot in many peoples’ daily routines to help control pain and treat migraines.

However, taking CBD isn’t always the most pleasant thing.

Vaping, for example—one of the most effective means of delivery for CBD users—requires inhaling smoke, which isn’t the easiest or most enjoyable thing for many people. On top of that, the effects of vaping wear off quickly as CBD leaves the bloodstream faster than it does when ingested.

For those who want to put CBD in food, taking gummies or dropping tincture oils under the tongue may be another workaround.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to include CBD in your diet that doesn’t feel so sterile.

In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the ways to put CBD in food…

Using Tincture Oils

There aren’t many ways to include CBD in your food. So far, the consensus is to use tincture oils, which offer a broad spectrum of cannabinoids to support the brain and body. Like any cooking oil, however, you will want to add other flavors.

CBD Tincture oils have a strong earthiness that, for some, isn’t enjoyable. So how can you get past the taste? By pairing it up with other ingredients so that you can enjoy the benefits without having to muscle through any unpleasantness.

Cooking with Tincture Oil

While it might seem like a good idea to use tincture oil in the frying pan, doing this could be a mistake. At high enough heats, CBD begins to break down to where it no longer provides any medicinal benefit. To avoid wasting your supplements, try adding the tincture after most of the cooking is done.

By keeping the tincture from breaking down too much, you’ll be able to gain the benefits of terpenes and other products of CBD oils. If you must use oil tinctures over the stove, try to keep the heat on low for as much of the cooking process as you can.

CBD oil is a lot more expensive than cooking oil. By using it as a replacement, you will end up spending a lot more on your meals than necessary. One way to use CBD oil conservatively is to mix it with a less potent oil—like vegetable oil—over indirect heat.

Do this by boiling a pot of water, then placing a separate bowl over the water where you can pour the oil together and stir them as the heat mixes them together.

Adding CBD to Pasta Sauce

Have an awesome spaghetti recipe you love to use? Why not add some CBD to it? Pasta dishes are some of the easiest to work with because once the sauce is ready, you can add your supplements without any worry that they will affect the overall flavor.

Make your pasta the same way you normally would, but once you are finished cooking the sauce, remove it from heat and mix in your CBD tincture.

Using CBD Oil in Salad Dressing

Salads are an easy dish to sprinkle in some CBD since most dressings use flavorful ingredients that can mask the earthy flavor of this supplement. Try using your tincture in this amazing ginger salad dressing.

If you want to make things easy for yourself, mix CBD oil with another oil and pour it over your salad with some balsamic vinegar.

Big on chip dips?

Why not try including CBD in your guacamole recipe? As avocadoes and spices pack so much flavorful punch, throwing some CBD along can add some health benefits without adding any unsavory flavors.

CBD Blends Well with Fat

Cannabis products have an affinity for fats. In fact, this is one of the reasons that researchers are exploring its possible benefits in pain management. CBD can bind to fatty substances like myelin in the nervous system to enhance brain function and provide analgesic effects.

So, the best way to blend your supplements in daily cooking is to blend them with other ingredients that are high in fat. Avocadoes, butter, and cheese are all great candidates for CBD recipes.

Other Ways to Use CBD Oil

Baking is one excellent way to include CBD because it doesn’t heat cannabinoids up to a point where they lose potency. Try CBD with your favorite cookie or brownie recipes (and no, CBD won’t get you high—these aren’t those kinds of brownies).

Drinking Your CBD

You can also add CBD to cocktails, too. Check out this Lavender and Lemon CBD Collins recipe for an idea about how to make some delicious boozy CBD drinks. And if you need a tasty chaser that includes CBD, take a look at some of these energy shots.

Interested in putting CBD in your coffee? Check out these latte recipes for some ideas about how to blend your wellness supplements with the delicious flavors of coffee and cinnamon. Morning beverages with CBD have become more and more popular as people learn about their wellness benefits.

Green smoothies and teas present another great opportunity to get your daily dose in. Just drop your preferred amount of tincture in the blender and enjoy a day of CBD bliss.

A Sweet Dose a Day

If you just need a quick dose of CBD but aren’t too big on taking a dropper under the tongue, have no fear. You can make CBD sweeter by adding it to honey.

This is a great choice for pet owners who need to give their loved one some medicine, as it tastes delicious and goes down easy.

Adding CBD to cacao is another popular alternative. By coupling the benefits of CBD with those of cacao, you can make your own superfood treats at home.

Other blends for CBD include yogurt, so if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a parfait in the morning, consider stirring in some tincture oil with your granola and fruit.

How to Put CBD in Your Food

Not all CBD oil is made the same. There are two major varieties of these products: full-spectrum CBD and isolate CBD. In general, both provide users with the cannabinoids that make the product effective. However, full-spectrum CBD will contain more of the plant’s other products.

For those who have to take drug tests for work or otherwise, full-spectrum CBD products may contain just enough THC to risk a failed test. Instead, choose an isolate CBD product like this one to give you a comprehensive dose of everything you need without any of the extra stuff.

Choose organic CBD to avoid ingesting any of the synthetic pesticides used on supplements of lesser quality.

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