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October 19, 2020

How Much CBD is Too Much?


CBDfx Staff

How Much CBD Is Too Much?

If you’re new to hemp, it’s not uncommon to find yourself wondering if you’re taking too much CBD, or too little. 

This occurs because CBD is a personalized experience.

What works for you may not work for the next person because it’s based on a lot of factors. However, it’s not as easy to tell if you’re taking too much because the effects won’t be as pronounced. 

Perhaps you feel drowsy with a little bit of blurred vision? 

Both of these side effects are possible signs of overconsumption, however, you’ll be happy to hear there have never been any CBD overdoses. 

Just know, you’re not alone if you find yourself struggling in this area. 

One of the biggest challenges people encounter when taking CBD is getting the serving amount correct. Some products aim to make this more streamlined approach for consumers, but some leave us confused and frustrated. 

Let’s take a closer look at serving sizes and how you can feel more confident when consuming CBD. 

What is the Most CBD You Can Take in a Day? 

When we get a new CBD product, we’re quick to check out the label and read the instructions, as we do with any product. But the directions for CBD are unique in their own right because they don’t fall into a “one size fits all” approach like other products you’ve encountered.

How so? 

For starters, what works for one person may not work for the next when looking at various types of products, serving amounts, bioavailability, and more. 

Most people wonder what’s the most CBD they can take in one day without any adverse effects. To directly answer this question, you can take up to 1500mg without having any adverse effects

Let’s be clear. 

We’re not saying you should go out of your way to take this much CBD, only this is the maximum amount tolerated in humans. 

Wondering how you can figure this out since it’s different for everyone? Let’s look at how you can figure out the best serving amount for yourself. 

What Affects Your Serving Amount? 

There are several reasons CBD affects us differently which include weight, age, metabolism, individual body chemistry, desired results, and your product’s concentration. 

As you can see, many variables affect the desired results. One aspect of CBD people may not be aware of is how we’re all naturally equipped with our own cannabinoids, and some people have more than others. This relates to our individual body chemistry. 

This is why people with lower amounts of naturally-occurring cannabinoids need to take their CBD daily. It allows cannabinoids to build up, making the process more effective. If you don’t have an adequate amount of cannabinoids, CBD can’t perform its intended job, because the cannabinoids won’t be able to signal and bind properly with the brain. 

Figuring Out the “Right Amount”

This idea varies a bit for different products because, as we stated earlier, some products aim to take the guesswork out of the equation for you. 

These types of products are CBD gummies and capsules. Both of these products are premeasured but come with pros and cons. 

On the upside, you don’t have to mess around with droppers and wonder if you’re taking enough. You’ll know the exact amount you’re taking and you can build onto that if necessary.

The downside is related to CBD capsules because they typically consist of higher concentrations—around 30mg a capsule. This is fine for someone with CBD experience, but if you’re new to CBD, you don’t want to start with that high of an amount. 

CBD tincture oils take a little more effort to figure out your serving amount. It’s usually recommended you start with one dropper full of your CBD tincture oil. Still, this method should be approached with caution if you’re new to CBD or have a tincture with a higher concentration.

When it comes to tinctures, there’s a helpful equation you can use to understand how much CBD you’re consuming. Take the total amount of CBD in the bottle and divide it by the total amount of millimeters the bottle contains. This gives you the total amount of CBD per dropper. 

It also allows you to keep track of how much you’re taking and adjust as needed. 

If you want to be more conservative with your approach to your daily serving amounts (starting out), take a few drops, and work your way up until you reach the desired effect. 

Something else to be mindful of—all of the CBD you consume won’t be absorbed by the body. You lose some of those cannabinoids as it passes through the digestive system. And this goes back to the concept of bioavailability. 

Do You Need to Cut Back on Your Serving Amount? 

No one knows you like you, right? 

That being said, you’ll know if you’re happy with the effects of CBD. Most people look for calming effects that wash over the whole body. On the other hand, some people take smaller amounts to enhance focus and concentration. 

It’s all about what you’re trying to achieve with CBD. 

When you reach the desired effect, take note of the steps you took to get there. You’ll always need to adjust as your experience and tolerance grows— keep this in mind as well. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the unwanted, adverse effects you should keep an eye out for. Suppose you find yourself experiencing extreme drowsiness, upset stomach, nausea, sluggish, or diarrhea. In this case, you may want to try reducing your CBD intake. 

It’s almost impossible to consume a toxic amount of CBD; still, who wants ill effects from something intended to provide therapeutic relief? 

Moving on with the “Right Amount”

Taking too much CBD isn’t something you should stress yourself out about, but it should be something your aware of and keep in the back of your mind when consuming CBD. 

It’s all about understanding your relationship with CBD and how it relates to your personal body chemistry. Once you start to hone in on your personalized experience and gauge your effects, you’ll know when you’ve hit your sweet spot. 

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The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.

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