Dialing in the perfect CBD oil, CBD cream, or CBD tincture dosage can feel confusing — if not overwhelming — when you first start using cannabidiol regularly. Too little, and you may not enjoy your CBD experience as intended. Too much, and you may feel sleepy, dry-mouthed, and too drowsy to be productive. However, when you do find your ideal daily dose, you just might find that CBD is the most fun and anticipated part of your day!

CBD Dosage Suggestions Are Just A Guideline

So, let us guess: friends have urged you, and now you’re ready to try cannabidiol (CBD) for yourself.

But they won’t tell you is that finding the perfect daily dosage of CBD isn’t quite as straightforward as you may think. Just like supplements, medication, and even the food you eat, we all have different bodies that process things differently from others. Experiences aren’t universal when it comes to ingredients that you ingest or apply topically. Your weight, age, gender, tolerance, and outcome goals will all affect the ideal CBD dosage amount that you eventually land on.

Of course, CBD has been shown to be non-toxic — which means that even if you accidentally dose “too much,” the consequences are not dangerous. The main symptom associated with overdoing it with CBD is drowsiness, although dry mouth and mild headache have also been reported in certain extreme circumstances.

Keep in mind that calibrating the ideal CBD dosage is inherently a personal journey, and one that you’ll likely need to experiment with, even with these guidelines in mind. Think of it as more of an experiment rather than something based on strict math or rules. At the end of the day, you’re taking cannabidiol because you’re looking for a certain experience, and that’s something that you’ll inevitably have to play around with before you find the dosage that works for you. Stick with it, and you just might join the legions of CBD aficionados that consider it a crucial part of their daily lives.


What Are Some Other CBD Oil Daily Dosage Suggestions_

What Are Some Other CBD Oil Daily Dosage Suggestions?

With a suggested range of 40mg to 600mg, it can be tough to narrow down exactly where you fall on that spectrum. For that, we’ll have to look at two major considerations: your body type, and your strategy for increasing the dose.


Your Unique Body & CBD

Your Unique Body & CBD

You should understand that, generally speaking, your physiology will affect how your body reacts to what you take. A 300lb adult man will likely need a larger dose of many things, compared to a 19 year old woman who weighs 110lbs. Your weight is the first major consideration when figuring out your ideal dose. The larger you are, the more CBD you’ll probably need to dose in order to feel its effects.

Additionally, a seasoned CBD user can often dose more CBD without feeling drowsy, compared to someone trying it for the first time ever. That’s an important consideration to take into account to make sure you don’t accidentally take too much and turn yourself off of CBD entirely before you have a chance to start enjoying it.


How To Slowly Increase Your CBD Dose

How To Slowly Increase Your CBD Dose

With the physiological considerations of CBD dosing in mind, you should aim to slowly increase your dose — starting with a very small dose, such as one drop of oil or tincture — until you reach your desired effect. Experiment with it! Remember that you can always take more CBD once you’ve ingested or applied it… but you can’t take less. Again, though, don’t fret too much if you take more than you need. There are no serious side effects for most people associated with taking a lot of CBD, other than the aforementioned sleepiness and other minor inconveniences.


What About CBD Oil For Pain & CBD Dosage For Inflammation_

What About CBD Oil For Pain & CBD Dosage For Inflammation?

The FDA has not confirmed the efficacy of CBD oil for pain, and therefore we are not in a position to recommend a CBD dosage for inflammation or pain. If you are suffering from these afflictions, we recommend speaking with your doctor to determine your best course of treatment.

CBD Dosage For PTSD

CBD Dosage For PTSD, Sleep, Anxiety, Inflammation, and Depression Has Not Been Determined

Similar to the information listed above, the FDA has not approved CBD even as a supplemental treatment option for any of the above conditions. CBDfx does not recommend a CBD dosage for anxiety, inflammation, PTSD, depression, or anything else.


Answers To Common CBD Dosage Questions

Answers To Common CBD Dosage Questions

There are a few main questions that we tend to hear over and over again when it comes to CBD dosage. To wrap up this article, let’s take a look at these common inquiries:

Should I take CBD daily, or as needed?

  • This is an inherently personal question that will be different for everyone. Everyone reacts to CBD differently, so you’ll need to judge your own biological response to cannabidiol before determining how often you want to incorporate it into your own life. What we can say, is that many of our customers enjoy taking an ingestible form of CBD in the morning, and then microdosing throughout the day with a vape pen or vape juice.

Is there a standard suggested amount of CBD to use?

  • No, there is no standard suggested amount of CBD to use, and there are no dosage guidelines currently adopted or set by any regulatory body.