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December 13, 2019

Inhaling v. Ingesting: How Should You Approach CBD?



Inhaling V. Ingesting How Should You Approach Cbd

Ever wonder which method of consuming CBD is better? This definitive guide gives you a rundown on the pros and cons of inhaling v. ingesting CBD!

By: Jacob La Cava
Red Sox and Yankees, Lakers and Celtics, Garey Busey and Motorcycles; some rivalries transcend time, and debates surrounding which side is better garner countless opinions from casual and hardcore fans alike. The CBD world has its own version of these rivalries, and it has to do with the method in which you consume CBD. 

Is inhaling CBD as a vapor the best way to go about getting your daily serving of CBD? Or does ingesting it in edible form have the upper hand? Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but can either truly be deemed superior?

Here is everything you need to know about both inhaling and ingesting CBD:

How Do I Inhale CBD?

You can inhale CBD primarily through the use of a vape pen. “Inhaling” and “vaping” are synonymous terms in this case, as vaporizing your CBD is the way that you’ll be able to convert it into a state that is able to be safely vaped. Vaping CBD is by far one of the most popular forms of inhaling the cannabinoid, with a countless amount of CBD users enjoying both refillable and disposable vape pens every single day. 

How It Works

In order to convert CBD vape oil into a vapor, it needs to be heated to a certain temperature. CBD-specific vape pens such as ours are designed to burn the oil at exactly the right temperature to produce a pure stream of CBD vapor. Once converted to a vapor, you can inhale as much of it as you deem necessary. CBD vape oil is combined with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol to increase the volume of vapor that you produce and reduce its harshness as it enters your body. Our pens provide an incredibly safe way to enjoy CBD vaping!

The next step is up to you: either immediately inhale it deeper into your body or let it sit for a moment in your mouth. When the vapor enters your lungs, its CBD contents are quickly absorbed into your system, offering its effects at an especially expedient rate. Keeping it in your mouth for a moment before permitting it to travel to your lungs allows the vapor to be absorbed by the capillaries under your tongue. This encourages it to be more bioavailable, which in turn allows you to feel the effects faster.

Advantages of Inhaled CBD

CBD vape oils offer increased bioavailability and allows you to feel the effects of high-quality CBD much faster than other methods of consumption. Additionally, flavored disposable vape pens and vape oils allow you to effectively replace the natural, earthy taste of hemp with something lighter and potentially more appealing depending on your preference. The process of inhaling CBD is straightforward; and when you shop with us at, it can be as simple as bringing the pen up to your lips and inhaling; no other steps necessary!

When you want to feel the effects of CBD as quickly as possible, and don’t feel like carrying around edible products all day, inhaling CBD is certainly the best option for you. Plus, the vape pens are incredibly compact, meaning that you can take it with you everywhere and don’t have to worry about it creating an unappealing outline in your pocket.

Disadvantages of Inhaled CBD

The only real disadvantages are that the effects of CBD won’t last as long as some other methods of consumption, and you won’t be able to vape wherever you want without people noticing the vape clouds you’re emitting. While increased bioavailability is great for those who want effects quickly, it also results in a shorter duration of CBD’s effects. If it were to be absorbed more slowly, its effects would be felt over a longer period of time.

Also, not every setting is vape-friendly, and if you don’t appreciate people noticing you while you vape in public, you’re going to have a harder time finding places where you can get in your daily serving of CBD. It will be much harder to blow massive vape clouds if you’re trying to stay incognito.

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How Do I Ingest CBD?

Ingesting CBD is potentially the most popular form of CBD consumption at the moment, mainly because of its straightforward use and the unlimited variety of edible products on the market today. CBD is very easy to ingest, and the tasty flavor profiles that CBD inherits when combined with things such as chocolate and candy only work to make the compound more palatable. If you’ve ever shopped for CBD online before, regardless of brand, you’ve more than likely seen an array of interesting CBD edible products, taking on the form of everything from gummy bears to protein bars. 

How It Works

Similar to vape pens, CBD edibles require only minimal instructions before consuming them. CBD-infused foods and candies can be eaten to your heart’s content, but don’t eat all of them at once; you’ll be kicking yourself if you burn through your supply too quickly! If you are interested in liquid CBD edibles, such as our CBDfx tinctures, the only instruction necessary is to apply the tincture using the dropper that comes attached to the tincture’s bottle. Similar to the CBD oil vapor, holding the tincture oil under your tongue for approximately one minute allows it to be absorbed by your sublingual capillaries, resulting in slightly faster effects.

Once consumed, CBD edibles will work their way through your system and the cannabidiol will be absorbed. They are often paired with MCT oil, which works to increase the bioavailability of whatever it is consumed with. MCT oil carries no noticeable flavor, so it doesn’t affect the taste profile of the final product.

Advantages of Ingesting CBD

CBD edibles offer the widest variety of products by far, ranging from chocolate bars and protein powders to more niche snacks, such as corn nuts and sunflower seeds. There’s a product that will fulfill practically all of the food cravings that you may be having, and depending on the type of CBD extract and additional ingredients in the product, you might not even taste its hemp contents! 

Ingestible CBD products also possess increased flexibility, as they can be combined with other food items. Our fruit-flavored CBD tinctures can be combined with smoothies and ice cream to provide an additional boost of sweetness, and even unflavored tinctures can be dripped onto your food in order to enjoy a hidden serving of CBD. The possibilities are endless when you choose to ingest your cannabidiol!

Disadvantages of Ingesting CBD

Ingesting CBD will result in you feeling the effects of the compound at a much slower pace than if you were to inhale it. This is primarily because of the process through which edible CBD products transport CBD into your system. These products are forced to go through the digestive tract, which means that they are not immediately absorbed as a vapor would be. If you are looking for a product that will give you swift effects, ingesting CBD is often not the best bet. 

However, while it takes more time, it is slowly absorbed into your system, meaning that the effects are felt over a longer period of time, making them good if you are prioritizing duration of effects over expedience.

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What Is The Best CBD Product For Me?

Which method of consuming CBD is best for me, then? Since there is no clear “best” method, it all depends on your personal desires. Are you more interested in carrying a pen with you that will allow you to quickly feel the effects of CBD at a moment’s notice? Or do you want a bag of edibles you can eat from freely that will allow you to experience CBD over a longer period of time? 

You could even choose to take advantage of both methods if you feel like it, getting the best of both worlds. You could drink a CBDfx chill shot in the morning, then hit your pen throughout the day before calling it a night with our CBDfx melatonin gummies. A true jack of all trades, this balanced approach means your CBD-enthusiast friends would look up to you as a cannabidiol god!

No matter what method you find more appealing, carries an item that is guaranteed to fulfill all your CBD desires! If you have any questions about our products or how to properly use a vape pen, feel free to contact us; we’d be more than happy to help out!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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